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FIRST: CONTRIBUTERS can now edit or delete most content in the folders. SO you contributors now have a new responsibility of making sure stuff goes into the right folders, and deleting any posts put into the folders from deactivated users.

SECOND:: A submission limit has been put in place. The limit is 5 deviations per week per person to drastically reduce folder congestion.

THIRD::: 2 new folders will be added...

..... That is all and thank you for your understanding.... uWu
New folder will be added sometime around midnight by me, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Between samurai Jack ending, getting gifts for my girlfriend's birthday in early June, and my OTHER petty agenda that I won't force upon you guys N gals, I'm just scattered this month....
To those who had there post denied for here today, my tablet thought I clicked "deny" when I clicked "accept" (it only occurred a few times today) so I apologize if some for your posts were denied. My tablet decided to be dumb for a few seconds ^^;

folder "ocs and fursonas 1" is now full

Folder "Ocs and fursonas 2" has been created to remedy that problem ... until that folders fills up too

this has been I Gatsby, your furry king, stay furry my anthro-maniacs ;)
Thanks to da's site "simplification" I can't access the approval of new art entries for this group from my tablet or see whose birthdays are coming up anymore, it's like the site thinks we're all retarded, and think its alright to screw over the users they see as "freeloaders" you hear this deviant art in the words of angry Joe, ...... YOU DONE F****KED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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