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Sneaky Squadron: Stealthranger Chapter 35Title: No Place For the Trash?One morning, the Stealthrangers were having breakfast in the camper. They were nearly finished with their food.Marvin: That was such a good breakfast.Judd: I think it is the best one we've had for a long time.Stan: Yeah. It isn't often we get to have bacon.Tracy: You don't have bacon very often?Stan: Somehow, Mom and Dad haven't been able to find any that have decent tastes.Tracy: Well, it was pretty good anyway.Lewis looked at the trash to see how it was. When he looked, he saw that the can was about full.Lewis: Well, the trash is about full. It is time to take it out.Lucy: Let us see who's turn it is this time.Lucy looked at the trash taking-out chart. On the chart, the names were listed in the order of Lewis, Lucy, Marvin, Judd, and Stan.Lucy: Stan, you aren't going to be happy about this, but...Stan: (Sighs) I have to trash out again?Tracy: You don't like to take out the trash?Stan: Well, duh. It is so smelly.Lucy handed Stan the can as he made a disgusted look on his face. He just closed his eyes and faced away from the can. Then he made his way outside the camper. After he left, Tracy wondered about something.Tracy: Uh, why doesn't Gamma take the trash out?Gamma 4: Really? I'm not a robot slave. I'm an assistant.Tracy: But you can't smell the trash like we all can.Lewis: Gamma isn't built for trash duties, Tracy. It is our job to take the trash out.Tracy: So you take turns taking the trash out?Lucy: Yes so it is fair for everyone.Tracy: When was the last time Stan took the trash out?Lewis: I think it was back in March.Tracy: Hmmm. Maybe I should take the trash out next time.Lewis: That's a good idea, Tracy. Although it could be a couple of months before the trash is filled up again.Tracy: Well, however long it takes, I'll take it out next time.Outside, Stan made his way to the local dumpster. But this one was very tall. So tall that it would be difficult to get the trash in.Stan: Oh come on!He lifted the can over his head to try and dump the trash in.Stan: Alright. Come on. You got to dump the trash into the dumpster. Come on. Please. (Begins to lose balance) Whoa! Come on! (Tries to keep his balance) Come on. Please don't...(Loses his balance and drops the can. Looks down to see the trash scattered on the ground) slip! (Facepalms) UGH! Now I got to pick up this...disgusting trash! UGH!Stan got the can facing upright. Thankfully only half the trash had fallen out. So he didn't have much to pick up off the ground. He began to pick up the pieces of trash one by one.Stan: (Gives a disgusted face)A Ladybug Cam was spying on Stan as he was gathering his trash. Then flew away to the Yokai Mansion to show Yokaimou and his minions.Madame Misfortune: What do you have for us this time, Ladybug Cam?Ladybug Cam: Stealth Red doesn't like taking out the trash.Madame Misfortune: Wait, you can talk?Slugbora: I added a talking feature into them to give us better communication on how to beat the Stealthrangers.Luanna Bunny: That was a genius idea, Sluggy.Slugbora: Please don't call me Sluggy.Yokaimou: I think I know how to turn Stealth Red's trashy day into an even trashier one.Leafy: How so, Master?Yokaimou: Why, with Trashmeister of course.Madame Misfortune: Of course. Trashmeiser. The best Yokai that has to do with trash.Then, Trashmeiser arrived. Trashmeiser: What trash do you want me to take out this time?Yokaimou: Stealth Red is taking out the trash for his family. Go in there and make his day even trashier.Trashmeiser: Will do, Master.And Trashmeiser headed on out. Over with Stan, he had just finished picking up the pieces of trash.Stan: That's the last of them. Now to get this trash into the dumpster.He picked up the can again and tried lifting it. He did his best not to drop the trash this time.Stan: This time I shall not drop this can of trash.But he was once again not able to keep his balance and ended up dropping it again.Stan: Oh not again!But this time, no trash fell to the ground.Stan: That's odd. Why didn't any trash fall down?Then he looked up to see the can floating in midair. Stan: Is this some sort of Yokai trick?Then, the can turned to its side and some trash shot out towards Stan.Stan: GAAH!Stan rushed to about getting hit by the trash, but wherever Stan went, the trash followed him.Stan: Leave me alone!But the trash wouldn't leave him alone.Stan: Why won't you stop following me you cloud of trash? Then, Trashmeiser appeared.Trashmeiser: Is this day trashy enough for you, Stealth Red?Stan: It is too trashy for me, you Yokai!Trashmeiser: That is good!Stan: Good? It's not good, you dummy!Trashmeiser: Then how about this?He then fired a beam at the dumpster, vaporizing it and leaving only its trash.Stan: What did you do? (Stops, but is then hit by the trash) AH! EWW! That does it! Super Change Stealth Changer! (Transforms into Stealth Red, then charges for Trashmeiser)Stan and Trashmeiser fought for a bit with Stan using his sword at Trashmeiser for a while.Trashmeiser: (Knocks Stan to the ground)Stan: Ah! (Turns on his communicator) Guys! I need some help! I'm fighting a trash-themed Yokai who destroyed the dumpster!Lewis's Voice: On our way, son!(Cuts to the others in the camper)Lewis: Guys, Stan is in trouble. We need to go help him.All: Super Change Stealth Changer! (All transform into their ranger forms, then head out of the camper)Gamma 4: Back with Stan, Trashmeiser was about to have the trash hit Stan again.Trashmeiser: Since you liked the trash the first time, here is a second dose. (Blasts the trash towards Stan)Stan: I never said that I-But then, right before the trash hit him, he was zipped away by a black flash.Trashmeiser: What?He looked to see that Tracy had grabbed him away from the trash.Tracy: Are you alright, Stan?Stan: I am. Thanks, Tracy.Then the other Stealthrangers arrived in front of Trashmeiser.Trashmeiser: It looks like the gang is all here. It feels so good when all the trash is together.Marvin: Since when has trash ever been incomplete?Judd: It could be if the can isn't full all the way.Trashmeiser: Which there won't be when we're finished. I'm going to destroy all of the dumpsters in the city. Then nobody will have any place to take out their trash. (He then vanishes away)Lucy: Destroy all the dumpsters?Lewis: I don't like the sound of that. If there are no dumpsters, we can't throw our trash away.Tracy and Stan then ran back up beside the others.Tracy: We'll then all be living in a pigsty if the world builds up with trash.Stan: I don't think I'd like that.(A fantasy then begins, showing the Kitinger family and Tracy trying to get through the trash in their house)Fantasy Stan: Hey, Dad, have you seen Gamma anywhere?Fantasy Lewis: I can't find him anywhere.Fantasy Lucy: Gamma! Gamma! Can you hear us?Marvin VO: Maybe we could try eating the trash?Fantasy Marvin: (Begins to eat the trash)Judd VO: Marvin, that is a disgusting thought!Fantasy Judd: (Gives a disgusted face as Fantasy Marvin is eating the trash)Tracy VO: This whole fantasy is already a disgusting thought! Let's stop!(Cuts back to reality)Tracy: That's better!Lewis: If we don't stop that Yokai, that fantasy may become reality! We better split up to get a better chance of finding him!Lucy: Good thinking, Lewis! Everyone, try to find any dumpsters you can and wait for the Yokai there. If any of you find him, be sure to let us all know.Judd: Will do, Mom.Marvin: Let's get to it, then.And they all split up. Later in the city, Marvin had found a local restaurant.Marvin: Ah, there's a restaurant. Let's see if the dumpster is still there.He looked, but when he did, he only found a pile of trash on the ground.Marvin: Oh dang!Then, a worker with a trash bag came out.Male Skunk Worker: (Stops to see the dumpster is gone) What happened to the dumpster? Did somebody steal it and then leave the trash?Marvin: I think it was destroyed. Do not worry sir. We'll find the Yokai responsible.Male Skunk Worker: When you do, let my boss know so he can get a new dumpster.Marvin: You got it.And Marvin hurried away. Over in the back alley of a crafts store, Judd saw a bunch of paper and cardboard on the ground where the dumpster should be.Judd: Hey, that Yokai got it wrong. That wasn't a garbage dumpster, that was a recycling dumpster.Then, a worker, who was a lizard man, came out with some cardboard.Judd: Hey, sir, I'm sorry about what happened with your recycle dumpster. Some Yokai is going around destroying garbage dumpsters all around town and he must have destroyed your recycle dumpster by mistake.Lizard Worker: There was no dumpster right here. The one we had fallen apart a week ago. I've had to just leave the recycle outside in nothing.Judd: Aren't you concerned that the wind will blow the recycle away?Lizard Worker: It hasn't blown so hard for the past week. So I'm not that concerned. And neither is my boss.Judd: I think maybe you should just leave the recycle inside just to be safe. You don't want to be caught for littering.Lizard Worker: I suppose you have a point, Stealthranger.Judd: Do you happen to have a garbage dumpster here?Lizard Worker: Oh yes. It's on the side of the building.Judd: Thanks.Judd hurried to the side of the building, but there was just a pile of trash bags there.Judd: Oh no. I'm too late. I sure hope the others are having better luck.Stan and Tracy met up over at a dock where a pile of trash bags was laying.Tracy: (Sighs) Not again.Stan: You haven't had any luck in finding a dumpster that hadn't been destroyed?Tracy: No I haven't.Stan: I haven't either. This is the...seventh, eighth, ninth dumpster gone I've seen. Or rather, haven't seen.Tracy: I've searched in eleven places already. I even passed by a guy who said if I find a twelfth, that will be too many. I've already seen too many after the first one so I don't see how twelve is any different.Then, Lewis showed up.Stan: Dad.Tracy: Mr. Kitinger.Stan: Did you find any dumpsters?Lewis: I've searched in 35 places. No luck.Tracy: That's more unfortunate than us.Then Lucy showed up.Lucy: I cannot believe this. I've looked in 50 places to find a dumpster not destroyed and found a destroyed dumpster...50 times! Not even once have I found one not destroyed.Then, Marvin and Judd arrived.Marvin: Any luck, guys?Stan, Tracy, Lewis, and Lucy: Nope!Judd: We haven't had any luck either.Lucy: It's like every single dumpster is gone at this point.Lewis: That can't be. The next thing you'll be telling me is that the dump will be gone.Judd: Well...Lucy: Oh come on. You can't possibly mean...(Cuts to a lot full of trash)Judd: Sorry, Mom. But I have to tell you the dump is gone.Stan: Well, not totally. Only the walls of the dump are missing. The dump itself is still here.Trashmeiser's Voice: That may be, but you won't be for very long.Tracy: Ah! That's his voice!Lewis: At least now we know where he is.Trashmeiser's Voice: No you don't! You may be able to hear me, but you cannot see me.Stan: Where are you! We'll find you soon enough!Trashmeiser's Voice: Oh you will, eh?Then, the trash in the lot turned into a twister and went towards the Stealthrangers.Stan: Oh no! (Hugs Tracy, who hugs him back)Judd: (Covers his eyes)Marvin: This can't be good! (Ducks and covers his head)Soon, they were caught up in the trash twister and were in another realm that was dark and full of trash with two stars in the air.Stan: Huh? Where are we?Marvin: I don't like the look of this.Judd: Me, neither. So much trash all over the place.Trashmeiser's Voice: The perfect place for you all.Judd: Just how is this perfect?Trashmeiser's Voice: What is trash, might I ask you?Marvin: Well, trash is whatever is useless to you and no longer has any purpose to you anymore.Trashmeiser's Voice: Exactly! And that is what you are!Lucy: What nonsense! We'll find a way out of here. Won't we, guys?Lewis: Of course. We're the Stealthrangers, aren't we?Stan: There should be an opening here somewhere. Let's start looking.They ran around the realm for any exits, Marvin first came across a broken TV.Marvin: Hmmm. Maybe this TV is a good way to get out? I'll need to get rid of the sharp pieces of glass first. (Uses his sword to cut away all the sharp pieces of glass. Then sets the TV on the ground with the broken screen facing up) Here we go. (Jumps in, but only his feet go in) I guess this wasn't the exit. (Gets out)Judd then found a refrigerator. This refrigerator's top handle was missing.Judd: I wonder if this refrigerator's door is the exit? (Opens the bigger lower door to reveal an empty inside) Hmmm. Maybe this is somewhat meant to be an elevator? (Gets into the refrigerator) Hmmm. No elevator sounds. Maybe it is just a trick? (Opens the door to see nothing had changed outside) Nope. Nothing has changed. (Gets out of the refrigerator) Hmmm. What about the upper door? Although how can I get the top open? (Tries opening the door) Come on! Come on! (Manages to open the upper door) There we go! (Sees that it is just empty) Nope. This isn't an exit. (Walks away)Lewis and Lucy had found a bunch of old doors.Lucy: Lewis, do you think any of these doors could be exits to this trashy realm?Lewis: They could be. Let's try opening them.Lucy: Good thinking.Lucy opened one door, but nothing was on the other side. She then closed it. Lewis then opened another door, but it didn't lead anywhere.Lewis: Nope. Not this one.They opened and closed the doors for a while until Stan arrived.Stan: Mom, Dad, why are you opening and closing these doors?Lucy: We think maybe one of these doors leads out.Lewis: It feels like we've checked 37 doors already, but we haven't found anything.Stan: Well, I can only see 15 doors. So I think you've opened the same door more than once.Lucy and Lewis both stopped for a moment.Lewis: You know what, Lucy, I think Stan has a point.Stan: Why don't you leave the door open once you've looked inside one?Lucy: That's a smart idea, Stan.Stan: I'll search with you. (Opens a door)Lewis: Thanks, son.They opened up all the doors, but none of them were the exit from the trash realm.Lucy: Nope. None of these were the way out.Lewis: But at least we know what doors we've opened up before.Meanwhile, Tracy came across a bunch of portraits.Tracy: Who would throw out all this perfectly good artwork? There is nothing wrong with them. But maybe one of them is the exit to this realm. Maybe if I jump into one, it'll lead me out.She first jumped into a portrait of a robot with a Tyrannosaurus head-shaped chest with horns on each side of its head and an orange fin, but she just ripped through it and it wasn't the exit.Tracy: It wasn't this one.Then she tried a painting of a red fox lady and a short tan creature with glasses yelling at each other. But like with the first painting, this wasn't the exit either. Next, she tried a painting of a vixen and a young crow in front of some snow, but this wasn't the exit to the realm either. After going through every single painting, she was left with no exits.Tracy: I've gone through every one of these paintings and none of them were the exit. Although if any of this is real, I feel bad for making these holes in these paintings. Whoever drew them did a pretty good job. If anyone ever added my artwork to a folder suggesting them to be trash on an art sharing site, I'd instantly block them to undo the folder adding. I just cannot believe some people think they can do a thing like that.After searching for some time, they all ended up back where they started from.Marvin: Oh no.Judd: We're back here.Tracy: We've been looking around for some time and haven't found the exit.Marvin: I found a broken TV, thinking its broken screen was the exit.Lewis: You didn't get into the broken screen without clearing the sharp glass first, did you, Marvin?Marvin: I cleared the glass before going in, Dad. No worries.Judd: I found a refrigerator that was missing one handle, but both doors lead to nothing. That is except just the plain inside of the refrigerator.Tracy: How did you open the door without a handle.Judd: I just opened it from the side. But it was not easy to open. I thought for a moment that it was an elevator.Stan: A refrigerator elevator?Judd: Hey, this realm makes no sense. It could have been anything.Stan then looked up at the star that none of them had seen before.Stan: Hey, what are those things in the sky for?They all looked to see the stars.Lewis: It looks like a pair of stars.Lucy: I think that is what they are. But I haven't noticed them until now.Lewis: Neither have I. Good find, Stan.Stan: Let's see what happens if we fire at them. Maybe they'll be what will get us out.They got out their blasters and fired at the stars. When the stars got hit, an explosion happened.Trashmeiser's Voice: AAAAH! (Suddenly appears as the trash realm disappeared)Trashmeiser: How dare you shoot me in the eyes.Stan: Serves you right for banishing us to your stupid trashy realm. And I called it trashy as an insult, not literally.Lewis: Now, to put you in your place.They got their swords out and they began to fight against Trashmeiser with Lewis having the first strike at him, then Lucy, then Marvin, then Judd, then Tracy, and then Stan.Trashmeiser: (Gets knocked back) Ow! Ergh!Marvin & Judd: Stealth Blaster! (Blasts at Trashmeiser)Trashmeiser: AAAH!Lewis: Good work, boys. Now I think we should finish this. Stan, get your Stealth Cycle ready.Stan: Right away, Dad! Stealth Cycle!Then Stealth Cycle arrived and Stan got on board it. Then, he drove towards Trashmeiser and struck him down!Trashmeiser: GAAAH! (Falls down)Lucy: Good work, Stan.Stan: Thanks.Trashmeiser: You leave me no choice but to grow giant. I'll really make this city all full of trash, then. (Grows giant) Now, to cover the city in trash. (Creates a tornado to make trash spread across the city)Tracy: This guy cannot get enough with all his trash, can he?Stan: I think it is time for us to take out the trash. And by the trash I mean him!The core Stealthrangers then assumed their Stealth Shogun Fighter forms and went to face the trash.Lewis: Guys, we got to pick up as much of this trash as we can.Trashmeiser: You'll have to go through me first, though. (Fires a blast from his eyes at the Stealth Shogun Fighters)Ninja Fox Warrior: (Blocks the attack)Tracy: Not this time, Trash-miser!Trashmeiser: It's Trashmeiser! MEISER!Tracy: Ninja Fox Sword Strike! Ninja Fox Warrior: (Strikes at Trashmeiser with its sword)Trashmeiser: AAAAH!While the Ninja Fox Warrior was fighting Trashmeiser, the Stealth Shogun Fighters picked up huge hands full of trash and placed them in the landfill area. Before long, the city was clean of any trash.Judd: That's the last of the trash.Marvin: Well, not quite all of it.Stan: Marvin is right. We better form the Grand Stealth Shogun and finish this.Lewis: Good idea, son.They then combined into the Grand Stealth Shogun. The Ninja Fox Warrior then knocked Trashmeiser towards the Grand Stealth Shogun.Trashmeiser: AAAH! (Looks up at the Grand Stealth Shogun) Uh...Stan: Grand Stealth Shogun Sword! (The sword appears in the Grand Stealth Shogun's hand) Final Strike!Grand Stealth Shogun: (Strikes at Trashmeiser with the sword)Trashmeiser: AAAAH! What a way to take out the trash! (Falls and explodes)Stan: And with that, all the trash has been taken out!Over at the Yokai Mansion, Yokaimou was not happy with Trashmeiser's failure.Yokaimou: Trashmeiser failed to take out the real trash! Those pesky Stealthrangers!Slugbora: Quite a shame. I thought the city looked beautiful with all that trash around the city. And those Stealthrangers had to pick it all up.Madame Misfortune: Hey, on the bright side, with all those dumpsters destroyed, nobody will have any place to throw their trash away to.But then, Luanna Bunny rushed in looking quite stressed over something.Madame Misfortune: Luanna, what happened?Luanna Bunny: Guys, you aren't going to believe this.Yokaimou: What is it?Luanna Bunny whispered into Yokaimou's ear what she was stressed over.Yokaimou: He WHAT? >8(Later on, the Stealthrangers were walking in the city talking.Marvin: Well, we managed to defeat the Yokai this time.Judd: That may be, but there are still those dumpsters that had been destroyed. With so many of them gone, how will the city ever take care of their trash now?They then came by to where the dump was to find that they were working on reconstructing the walls.Lewis: Well, the dump seems to be in good hands.Then, they got a call from Gamma.Gamma 4: Stealthrangers, I actually prepared for this Yokai attacking and had a storage unit full of spare dumpsters that not even Trashmeiser could ever find. I had sent them all out to replace the ones that were destroyed. I had to wait for the news to get out that you destroyed the Yokai first before I did that.Stan: Wow. That is great, Gamma.Lucy: Wait, you had spare dumpsters ready and never told us about it?Gamma 4: Are you kidding? Who knows where Trashmeiser was. I'm sure that if I told anyone about those spare dumpsters, he'd be sure to find them and destroy them, too.Lewis: When did you have time to make those dumpsters, Gamma?Gamma 4: I built them while you and your father and two uncles fought the Yokai all those years ago.Lucy: Wow. That was smart of you, Gamma. Did Lewis' father know about them?Gamma 4: Nope. Not even he knew. It was all me.Stan: Well, that takes care of that.Lucy: And Stan, Tracy said that she'll take the next turn to take the trash out. So it'll be a good long time before you have to take it out next.Stan: Really?Tracy: Uh-huh. By the time it is your turn next, I will bet it'll be March.Stan: I don't think it'll be that long, Tracy.Tracy: But just in case, I'll be taking the next turn.The next morning, everyone was having breakfast.Stan: I sure am glad we were able to solve the trash problem we all had yesterday.Judd: Yeah. And we don't have to worry about eating any trash.(Marvin is then shown eating a box of cereal, and I mean the box)Judd: Marvin!Marvin: What?Judd: I thought you weren't going to be eating trash!Marvin: (Takes the box out of his mouth) I'm not. I just thought I'd have a bit of fun with you. Judd: Marvin and I may come up with all sorts of jokes together, but sometimes he'll play jokes on even me.Tracy: I guess apart from your colors, you aren't as alike as you thought.Judd: I never said we were alike in every way. Everyone is different. Even twins can be different from one another.Stan: That is true. Some twins have a boy and a girl in a pair.Lucy: Like that princess we met a couple months ago. Her twin was a brother.Judd: Exactly, Mom.Tracy: Still, I feel bad about all those paintings I had to go through in that trash realm. I am wondering if that realm was even real. They were good paintings that I think should never have been thrown out.Stan: Why did you go through them, Tracy?Tracy: To see if any of them were the exits.Marvin: And were they?Tracy: You'd know if any of them were.Marvin: Right.Well, it looks like the trash has not only been taken out but the problem with where to put the trash has been solved as well.To be continued...
Sneaky Squadron: Stealthranger Chapter 34Title: How The Building Always CrumblesOne fine day, the Stealthrangers were on their way to a very tall building. It was said to be one of the tallest buildings in the world. The building was so tall, it went up into the clouds.Judd: So, this building is the tallest in the world?Lewis: Not the absolute tallest, but it is one of the tallest in the world.Lucy: In fact, it is even taller than the Grand Stealth Shogun.Tracy: That isn't hard to believe, Mrs. Kitinger. I have seen the Stealth Ninja Fox quite a lot of times in my life.Marvin: How long had you been driving the Stealth Ninja Fox?Tracy: It has been around probably since I was five or six. It took my dad probably years to build. I don't remember how many, though.Stan: Since you were five or six?Tracy: But I didn't start driving it until shortly before we met. My dad did need to do some tests with it.(A flashback begins with a young Tracy with Katie watching up as Oliver was getting into the cockpit)FB Tracy: What is Daddy going to do with this robot, Mommy?FB Katie: He is going to be testing it out, sweetie.(Cuts to the present)Stan: Was this before or after your dad lost his arm?Tracy: After! Anyway...(Resumes flashback)FB Oliver: I never thought I'd have a robot arm by the time I started doing this, but I should test this out if Tracy is to drive it someday.(Oliver begins moving the controls around, making the Ninja Fox move up and down, the opening and closing its mouth, then moving its head from side to side)FB Tracy: That is so funny to watch!FB Katie: (Tries not to laugh, but then begins laughing a little) I suppose it is a bit funny. But your father is testing to make sure this thing works for you to pilot someday.FB Tracy: Pilot? Like, fly it?FB Katie: Not like an airplane pilot, sweetie. Like a robot pilot.FB Tracy: A robot pilot?FB Katie: Yes. Your dad is making sure it is perfect for when you begin driving it.FB Tracy: Oh boy.FB Katie: Just don't try acting as crazy as your father is doing right now?FB Tracy: Isn't it just acting crazy because it isn't perfect yet?FB Katie: No. I think the robot is in fine working order. I think your father is just still getting used to his new robot arm.(The Ninja Fox then ran into a mountain, and the front right leg fell off)FB Oliver: Whoops!FB Katie: I guess you aren't alone with losing a body part anymore, dear.FB Oliver: (Gets out of the Ninja Fox, then gets down onto the ground and looks at the leg that just detached) It isn't that big of a deal. I can get the leg fixed back on.FB Katie: (Comes up to Oliver with Tracy) I think you should leave that to me, dear. Besides, you still need to get used to your new arm.FB Tracy: You have only had it for a few weeks, Daddy. Mommy does have a point.(Cuts back to the present)Tracy: Dad and I decided to play patty cake to help him get more used to his robot arm while Mom worked on reattaching the leg of the Ninja Fox.Judd: That sounded like fun.Tracy: It was. It helped me get used to Dad's new arm.Lewis then parked the camper outside the building and everyone got out.Gamma 4: You have a good time, guys.Lucy: We will, Gamma.Lewis: You take care.And everyone headed to the building. Inside, Inside, several people were lining up.Stan: Whoa. That is quite a long line.Marvin: At least there is plenty of time for Tracy to tell us more about how she was first introduced with the Stealth Ninja Fox.Tracy: I kind of don't feel like telling more of that story right now, guys. I'm in the mood to get into the building.Judd: But that line is long, Tracy. We need something to help pass the time while we wait.Lucy: We don't have to. (Gets out six tickets from her pocket) That's the ticket line. We don't need to wait there. We can go in straight away.Judd: Oh.Tracy: Stan: That was quite funny I will say. Judd: Hahaha. Good joke.And they proceeded to get in. Over at the camper, Gamma was watching some video clips about how the building was first assembled.Gamma 4: This is quite a fascinating video. I wish I had a mouth so I could eat popcorn as I am watching this.Narrator: This building had begun getting built in the year 1920, and it finished its assembly in 2000.Gamma 4: Wow. 80 years?Narrator: Indeed. 80 years with over 7,000 workers to work on the building in total.Gamma 4: That many!Little did Gamma know, he was being watched by a Yokai Trooper.Narrator: And what a grand opening it was when it finally opened. 80 years of hard work.Just then, the Yokai Trooper opened the window behind Gamma, then snatched him away.Gamma 4: HEY!Before Gamma could alert the Stealthrangers, the Yokai Trooper shut him off.Gamma 4: Stealthra....(Shuts off)Luanna Bunny: Good work. Now to take out this guy's memory banks. (Pulls out the memory card of Gamma) Now to put this bucket of bolts somewhere where he can't be bothered.She looked to see a dumpster.Luanna Bunny: In there!The Yokai Troopers carried Gamma over to the dumpster and tossed Gamma inside.Luanna Bunny: Now, do you have the fake ready?Then, some other Yokai Troopers brought out a replica of Gamma and Luanna Bunny inserted his memory card inside. Then activated it.Luanna Bunny: Now it is time for us to have our fun.The Kitinger Family had just made their way into the building when Lewis got a call.Lewis: Uh oh. (Turns on his communicator) What is the problem, Gamma?Fake Gamma: Stealthrangers, there is a Yokai attack at the top of the building where you are at!Lewis: What? There is?Lucy: I suppose it is a good thing we all came here today! But it'll take us forever to get to the top.Fake Gamma: Do let me know when you have made it to the top.Lucy: Uh...Alright.Tracy: So much for taking a casual tour of the building. Wait, I could go up to the top of the building all on my own. I can go pretty fast.Fake Gamma: No, Tracy! You ALL need to go up together.Tracy: Then that means I'll need to have everyone going pretty fast, won't I?Fake Gamma: Please do! The citizens at the top are depending on you!Tracy: Alright!Lewis: Let's do it, guys.All: Super Change Stealth Changer! (They transform)Stan: Hang on, I think one of us should stay on the ground floor. Just in case something happens down here.Lewis: I think that is a good idea, son.Marvin: I am sure Gamma will understand.Lucy grabbed onto Tracy's back, then Judd to Lucy's, then Marvin to Judd's, then Lewis to Marvin's.Tracy; Are you ready for this?Lewis: We're ready, Tracy.Lucy: Get us to the top as quickly as possible.Tracy: Will do.And Tracy pulled everyone to the staircase. They zipped very fast upstairs. Over at the camper, the fake Gamma turned to Luanna outside the camper.Luanna: Are the Stealthrangers on their way?Fake Gamma: (Changes into a more evil look with spikes around his body, a twisted yellow spike on his head, and evil red eyes) Everything is going as planned, Mistress Luanna.Luanna: Good! Not only will we be rid of the Stealthrangers, but we also got rid of their little robot buddy, too. This will make Yokaimou very happy.Meanwhile, there was a little wolf boy who was digging through the dumpster that the real Gamma was thrown in.Wolf Boy: Huh? What is this? (Pulls out Gamma) It seems like some sort of robot. (Sees a button on its back) I wonder what this does? (Pushes the button, which turns Gamma on)Gamma 4: Huh? What happened?Wolf Boy: Hey, you can talk?Gamma 4: Yeah. But I don't know what I am or who I am.Wolf Boy: You don't?Gamma 4: No I don't.Wolf Boy: Well, whoever tossed you into this dumpster must have not wanted you anymore. I know, you can come with me to the great tall building close by.Gamma 4: I can?Wolf Boy: Yeah. I'm sure we'll have a great time.Gamma 4: OK.Both Gamma and the wolf boy got out of the dumpster and headed to the building. Meanwhile, Stan was looking to see if he could find anything suspicious in the building.Stan: There must be a Yokai in this building if there is a Yokai upstairs. Those Yokai must be a distraction from a much larger plan.As he was looking around, he then saw Gamma with the boy.Stan: Gamma? (Rushes over to them) Gamma, what are you doing here? I thought you were in the camper.Gamma 4: What is a camper? And who are you, tall red guy?Stan: What? Gamma, it's me. Stan.Wolf Boy: Are you the guy who threw this robot into the dumpster outside the building?Stan: What? No! Gamma is my robot friend. My grandfather built him.Gamma 4: He did?Stan: Hmmm. Hold on. (Takes a look at Gamma's back) Uh oh. This is bad.Wolf Boy: What is it, Mr. Stealth Red?Stan: Gamma's memory card is missing!Then, Stan got a call from the fake Gamma.Fake Gamma: Stan, are you and the others at the top of the building yet?Stan: I don't know yet, Gamma. I'm on the first floor. The others are...Wait a minute!Fake Gamma: You're on the ground floor?Stan: Yes! And you can't fool me, you faker! I got to warn the others!(Cuts to the fake Gamma at the camper)Fake Gamma: Hahahahaha! (Switches from his Gamma voice to his true evil voice) Your friends fell for my trap! I am Roto-Pain! My creator, Luanna Bunny had stolen your robot buddy's memory card so I could operate! At this moment, our latest Yokai, Centripoceros, is getting ready to wreck this building. When he does, everyone in the building, including you Stealthrangers, will be history!Stan: Not if I have something to say about it! Kid, you look after Gamma for me. Don't worry, Gamma. We'll get your memory card back.Gamma 4: Thanks...whoever you are.Stan: You are welcome. You'll be back to your old self in no time.And Stan hurried off.Wolf Boy: In the meantime, we can enjoy this building together.Gamma 4: I suppose so. I just want to know who I really am pretty soon.At that time, the other Stealthrangers made it to the top of the building. It was very high in the sky.Tracy: Never fear, citizens. The Stealthrangers are...Huh?They looked around to see that there were no civilians or Yokai insight.Lewis: What is going on? (Turns on his communicator) Gamma, what is going on?Then, he got a call from Stan.Stan's Voice: Guys, the Gamma that contacted us about the Yokai at the top floor was an impostor. The real Gamma's memory card was stolen from him.Lucy: Uh oh! That isn't good!Marvin: We gotta get back to the ground.But then, the building began to shake.Tracy: Whoa! This building is starting to move.Stan's Voice: A Yokai called Centipoceros is going to cause this building to fall down. You better get the citizens all out of here if you can.Lucy: But we'll never be able to get everyone out in time.Lewis: But we got to try, Lucy! Come on, guys.And they hurried back into the building. Down in the basement, Stan made his way to where Centripoceros was beginning to plow through the pillars in the ground.Centripoceros: Hahaha! I enjoy breaking these pillars. Soon, the Stealthrangers will be history.Stan: I don't think so, Yokai. (Gets out his blaster and blasts at Centripoceros)Centripoceros: AAAH! (Jumps out of the way of the blasts way) Why aren't you at the top of the building with your friends?Stan: Because I suspected that something was up down here.Centripoceros: Something is going to be down already, and it'll be this building, but not before you! (Zips towards Stan, making him lose his balance) Whoa! (Falls on his bottom)Stan: That's hurt. (Gets up off the ground) Alright, you may have gotten me, but I am standing upright again.But then, he was knocked over again to the ground.Stan: Ugh. I think that we'll need Gamma's help with this, but he doesn't have his memory card. But if he can get it back, maybe he can help.Stan hurried back up the stairs. Meanwhile, the other Stealthrangers were doing their best to evacuate as many civilians from the building as they could.Lewis: (Gets a couple of citizens outside) There you go. Just stay out here until we give the all-clear. (Turns to Lucy getting some more citizens out) How are things coming, Lucy?Lewis: Things are going well, Lewis. I've gotten these civilians out.Then, Tracy came in with the wolf boy and Gamma.Tracy: I just found Gamma with this wolf boy.Gamma 4: Are you all the Stealthrangers?Lewis: Yes, it is us, Gamma.Then, Stan came up.Stan: Guys, I haven't been able to stop Centripoceros. I think Gamma is the only one who knows how to beat him.Gamma 4: I have no idea.Judd: Exactly, Stan. Without his memory card, he can't tell us a thing.Stan: I think that in order to get Gamma's memory card back, we need to destroy the impostor who stole it.Marvin: But where will we find this impostor?Then, there was a blast that fired in their direction. They looked to see Roto-Pain firing at them.Roto-Pain: If you want your robot's memory card back, you'll need to get through me.Lewis: Stan, you and Tracy figure out how to get Gamma's memory card back from this faker. The rest of us will see what we can do about Centripoceros.Stan: You think you can handle it, Dad?Lewis: We'll figure something out. We've gotten all the civilians out of the building already.Stan: OK, Dad.Lewis, Lucy, Marvin, and Judd then headed to the basement inside the building. The wolf boy was surprised.Wolf Boy: Stealth Green is your dad?Stan: Yes. And the pink one is my mom, and the blue and yellow ones are my brothers.Tracy: I'm not related to them at all. I'm just an extra addition.Stan: No time for chit-chat! We got to get Gamma's memory card back!And the two of them charged towards Roto-Pain.Roto-Pain: (Fires a lightning bolt from his head to try and strike down at Stan and Tracy)Stan: (Dodges the lightning bolt) Missed me!Tracy: (Dodges the lightning bolt) Missed me, too!Roto-Pain then rocketed into the air out of their reach.Roto-Pain: Try to get me now, Stealth-Losers!He continued to fire missiles down at Stan and Tracy.Tracy: Stan, how will we get Gamma's memory card back if he's up in the air?Then, the wolf boy saw a rock nearby.Wolf Boy: Hmmm. I got an idea.He grabbed the rock, then threw it towards Roto-Pain.Roto-Pain: Hahaha! (Gets hit by the rock) Ooh! (Falls down to the ground)Stan: Good work, kid.Tracy: Now we can get Gamma's memory card back.Then got to Roto-Pain and grabbed hold of him.Tracy: Alright, you nasty impostor. It is time to take Gamma's memory card back.Gamma 4: I wonder if I know who that other robot dude is? Maybe he was once a bully towards me?Stan looked all over Roto-Pain to find the memory card. Then he saw where the card was inserted.Stan: Ah! I found it! (Pulls the card out) Got it!Roto-Pain: Hey, you ca-(Shuts off)Tracy: I guess with the memory card of Gamma taken out, this guy can't work at all.Stan: I think we should keep this bucket of bolts around just in case anything happens to Gamma. If something in Gamma breaks, we can use this impostor's parts to fix him.Tracy: Good idea, Stan.Stan hurried to Gamma with his memory card.Stan: Gamma, your moment of remembering has arrived. (Inserts the card into Gamma)Gamma 4: (Buzzes for a bit) Reboot! Reboot! (Shuts his eyes off, then back on) I'm back! I'm back!Stan: Gamma, it is great that you are back to normal.Gamma 4: Thanks for that, whoever you are.Stan: Oh no!Gamma 4: Just kidding, Master Stan! Just kidding!Wolf Boy: I don't know why, but I think your different now, Gamma.Gamma 4: Hey, the only thing that is different about me from before is that I couldn't remember who I was, but now I do remember.Stan: Gamma, can you tell us how to stop Centripoceros?Gamma 4: Gladly, Master Stan.Down in the basement, the other Stealthrangers were doing their best to stop Centripoceros, but they had all been knocked to the ground at least once.Marvin: This guy is too much for us.Judd: And the more we fight, the more of the support pillars are destroyed.Lucy: And soon we'll be crushed under. Lewis: Do you think Stan and Tracy can stop the Yokai without the rest of us?Marvin: Unless four new people find our Stealth Changers and become Stealthrangers in our place.Then, Stan arrives.Stan: I don't think that will be necessary.Lucy: Stan! Good to see you're back.Stan: And with the knowledge of how to defeat Centripoceros. In order to defeat him.They huddled up and Stan explained it to them.Lucy: That is great, Stan.Stan: Tracy is on her way with just what we need.Then, she appeared by their side.Tracy: And I got it right here. (Shows a patch of leaves in her hand)Lewis: Good work, Tracy. Place the leaves down on the ground where Centripoceros will see them.Tracy: Sure thing.She places the leaves on the ground, then they took a couple steps back. Then, Centripoceros stops.Centripoceros: Hey, are those evergreen leaves? My favorite! (Begins eating them)Stan: NOW!They all got their blasters and blasted at Centripoceros' tail.Centripoceros: AAAAAH! That hurt! That hurt! That hurt!And he hurried out of the building.Judd: He's on his way out.But then they saw that the building was beginning to crumble.Marvin: But we need to save this building from falling down!Lewis: I think in order to do that, we'll need the Grand Stealth Shogun to hold it up.Lucy: But how will we be able to stop Centripoceros for good if we do that?Tracy: I think the Ninja Fox Warrior should do the job.Judd: Speaking of which, you'll need to finish that story of yours about the Ninja Fox.Tracy: Will do. Just get out there and finish the job.Stan: Will do, Tracy.They all hurried out, then the main team hurried after Centripoceros while Tracy called for the Stealth Ninja Fox.Centripoceros: It isn't any use, Stealthrangers. You may have gotten me, but that building will fall.Lucy: Tracy will make sure it won't fall down.Centripoceros: But for how long?Lewis: Long enough for us to make the repairs to the pillars you destroyed.Centripoceros: I don't think so. Then lightning surrounded Centripoceros and he grew giant.Centripoceros: Now to put an end to this building.He walked towards the building as the Stealth Ninja Fox Warrior came up to the building.Tracy: Whoa! This building really is tall. I will bet that it'll take 20 of the Stealth Ninja Fox to measure up to the top.The Stealth Ninja Fox Warrior grabbed the sides of the building to keep it steady.Tracy: OK, now to just stay here until the new pillars are set up.Centripoceros then made an attack towards the Stealth Ninja Fox.Centripoceros: Get away from that, you dirty wolf! (Makes attacks at the Stealth Ninja Fox)Tracy: AAAH! Somebody help!Then, the Grand Stealth Shogun arrived and punched at Centripoceros, knocking him to the ground.Stan: Tracy, are you alright?Tracy: I'm just fine. Just hurry up and defeat that centa-freak and get those new pillars inserted so I can move away from this building.Centripoceros then fired some horn missiles at the Grand Stealth Shogun, knocking it onto its back.Tracy: Guys!The building then shook a little bit more.Tracy: This isn't good.The wolf boy saw the building was starting to crumble.Wolf Boy: There must be something I can do. Gamma, is there anything I can do? Gamma 4: Maybe there is. Try to get some new pillars into the basement in order to help them.Wolf Boy: Good idea.He then turned to the other civilians.Wolf Boy: Guys, let's get together to get those new pillars into the basement.Everyone got working together to get the new pillars set up into the basement as the battle continued. The Grand Stealth Shogun then managed to get up.Marvin: It's great that the civilians are going to fix the issue in the basement for us.Lewis: Let's get this Yokai finished off. Stealth Shogun Sword!Grand Stealth Shogun: (Gets the Stealth Shogun Sword in its hand)Stealthrangers: Stealth Shogun Sword Final Strike! (Slashes the flaming sword at Centripoceros)Centripoceros: AH! And I wanted to become a butterfly! (Falls and explodes)Judd: We've done it.Tracy: How much longer do I need to hold the building up?Lewis: We'll let you know, Tracy.Then, the civilians exited the building and called up to the Grand Stealth Shogun.Wolf Man: Stealthrangers, the pillars are in place. You do not need to hold it up anymore.Stan: Thank you! Now you can let go, Tracy. Tracy: About time.The Ninja Fox Warrior moved its hands away from the building, and it was standing upright again.Tracy: They did it.Later on, the Kitinger family (all demorphed along with Tracy) thanked the young wolf.Lewis: Thank you for finding Gamma for us, kid.Stan: And thanks for helping Tracy and me out with that impostor robot.Wolf Boy: It's not a problem, guys. I am just happy we could all help you out.Judd: By the way, what did you do with that impostor robot?Stan: Oh. We brought it back to the camper.Lewis: You did what?Tracy: But he isn't working anymore. The moment Stan pulled out Gamma's memory card, it shut off.Stan: I was thinking maybe we should keep it around just in case something happens to Gamma like if a part breaks.Lucy: That is quite genius actually, Stan.Later on, the Stealthrangers were taking a tour of the building.Judd: It's good to finally be taking a proper tour of this building and not having to deal with the Yokai trying to destroy the building.Marvin: By the way, Tracy, what happened with the Ninja Fox after it was fixed?Tracy: Well, after my mom got the leg fixed, my dad tested it out a bit more once he was more used to his robotic arm.(Cuts to a flashback of Oliver in the cockpit of the Ninja Fox)FB Oliver: Alright. Now to try again with this.Tracy VO: Dad got the hang of the Ninja Fox that time. He was able to test out the Ninja Fox's mouth to pick things up. One time, he had it pick up a giant log and toss it as dogs do.Lewis VO: That makes sense since dogs and foxes are related.Judd VO: Did he have the Ninja Fox dig holes and bury some things.Tracy VO: No. In fact, I've never done that with the Ninja Fox. After Dad tested it for a while, he considered it perfected.FB Oliver: Well, I think it is good to go now.FB Tracy: Does that mean I can start driving it now?FB Katie: Not yet, sweetie. You're not quite old enough to drive it yet.FB Tracy: Aww.FB Oliver: Plus, I still need to get that Stealthranger suit for you made.FB Tracy: Oh right. (Cuts to a scene of Oliver, Katie, and Tracy in the cockpit of the Ninja Fox)Tracy VO: When the day came that I could finally begin driving the Ninja Fox was shortly before you showed up. When I saw the world from the cockpit, it looked very high up.FB Tracy: Whoa. Look at how high up we are. I don't think I've ever been this high up before.FB Katie: The Ninja Fox is pretty huge, isn't it?FB Oliver: It'll be good for what you'll be facing off against real soon.FB Katie: So you better figure out these controls.FB Tracy: Sure thing, Mom. Super Change Stealth Changer! (Transforms into Stealth Shine and gets into the cockpit)Tracy VO: So after some training...(Cuts to the present)Tracy: I got the hang of the Stealth Ninja Fox, and I was ready to join the team.Stan: Well, we are higher up than when we're in the Grand Stealth Shogun.Tracy: How can you tell, Stan?Stan: Well, I see a building close by and I recall it being as tall as the Grand Stealth Shogun during our fight against Centripoceros. I will bet that if the Grand Stealth Shogun and the Ninja Fox Warrior were outside right now, we'd be higher up than them.Lucy: You're right, Stan. This building really is that much taller.(We then see Gamma is there with them)Gamma 4: It was nice of you to let me join in with you guys for a change.Lewis: After what you've been through today, Gamma, you deserve it.I am so glad that Gamma got his memory chip back. What would the Stealthrangers do without him?To be continued...
Sneaky Squadron: Stealthranger Chapter 33Title: Aunty Em, Aunty Em!It was a very windy day where the Stealthrangers were right now. They were out in the camper driving down the road. Outside, it was all windy and things were blowing all over the place. Even the camper shook a little bit as they were going along. Everyone was instructed to stay seated until the wind had stopped completely. Stan and Tracy were both on the couch in the living room while Marvin was sitting at the bottom of the staircase leading up to the first floor, while Judd was in the armchair in the kitchen closest to the driver's section where Lewis was at the wheel and Lucy was sitting next to him. And Gamma was sitting in the middle of the kitchen.Judd: Ugh. I feel so bored just sitting here. I wish I could go up to our room and play a game.Lucy: But, Judd, it is very windy outside. We have to stay where we are until the storm dies down.Marvin: I don't mind it so much. I think the staircase is a great place to sit down at.Judd: I recall that usually when you are sitting there, you would get yelled at because you are in people's ways.(A series of flashbacks are shown, showing a younger Marvin sitting at the bottom of the staircase as Judd was coming down with a box)FB Judd: Uh, Marvin, can you move out of the way, please?FB Marvin: Oh. Sorry, Judd. (Moves out of the way as Judd goes by)(Then another one is shown showing Lucy carrying some bags)FB Lucy: Marvin, I can't get through with you sitting at the bottom of the stairs like that.FB Marvin: Oh. Sorry, Mom. (Gets up to let Lucy go through)(Then one showing Lewis coming down the stairs with a big heavy box blocking his vision)Judd VO: Remember the time that Dad was carrying a box that was so big, he couldn't see you at the bottom of the stairs?Marvin VO: How could I forget that one.(Lewis comes down, but trips over Marvin)FB Lewis: WHOA!(Both Lewis and Marvin were laying on the floor with the things in the big box all scattered out, containing some supplies)FB Lewis: Marvin, you really should stop sitting on the bottom of the stairs like that! I didn't see you!FB Marvin: Ugh! Sorry, Dad! FB Lewis: Didn't you hear me coming down?FB Marvin: I did hear you, but I thought you would ask me to get out of the way.FB Lewis: How could I have known you were there?FB Marvin: How could I have known you couldn't see me? I don't have eyes in the back of my head you know!(Both Lewis and Marvin got up off the floor)FB Lewis: Marvin, go to your room and don't come out until I call for you.FB Marvin: (Walks sadly up the stairs)(Cuts back to the present)Marvin: But at least today, I have to stay sitting here for a while.Judd: Does that sound like fun?Marvin: It is relaxing. At least I know I won't have to worry about Dad tripping over me like he did that one time.As Lewis drove the camper along, he then saw a tree fall down onto the road in front of them.Lewis: Uh oh!Lucy: Lewis, stop the camper! Stop the camper!Lewis hit the brake hard, but the camper skidded into the tree, damaging its front.Lewis: Oh dear. I don't like the sound of that.Stan: What happened, Dad?Lewis: A tree fell onto the road and the camper crashed into it and I heard a cracking sound. Tracy: Did the camper get a dent on the front?Lewis: I don't know, but it sure sounds like it had.Lucy: Too bad we can't go out and check it, the wind is still strong.At that moment, the wind blew very hard on the camper. It was so strong that the camper was skidding to the side of the road.Judd: I don't like the sound of that. It looks as though the camper is getting pushed by the wind.Lucy looked out her window and saw that indeed the camper was being pushed by the wind.Lucy: Lewis, get the camper facing to the right! I get the feeling the wind is going to push us off the road.Lewis: Sure thing, Lucy.And Lewis began turning the wheel to get the camper facing to the end of the road. As they happened, the wind pushed at the camper as it rolled down the hill. The hill was very bumpy and everyone did their best to hold on as it rolled down.Marvin: Whoa! I don't like this ride!Judd: I don't either! What'll happen if we tip to the side?Lewis: Don't worry. I'll make sure that doesn't happen. I hope.The camper swayed from side to side. Everyone felt as though the camper was about to tip on one side. Before long, the camper had made its way to the bottom of the hill and it stopped. Stan and Tracy, who had their eyes closed through the entire thing, opened their eyes up to see what had happened.Stan: What happened? Are we OK?Tracy: We didn't tip over, did we?Judd: What do you think? We're still standing upright, aren't we?Stan and Tracy looked around to see.Stan: Yeah. We're still standing upright.Tracy: But I can still hear the sound of winds.Stan: Yeah. Me, too.Marvin: Mom, Dad, can we get up from where we are now?Lucy: Yes. Let's all gather in the living room and talk about all this.Tracy: We're already there.Stan: So we're just staying where we are.Marvin got up off the staircase, Judd got up from the chair in the kitchen, and Lewis and Lucy got up from the seats at the front of the camper. They all gathered in the living room as they had planned.Judd: So what's the news?Lewis: Well, we are not sure where we are right now, but I think it is best that we keep the camper where it is until the wind clears up.Stan: What about if a Yokai begins to attack again? Are we really just going to stay here and do nothing while the Yokai do what they please?Lucy: If we need to fight a Yokai, we'll go out and fight it, regardless of how bad the weather is.Tracy: I'm sure I can handle it now. I was able to face my fear of storms once already.Marvin: So what should we do in the meantime?Lucy: I guess just do family things. We could play a game of cards if you want.Lewis: Or a board game.Stan: I guess it would be good to pass the time.Tracy: Agreed.A few hours later, the wind had stopped completely and the sun was shining. They had just finished with a game.Marvin: I win this one. How fun.Stan: It sure was. Congrats on winning this one, Marvin.Marvin: I didn't think I'd win at this after I lost so many games before.Judd: Guys, look. The weather is much better now. Lewis: Good. I'm going to go check to see if the camper indeed has gotten some damage in its front.Lewis got up from his chair and headed out the door. He went to the front of the camper, but fortunately, only the bumper in the front was dented.Lewis: Oh good, only the dent in the front is dented.Everyone else came out to check it out.Stan: That isn't so bad, is it, Dad?Lewis: Not at all. I can get the dent out.Lucy: Wouldn't it be better to just take the camper to the workshop, Lewis?Lewis: I can get it out, Lucy. My dad once got a dent out himself.Then, Gamma got out.Gamma 4: Stealthrangers, I just did some research and it turns out that storm was unnatural. It was caused by a Yokai.Marvin: Wouldn't the storm still be going if that was a Yokai attacking?Gamma 4: Not this one.Lewis: I think I know what Yokai he is talking about, guys. Gamma, while I work on getting the dent out of the front bumper (proceeds to take off the bumper), you tell everyone about the Yokai in question (Gets the bumper completely off).Gamma 4: Very well, Master Lewis.Meanwhile, at the Yokai Mansion, Yokaimou looked out to see that the strong winds had stopped.Yokaimou: Why has the wind stopped? Ravengu, why have you stopped?Then, a raven-like Yokai arrived, looking very tired.Yokaimou: I see you are back here, but why are you not out there causing storms like you were going to?Ravengu: I'm...sorry...boss...but...I've...been...doing this...for hours...and I am...very...very...tired...I Rest? Ravengu:'ll be...happy to...know...the Stealth...rangers...went down...a tall...hill...after they...crashed into...a fallen...tree.Yokaimou: Well, that is good news to me. How long must I wait before you get back into the wind blowing?Ravengu: I'll be...needing hour. When I am...fully rested...I'll take care...of the...Stealthrangers...for good.Yokaimou: Just try not to fail me!Ravengu: I'll...try, Master Yokaimou.And Ravengu walked off slowly again to find a place to rest. Back with the Stealthrangers, Gamma had just finished telling them all about the Yokai.Stan: So this Yokai can create heavy storms to destroy anything in his path?Gamma 4: I'm afraid so, Master Stan.Tracy: But at least we know he won't start up another storm for another hour. That gives us plenty of time to search for this Yokai and defeat him.Lucy: That may be, but I think we should prepare for coming across this Yokai all ready to start his storm up again.Judd: How will we do that, Mom?Lucy: We'll need to wear something to keep us from getting blown away.Marvin: Like that could ever happen. Stan: What can we use to keep ourselves from getting blown away, Mom?Lucy: We'll need to wear very strong armor to keep us restricted to the ground. I think that I can make some modifications to our Stealth Changers to grant us metal armor.Judd: Are you going to add glitter to our suits?Lucy: Gl-Glitter? How would glitter help?Judd: Never mind. I'll get to work on them.So everyone handed their Stealth Changers over to Lucy and she began work on them.Marvin: How long will this take, Mom?Lucy: Hopefully it won't take me too long. Gamma, how much time do we have before the Yokai begins his storms again?Gamma 4: Well, it hasn't been raining for the past 15 minutes. So we've got about 45 minutes before the wind picks up again.Judd: Dad, are you still working on that bumper?Lewis: Yeah. I've got the dent nearly out. It should be fixed up in a few minutes.Judd: That's good because Gamma says we have 45 minutes before the Yokai starts up his storm again.Marvin: Mom is doing something to our Stealth Changers to help keep us from getting blown away in the wind.Lewis: Ah, it must be that metal armor that I've been meaning to add for a while.Tracy: Why haven't you added them, Mr. Kitinger?Lewis: Never found the time, too.Lucy: Well, it was about time for it anyway.Meanwhile, Ravengu found a tree to rest on.Ravengu: (Lays his back against the tree) Phew. I sure hope that I'll be able to take care of those Stealthrangers when I see them. In fact, when I am fully rested, I'm going to save all my energy on the Stealthrangers. I should have done that from the beginning. We live and learn. Hey, Yokai Troopers!Then some Yokai Troopers arrived.Yokai Trooper 1: You called, Ravengu?Ravengu: While I am resting, can you find the Stealthrangers and wear them down so when I find them they'll be too tired to fight back again me?Yokai Trooper 2: Sure thing, Ravengu.And they hurried off to search for the Stealthrangers. Meanwhile, back with the Stealthrangers, Lewis was able to get the dent out of the bumper.Lewis: Alright! I got the dent out of the bumper. Now to get the bumper back on.Stan: Uh Dad,Lewis: What is it, Stan?Stan: Look!They looked to see the Yokai Troopers arrive.Judd: Oh great! Yokai Troopers!Stan: We'll have to fight them off. Super Change Stealth Cha-Oh wait, Mom has the Stealth Changers!Marvin: We'll have to face them just as our normal selves.Lucy: You'll have to go without me. I still am working on your Stealth Changers.Lewis: Alright, Lucy. Let's go, kids.Other: Alright!The five of them charged at the Yokai Troopers.Yokai Trooper 1: So you are facing us without your powers, huh?Yokai Trooper 2: This will be very easy for us!The Yokai Troopers charged for them and Marvin and Judd started off butting two of them in the heads.Both Yokai Troopers: Duh... (Falls down)Marvin: That was quite fun.Judd: It sure was. Stan: Hmmm. Tracy, how about we try that?Tracy: Good idea. Uh...(Grabs one Yokai Trooper by the arm) Hey, you! Yokai Trooper 3: What? Tracy: Come over here! (Pulls him along) Ready with another one, Stan?Stan was trying to catch a Yokai Trooper but had a hard time getting even a hand on one.Stan: Hang on. But then one kicked him in the stomach. Stan: Oof!Tracy: Hey! How dare you do that! She then tossed the Yokai Trooper she had over to the one that kicked Stan and knocked both of them to the ground.Tracy: That didn't go quite as planned, did it, Stan?Stan: No. Oww! (Holds his stomach) That one hurt.Tracy: Let me help you up, Stan. (Hurries over to Stan)Lewis: I'll help you up, too, son.Stan: Thanks, Tracy. Thanks, Dad.Lewis and Tracy helped Stan get up. While that was going on, Marvin and Judd kept on head-butting some other Yokai Troopers until there were none left.Lewis: Good work, boys.Stan: I didn't do very much though.Tracy: But at least you had a smart plan, Stan. Stan: I think I may need to have some lessons on how to head-butt like Marvin and Judd did.Tracy: I may need lessons, too. I honestly thought that Yokai Trooper would kick me in my stomach like that one did to you, Stan.Lewis: Let's hope that your mom has gotten the Stealth Changers updated to have the armor power-up.Stan: Good thinking, Dad.They hurried back to Lucy as she was making the finishing touches to the Stealth Changers.Lewis: Lucy, did you get the modifications to the Stealth Changers made?Lucy: They're all finished.Lucy handed the Stealth Changers back to everyone.Stan: Uh, they don't look any different.Lucy: I added on an extra button. This will activate some metal armor, but it'll only work for a short time, so you'll need to be sure you use the armor at the right time.Judd: OK. But if it is just glitter, Mom, I swear...Lucy: It isn't just glitter, Judd.Judd: I should hope not.Marvin: But how much longer do we have before this Yokai begins his storms again?Lewis looked at his watch.Lewis: We have only about 15 minutes left. Perhaps it would be best for us to split up and search for him.Lucy: That's a good idea.And so the Stealthrangers split into three groups. One group was led by Lewis, leading Marvin and Judd, while the other was led by Lucy, leading Stan and Tracy. Ravengu was still resting under his tree with only about ten minutes to go before he was fully rested.Ravengu: In about ten minutes, I'll be strong enough to defeat the Stealthrangers. Hopefully, those Yokai Troopers will have worn them down.Marvin, Judd, and Lewis then arrived from behind the tree.Marvin: Ten minutes? Judd: It looks like we've shown up just in time. Let's give him the element of surprise, shall we?Lewis: Do you boys have an idea on how to give him the element of surprise?Marvin: Sure we do. We just pounce on him. Judd, you begin sneaking up on him from the east and I'll sneak up on him from the west.Judd: Good thinking, Marvin.Marvin: Dad, I think you should sneak up as well.Lewis: I'll come from the south. There is no way he'll suspect us.The three of them split up and began to do their sneak attack. Meanwhile, Lucy, Stan, and Tracy were at the bottom of the hill from where Lewis, the twins, and Ravengu were at.Lucy: It looks like Dad and the twins found the Yokai.Stan: What are they doing?Tracy: It looks like they are going to do a sneak attack at the Yokai.Stan: I think I should get in on the action, too. I'll catch him off guard from the top of the tree.And Stan hurried off.Lucy: Stan, wait!But Stan didn't wait.Lucy: (Sighs) Not again.Tracy: I think Stan knows what he's doing, Mrs. Kitinger.Lucy: I hope he does. I'm just concerned he might interfere with what his brothers and dad are going to be doing.But not even Lewis, Judd, or Marvin saw Stan come in. Stan came up from behind the tree and began climbing.Lucy: Only about five minutes left.Stan made it into the tree branches right above Ravengu. Stan: I'll just wait for Dad and the twins to make their move, then I'll make mine.At that moment, Marvin, Judd, and Lewis charged for Ravengu. He had his eyes closed, but when Marvin got close to him, he opened his eyes and wing-swatted Marvin.Marvin: AAAH!Stan: Marvin! O_OThen, Judd came in and got swatted as well.Stan: Judd!Then, Lewis came in and Ravengu swatted him out of the way, too. Knocking him onto his back.Lewis: AAAH!Stan: Dad!Stan looked down at Ravengu with anger!Stan: Nobody hurts my dad and brothers like that!Ravengu: Face it, Stealthrangers! You can't sneak up on me so easily like that!Stan: Hmmm. Maybe I can give him the real element of surprise.Ravengu: No matter what direction you come in from, I'll always be ready f-But then, Stan came down and hit Ravengu on the head.Ravengu: AAAAH!Lewis: Stan?Marvin: Good timing, bro.Judd: Yes. Really good timing.Lucy: Oh thank goodness. It was smart of Stan to jump in like that after all.Tracy: I had the feeling he knew what he was doing.Lucy: We better get in there and help them finish the job.And the two of them hurried up the hill as Ravengu was recovering from his hits.Lucy: Stan, I'm sorry I doubted you.Stan: It is quite alright, Mom. Sometimes, you just got to trust your youngest son.Lewis: Ravengu will recover in thirty seconds. We better transform and use our armor the moment he prepares another storm.All: Super Change Stealth Changer! (They all transformed) Ravengu then recovered. Ravengu: Stealthrangers, you may have hit me in a way I would never expect, but now I shall blow you away for good! He then began creating his strong wings again.Lucy: Boys, now!Tracy: What about me?Lucy: You, too, Tracy!Tracy: Maybe you should have said...Lucy: Fight now talk later!Tracy: Alright!They all activated their armor, giving them a more metallic version of their suits.Judd: Hey, this ISN'T just glitter!Lucy: I told you!Lewis: Now to charge for the Yokai!Ravengu: What? How did you get all metallic-looking?Stan: New power-up! (Punches at Ravengu)Ravengu: GAAAH! (Falls to the ground)Stan: Wow. This is very powerful armor! You did a good job, Mom!Lucy: Give the thanks later, son.She then gave a punch at Ravengu. Following up by Lewis giving a punch, then Marvin, then Judd, then Tracy. As they did it, the weather began getting better and better.Judd: Hey, I think the sun is coming back out.Marvin: Our attacks must be weakening him.Ravengu: I can't believe you've made yourselves too heavy to be blown away by my wind.Lucy: You bet we have. Now for the next attack. Boys-I mean, guys!Tracy: Thank you!Lucy: Repeat after me! Metallic Knuckle Fist Strike!When then happened, the fists on Lucy's metallic suit detached and flew towards Ravengu.Lewis: You heard him, boys. And Tracy!Tracy + Boys: Metallic Knuckle Fist Strike!Then, they all had the fists of their suits fly towards the Ravengu. Ravengu was first hit by Lucy's metallic fists, then followed by the other five.Ravengu: AAAAH! (Gets blown back)By that time, the sun was out again. The metallic fists returned to their owners.Lucy: Good work, guys.Stan: The storm has been cleared. We must have weakened him enough.Just then, lightning surrounded where Ravengu was blown to and he appeared giant.Ravengu: I still have plenty of storm energy left in me!Lewis: So do we!They powered down from their metallic armor, then took on their Stealth Shogun forms.Tracy: I call for the Ninja Fox.The Ninja Fox arrived and Tracy got on board.Tracy: Ninja Fox Warrior Mode!The Ninja Fox converted into its warrior mode as the Grand Stealth Shogun was formed.Ravengu: I think my wind powers should blow you away. (Spreads his wings out)Tracy: Ninja Fox Warrior Fire Staff!The Ninja Fox Warrior got out its staff and each end caught on fire.Tracy: Time to do some feather clipping. Or in this case, burning.The Ninja Fox Warrior then swayed its staff over at Ravengu's wings, causing them to burn.Ravengu: AAAH! My wings! Fire! Fire! I'm on fire! I'm burning up!Then, the Grand Stealth Shogun gave a couple of punches at Ravengu. After a couple punches, he fell down on his back.Ravengu: (Looks at his wings) No! My wings are all burnt up! (Gets back up) Stealthrangers, you are going to pay for that. Prepare for a pecking attack! (Begins peaking his way towards the Grand Stealth Shogun)The Grand Stealth Shogun then grabbed Ravengu by the beak.Ravengu: Mmmmm.Then, the Grand Stealth Shogun knocked him back.Ravengu: AAAH!Tracy: I think the Ninja Fox Stealth Shogun should do the finishing attack.Lewis: Good idea, Tracy.Stan: Ninja Fox Stealth Shogun Combine!They then combined into the Ninja Fox Stealth Shogun. All: Ninja Fox Shogun Strike!The Ninja Fox Grand Shogun's sword then lit up in flames and slashed at Ravengu. Ravengu: AAAAH! Looks like Thanksgiving came early this year! And I'm the turkey! (Falls and explodes) Later on, the Kitinger Family were able to get the camper back onto the road. They were on the road they were on before where the tree had fallen.Lucy: Lewis, do you think it was a good idea for us to go down the same road as where the tree fell down at?Lewis: Surely they would have to have moved the tree by now.Stan: Hey, Mom, you should trust Dad, just like you learned to trust me.Marvin: He does have a point, Mom.Judd: The three of us had a sneak attack planned and that failed. It was Stan who gave the Yokai the element of surprise.Tracy: Speaking of which, when we have a chance to stop somewhere, do you think you can teach Stan and me about butting enemy heads together like you did during that trooper attack earlier?Marvin: We'd be happy to.Lewis: We're coming up to where the tree had fallen.Lucy: OK, boys. Did your dad make the right decision to go this way?Stan: I think so.Marvin: Me, too.Judd: Me, too.Lucy: (Looks at Tracy with confusion) Uh, Tracy?Tracy: What is it, Mrs. Kitinger?Lucy: You didn't give your response to whether or not Mr. Kitinger made the right decision on going this way again despite that tree that fell over earlier.Tracy: You did say "boys" again.Lucy: Oh dear.Tracy: Don't feel bad about it, Mrs. Kitinger. (Looks to the front window) But I have to say I do not think that Mr. Kitinger made the right choice.Lucy: You don't? Why not?Tracy: I do not think he made the right decision, I know he did. Look.Lucy looked, at they saw that the tree that had fallen over had gone away.Lucy: Oh thank goodness. They must have cleared it while we were fighting that Yokai.Stan: I knew Dad was making the right choice.Lewis: Well what about when the twins and I were making that sneak attack?Stan: Well, I was the one who had the right sneak attack idea at that time. This time around, you made the right choice, Dad. And honestly, I don't think you are a bad decision-maker.Tracy: Neither are you, Stan. Stan: Tracy: So when will the next rest stop come up?Lucy: Should be another two miles or so.Tracy: Great. I look forward to Marvin and Judd's head-butting lessons.Stan: Me, too.What a storm that was. Both literally and figuratively. And what great new metallic suits that they had gotten, too. Those will certainly make the remaining battles much easier.To be continued...
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A Synth in France _ 03 by IndigoMystiere A Synth in France _ 03 :iconindigomystiere:IndigoMystiere 2 0 A Synth in France _ 04 by IndigoMystiere A Synth in France _ 04 :iconindigomystiere:IndigoMystiere 2 1
Hey guys long time no see. Again sorry that I have not posted much in over a YEAR! 2020 hasn't really been the best if it isn't obvious enough . I just wanted to let you guys know that I had another art account on Instagram which is open for everyone to follow. the account name you want to search for is @ expert_draws410 exactly the way it's written. In that account, you'll find pictures of what I usually post here only some of it is art I never posted here. Plus, I don't do only do anthros on that account which is good. You'll also be able to see the progress of my improvements which is why I have not been posting much here because I was worried that I wasn't doing good enough to my expectations and I also felt that it was getting really repetitive. And YES I still plan to do that comic series I've been dying to do. I actually have been doing some hardcore planning and asking for criticisms and advice from my friends irl. I've been doing some major research too on what it will be about and how should I execute it, that way I don't do any common mistakes and try to avoid making it look like something generic. Also heads up, I MIGHT make a new deviantart account sometime in the future because I feel like this one isn't really thriving as much and it would be weird to start back on what I left for a long time ago so keep that in mind . Anyways that's all I have to say for now and this time I'll try to keep any of you who still watch me up to date and if you got any questions just drop it on the comments. I wish you all well and PLEASE stay safe with everything that's been going on lately. See ya!...
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Happy Birthday, Moon-Shyne. Matt and Beth's Babies by OliverRed Happy Birthday, Moon-Shyne. Matt and Beth's Babies :iconoliverred:OliverRed 75 50 Agent-Eckswhy, Mouse Girl by OliverRed Agent-Eckswhy, Mouse Girl :iconoliverred:OliverRed 36 40 Forever Cute Cats by Kenga-As Forever Cute Cats :iconkenga-as:Kenga-As 30 21 Groove Cleo-Rewind by LadyK Groove Cleo-Rewind :iconladyk:LadyK 29 21 Cleo Sittin' Pretty by Netcro Cleo Sittin' Pretty :iconnetcro:Netcro 46 6 COY by Netcro COY :iconnetcro:Netcro 29 9 Bonnie by spatialchaos Bonnie :iconspatialchaos:spatialchaos 13 1 More Bonnie Love by spatialchaos More Bonnie Love :iconspatialchaos:spatialchaos 15 3 Line Of Stitchy Goodness by spatialchaos Line Of Stitchy Goodness :iconspatialchaos:spatialchaos 15 2 My Patreon Open! by Pengon1 My Patreon Open! :iconpengon1:Pengon1 16 0 Beastars Dancing in the sun by AnimaloftheNight Beastars Dancing in the sun :iconanimalofthenight:AnimaloftheNight 77 3 Nowan Mystiere the Fennec (5) by IndigoMystiere Nowan Mystiere the Fennec (5) :iconindigomystiere:IndigoMystiere 10 1

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I've been busy coping with the death my grandmother (on my father's side) because of that, I've neglected this group many times before, I have no excuse for my actions, it is with a heavy heart that I'm resigning my position as founder effectively on the end of March. If any willing contributers willing to step forward and take over please let me know, .... If not, then this group would be shut down at the end of March, as for me, I'm not sure what I want to do.... Probably focus on my “would be” YouTube career.... I'm sorry for letting all you lovely furries and anthropology enthusiasts down............
FIRST: CONTRIBUTERS can now edit or delete most content in the folders. SO you contributors now have a new responsibility of making sure stuff goes into the right folders, and deleting any posts put into the folders from deactivated users.

SECOND:: A submission limit has been put in place. The limit is 5 deviations per week per person to drastically reduce folder congestion.

THIRD::: 2 new folders will be added...

..... That is all and thank you for your understanding.... uWu
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