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About our Club

Welcome to Anthro-Fantasy-Club

We are a club dedicated to both fantasy and anthro artwork. All anthro and fantasy species are welcome. :D

Rules and FAQ

How do I join?
:bulletyellow:Click the "join our group" button. Membership is automatically approved.

How do I submit artwork?
:bulletorange:Only members can submit to the group, so please make sure that you've actually joined the group before you try to submit a picture.

:bulletyellow:If you're a member, just click the "Contribute art" button and choose the picture you would like to submit. Please make sure that you're submitting your picture to the correct folder. Artwork submitted to the wrong folder could be declined.

:bulletorange:All visual mediums are accepted.

How often can I submit artwork?
:bulletyellow:Members can submit 3 pieces of artwork a week. Contributors can submit artwork 7 times a week.

Why was my artwork declined
:bulletorange:Artwork is usually declined because it's mature or it doesn't meet our quality controls. Please make sure to read our rules before you join the group. Our rules are here: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletyellow:The admins reserve the right to decline your artwork without explanation. If your artwork is declined, you're free to ask why, but we might not always provide a reason (especially if you're hostile towards us).

Who is that dragon in your icon?
:bulletorange:She's Ayla, our mascot. You can find out more about her here:
Ayla Reference Sheet by aboveClouds

Our icon was made by the lovely :icontrollgirl:!
AFC Icon Contest Entry by TrollGirl

Here's your chance to make a picture for someone in the group while getting a picture in return. The catch? You don't know who you'll be drawing for and you have a two-month time limit. 🐱

Important Dates

  • Sign ups: Aug 17th - Sept 1st
  • Assignments sent out: Sept 2nd - Sept 3rd
  • Artwork due date: November 1st
  • Final call for artwork: November 15th

How To Sign Up

  1. To sign up, just fill out the Entry Form at the bottom of this journal and copy it into the comments section of this journal.

  2. You can enter with 1, 2, or 3 characters. If you enter with multiple characters, please list them separately, like in these comments:………

  3. You need to have at least one picture for each of your characters before you can sign up. They don't need to have fully detailed reference sheets or anything like that, but you do need one clear picture for each of your characters. Even a quick sketch would work.
  5. All species are accepted in this exchange.


  • The exchange is open to digital artists and traditional artists only. We won't accept photomanipulations, sculptures, 3D artwork, or writing this time around. Sorry!

  • This is a quality-controlled art exchange. I'm not going to be very strict with these rules - I just want to see that you know how to make a picture that looks finished.

  • Here's what I'm looking for in your gallery:

    Traditional Artists
    :bulletblue: I need to see at least 3 colored pictures in your gallery.

    :bulletblue:You need to know how to properly photograph or scan your artwork. Here's a blog post which might help you out: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

    :bulletblue:You need to know how to blend your colors. You don't have to be awesome at it by any means -- I just don't want to see colored pencil scribbling or streaky marker coloring throughout your gallery. As long as you try to keep things clean, you'll get in. Here's a blog post about that too: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

    :bulletblue:No lined paper. No crumpled up paper. Nothing that looks too messy or rushed. Good presentation is key here.
    Digital Artists
    :bulletgreen: I need to see at least 3 colored pictures in your gallery.

    :bulletgreen:I don't want to see a ton of filters and clashing colors in your artwork. If you're new to digital art, I recommend that you read these blog posts before you sign up: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart… anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

    :bulletgreen:No MSpaint (unless it's pixel/sprite art).

  • All pictures entered into the exchange must be fully colored, and must show at least the upper half of the character. If you try to turn in an uncolored sketch, portrait, or something else that doesn't meet those requirements, you will be asked to fix the picture. If you want an idea of what we're looking for, you can look at the pictures from our last exchanges: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

  • You're only required to draw one character in this exchange, so don't worry if someone asks you for two or three different characters. If you don't want to draw all their characters, just choose your favorite character from the list and draw it.

  • Backgrounds are optional,  though I prefer simple textured or colored backgrounds (like here:… ) over flat white backgrounds if you're working digitally. Here's a tutorial on how to apply texture to a digital art piece if you don't know how to already:… You can find free-to-use textures here (I usually do a search for "paper," "watercolor," "grunge," or "antique"). Don't use random photos from Google unless they say that you're allowed to use them.

  • All references must be located on deviantART, FurAffinity, Tumblr, or another well-known art site. I don't want to see a bunch of links to completely unknown websites.

  • No mature references! Sorry, but not everyone wants to see nudity or is old enough to see artwork behind a mature lock. If your current references are mature, please censor them and re-upload them to your deviantART account.

  • You cannot turn in mature artwork for this exchange. Keep it clean, people.

  • Don't tell anyone who you're drawing for after you've received your assignment. You wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, now would you? If you have a question about your assigned character, just ask me and I'll pass it onto the character's owner. You're free to contact the person after you've finished their artwork, though.

  • If you don't get your artwork in by final call (November 15th) you will be blacklisted. This means that you will not be allowed to participate in any future exchanges until you've finished your owed artwork.

  • Current Blacklist:
      I've decided to clear the previous blacklist.

  • If you finish your artwork but don't receive anything in return, you will be Adopted Out. This means an adoption artist will step in to draw for you.

  • I would love to become an Adoption Artist and draw for someone who didn't receive anything! How do I become an adoption artist?
      Awesome! Just leave a comment on this journal and let me know. 😺 Oh, and you don't have to sign up for the exchange to become an adoption artist.

  • I have another question!
      Leave a comment on this journal and I'll try to answer it.

After You've Finished

    Submit your finished artwork to the Secret Santa and Art Exchange folder. If you submit your artwork to the wrong folder, I will miss it. You can submit your artwork whenever you finish it.  

    Make sure to notify the person about their artwork after you've finished it. The easiest way to do this is to add an @ sign in front of their username in the picture's description, though sending them a note wouldn't hurt either.

Entry form

General Information
Is it okay for your characters to be drawn together in the same picture? (yes or no):
Is there anything you don't want to draw?***
What would you like to draw?***  

Character information
Eye color:
Accessories (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc.):  
Personality (please keep it short):  
Preferred background:
References (thumbs are preferred over links if you can use them):  
Anything else?    

Entry Form with HTML coding intact:…          

***Please enter ONLY the following words for "Is there anything you don't want to draw?" and "What would you like to draw?"
-No preference

Animals: Any type of feral animal character. Examples: wolves, cats, unicorns, dragons, gryphons, etc.
Anthros/furries: Characters with human-like bodies, but animal heads.
Humans: Humans (obviously), and fantasy creatures with normal human faces that are relatively close to normal humans. Examples: Elves, vampires, hobbits, mermaids (because they're usually 100% human from the waist up), faeries, etc.
Humanoids: Fantasy creatures that are human-like, but not very close to normal humans. Examples: Orcs, ogres, trolls, most aliens, etc.
Robots: Any mechanical or metal character. Examples: cyborgs, knights in heavy armor (since you're mostly seeing the armor), sci fi soldiers, etc.
No preference: If you're willing to draw anything.

Adoption Artists    

More Journal Entries


Feel free to send us an affiliation request.

The only rules we have concerning affiliates are:
- your group must have at least 25 members,
- your group must not violate our rules or deviantArt's rules (for example, we won't affiliate with a hate group or a group centered around mature content).

Gallery Folders

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National Animals Contest Entries
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Icon Contest Entries
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Icon and Mascot Artwork
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Old Club artwork
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Commission Ads and Pricelists
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