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About our Club

Welcome to Anthro-Fantasy-Club

We are a club dedicated to both fantasy and anthro artwork. All anthro and fantasy species are welcome. :D

Rules and FAQ

How do I join?
:bulletyellow:Click the "join our group" button. Membership is automatically approved.

How do I submit artwork?
:bulletorange:Only members can submit to the group, so please make sure that you've actually joined the group before you try to submit a picture.

:bulletyellow:If you're a member, just click the "Contribute art" button and choose the picture you would like to submit. Please make sure that you're submitting your picture to the correct folder. Artwork submitted to the wrong folder could be declined.

:bulletorange:All visual mediums are accepted.

How often can I submit artwork?
:bulletyellow:Members can submit 3 pieces of artwork a week. Contributors can submit artwork 7 times a week.

Why was my artwork declined
:bulletorange:Artwork is usually declined because it's mature or it doesn't meet our quality controls. Please make sure to read our rules before you join the group. Our rules are here: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart…

:bulletyellow:The admins reserve the right to decline your artwork without explanation. If your artwork is declined, you're free to ask why, but we might not always provide a reason (especially if you're hostile towards us).

Who is that dragon in your icon?
:bulletorange:She's Ayla, our mascot. You can find out more about her here:
Ayla Reference Sheet by aboveClouds

Our icon was made by the lovely :icontrollgirl:!
AFC Icon Contest Entry by TrollGirl

I just sent out the notes for our most recent round.  They're coming from my main account, aboveClouds, since I can't send out notes from the group's account. If you signed up for the exchange and still don't have your note, please contact me immediately so that I can get you sorted out.

Extra Information:

:bulletyellow:All artwork is due by May 1st. The Final Call for artwork is May 15th.

:bulletorange: Please post your artwork as soon as you finish it. You don't have to wait until the exchange is done to turn in your artwork.  

:bulletblue: All pictures entered into the exchange must be fully colored, and must show at least the upper half of the character. If you try to turn in an uncolored sketch or something else that doesn't meet those requirements, you will be asked to fix the picture. Portraits and uncolored sketches are not allowed!

:bulletyellow: Backgrounds are optional, though I would prefer some sort of simple textured/colored background (like here:… ) over a flat white background if you're working digitally. Here's a tutorial on how to apply texture to a digital art piece if you don't know how to already:… You can find free-to-use textures here (I usually do a search for "paper," "watercolor," "grunge," or "antique"). Don't use random photos from Google unless they say that you're allowed to use them.

:bulletorange:You must submit all exchange pictures to our exchange folder: anthro-fantasy-club.deviantart… If you submit your picture to another folder I will probably miss it.

:bulletblue:It is only required to draw 1 character so don't worry if your exchange partner asks for 2 or 3 characters.

:bulletyellow: When someone has finished their picture for you, please make sure to comment on the picture. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it also lets me know whether you've seen the picture or not.

I hope you like your assignments! Thanks again for signing up. :D

AFC Art Exchange Participant list


Crystal-WolfDarkness drawing for AshTheHellcat
AFC Art Exchange - Storm by Crystal-WolfDarkness

fableworld drawing for RedeJot
Artechange. Lisa by fableworld / Artexchange. Erato by fableworld

ProPolitics drawing for Crystal-WolfDarkness
Bioluminescent DJ Blitz by ProPolitics

Quick note: I will keep track of artwork in this journal as it's turned in, so you might want to bookmark this journal and check it once in a while to see if you've received your artwork or not. Thanks again for signing up! :)
More Journal Entries


Feel free to send us an affiliation request.

The only rules we have concerning affiliates are:
- your group must have at least 25 members,
- your group must not violate our rules or deviantArt's rules (for example, we won't affiliate with a hate group or a group centered around mature content).

Gallery Folders

Anthro-Fantasy-Club Icon_2 by GoldenEmotions
AFC Icon Contest Entry by TrollGirl
AFC banner contest entry by woodchi
A True Floridian by GoldenDruid
Secret Santa and Art Exchange
Bioluminescent DJ Blitz by ProPolitics
AFC Art Exchange - Storm by Crystal-WolfDarkness
Artexchange. Erato by fableworld
Artechange. Lisa by fableworld
YCH: Crazy Jouhi by Medaya
Art Fight - Zavier Wolfen by plaguedaemon
renaissance by BABZOOKA
Canines - 2.0
moon fox adopt open by xXSugarHiNightmareXx
$10 fox adopt open by xXSugarHiNightmareXx
Art Flame Slice by kitsune85
Leaping into Action by kitsune85
Inner sun by FlashW
Butters by AngiewolfArt
[COMMISSION] Artesia Mass - Tabaxi Bard by s0ulafein
Lazy Day: Snack Time! by Estherella
Felines - 2.0
Character sale Open! OTA by feltstickers
another furry fusion fanart by CorDeArcoIris
sands by NesCafe916
[p] Relax by PicoSheep
Hoofed Animals
Deer Dragon Hybrid Adopt open! by xXSugarHiNightmareXx
[gift] Goat of All Time by PicoSheep

Mature Content

Unwrap the Holidays by NaterRang
asriel by Cassielink
Other Mammals
Bonnor - Fredbear College by MrOtterson
The Wendigo by DarkHunter666
Grookey by el-PRENYA
Dragons and Reptiles
Big Golden by CindyWorks
Dragon figurine with child by Sangunis
Victory by harecandy
eventide by dreameroftheblue
Dragons and Reptiles - 2.0
dutch angel dragon commission by x-moondoll
Gryphons and Birds
Candle Lights by UtArEfSoN-0
Sea Creatures
Orca Suit by Zenbas
Other Anthros
[C] Pumping Iron by AnnaKlava
Fantasy Humans and Humanoids
BotC: Begonia Kittiwake by Guttergoo
Other Non-anthro Creatures
Baby Boy by Bettamander
Multiple Characters of Multiple Species
Emerus Tribe: Slaves of Dr. Siek by MasterofNintendo
Fantasy Landscapes and Environments
Old enemies arise ( Berserk ) by AnatoFinnstark
National Animals Contest Entries
The Moon and the Star (Contest Entry) by streetdragon95
Icon Contest Entries
:CE: Anthro-Fantasy-Club icon - Short Version by TheFailedDream
Icon and Mascot Artwork
Ayla Reference Sheet by aboveClouds
Old Club artwork
Water Lady by Anthro-Fantasy-club
Bloody War - Part 3 - 67 by NaokoHara









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