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About #Anthro-Dragon-Feet

Here's the space for pictures which include the great combination of anthro dragons and bare feet. It doesn't matter if the feet are plantigrade or digitigrade - as long as they do not have shoes, they are gladly welcome. Beside anthro dragons you can also find other scalies here! If you like this combination, please join the group. Also, everyone can submit artwork to this group.



(1) Membership application

Everyone can join this group. You don't need to have a fetish for feet or something like that. Also, you do not have to be an artist.

You can also just join the group as member even if you are just watching! Even if you don't submit art, you are representing yourself and support the group by your linking in the group listing.

As a group contribibutor your request will be auto-approved.

The condition is, that you post regulary into our gallery and you have to take care that your posts are matching to our rules and gallery.

If you are already a regular member, please ask us if you want to become a contributor!

If you are not a member, you can directly join as contributor, but it will need 1 of 2 votes so your application will be approved. So, please convince us in the application that you will post many pictures in our gallery ^^

(2) Art submission

Everyone can submit art in the gallery of the group. You don't need to be a member to support the group with additional artworks. Also, you can suggest group favorites. Art requests from Members and Non-Members will be accepted by an administrator (1 of 2 votes needed).

Usually, all artwork - from members or non-members - will be added to the groups "Gallery" section. Only if the artist declines our request, we will add the respective images in the "Favorite" section (where we do not have back-links to our group).

(3) Art approvement

Requirements to the content

On the pictures there must be at least one anthro dragon or anthro scaly (crocodile, lizard etc). Feral/quadruped dragons are only allowed in exceptional cases (e.g. if the feet are really pretty).

The feet have to be drawn clean and proper and should be good visible.

If possible the feet should have any relevance in the picture or the picture composition - they should be in the focal point, having weight or showing a certain stance etc. The feet don't need to be in the centre of the picture.

Of course, if there is any special attention to the feet, e.g. if the characters play with their toes, show their soles or tickle themselves, it is allowed.

Since only digitigrade and plantigrade feet are allowed, hooves might not match.

Socks, shoes or boots are not allowed.

Please look at this blog entry for more information and example pictures: anthro-dragon-feet.deviantart.… .

Composision and Quality Requirements (NEW!)

We neither expect masterpieces nor do we make an evaluation grouping the images into good or bad. The proposed images should be interesting, varied (i.e. the composition should be diversified) and meet a certain quality. This includes the cleanliness of the lines and colors, as well as a possible regular representation.

Exceptions and marginal cases

1. If there's something disgusting or if the image has a bad context like excessive gore, it might be declined even if it would be allowed by the general rules.
2. Bandaged feet are couting as bare feet and are allowed.
3. If the characters wears toe-free boots, it is also accepted since the toes are visible.
4. Feral dragons are only allowed in exceptional cases.

If you are unsure about a submission, just ask us or submit it directly. We will take care about it.

Our folder structure

Both, Gallery and Favorites have an identical folder structure.

Feet which are digitigrade, that means the dragons are walking at "tipped toes" like cats and dogs:
- Digitigrade Anthro Dragons (Anthropomorphic dragons)
- Digitigrade Feral Dragons (Quadruped dragons - no new Submissions allowed)
- Digitigrade Common Scalies (Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards etc.)

Feet which are plantigrade, that means the dragons have feet like humans:
- Plantigrade Anthro Dragons (Anthropomorphic dragons)
- Plantigrade Common Scalies (Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards etc.)

Copies of very nice artworks:
- Featured

Artworks which do not match to the categories mentioned above:
- Miscellaneous

If a picture contains multiple characters with different foot types on the same picture, we will leave copies in the respective folders.

If you don't know what digitigrade or plantigrade means, here are some references: and www.webscolaire.jeaneudes.qc.c… .

Currently we have no onguligrade section (= dragons with hooves) as well as no feral plantigrade section. As soon as we'll find some pictures with that content, we will add those categories. Please feel free to suggest some pictures with the new foot types!

(4) Have fun!

Just have to say: Have fun with this group. I hope you'll find the artwork which is collected here nice and useful.

If there is anything you like us to improve, just drop us a note :-)

Group Info

Here's the space for pictures which include the great combination of anthro dragons and bare feet. It doesn't matter if the feet are plantigrade or digitigrade - as long as they do not have shoes, they are gladly welcome. Beside anthro dragons you can also find other scalies here! If you like this combination, please join the group. Also, everyone can submit artwork to this group.
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Gallery Folders

She lives in the Trees: Tayce by JayAxer
Taking a short break by ReptileCynrik
Rexar - Narcissism by RipRoarRex
argonian marsh by Ganrielid
Plantigrade Anthro Dragons
Raldy Paw Sticker Sheet by Chief-Scarneck
Warm and Cozy by Chief-Scarneck
Raldy Drawpile - Big and Stompy! by Chief-Scarneck
Paw Gaming with Raldy and Ben by Chief-Scarneck
Digitigrade Anthro Dragons
Brave Policenauts guard your galactic order by Pengon1

Mature Content

Spike Daki V2 by Frist44
Growth Card 03 by lewdydoo
The Great Donamer will stomp you by RobinTheFox
Digitigrade Feral Dragons
Worship your goddess (maleficent) by RobinTheFox
Berries by Tojo-The-Thief
dark Bura... by Psydrache
Digitigrade Common Scalies
Bea Daki by Frist44
Commission - Silver by RavenNocturna
Commission - Kielaran by Kredri
!2 by Ganrielid
Plantigrade Common Scalies
She lives in the Trees: Tayce by JayAxer
!2 by Ganrielid
On the warpath (Sketch) by RobinTheFox

Mature Content

Knut or carrots? (mom feet) by RobinTheFox
Tyrantess by wanderer1988
Rest After Work by wanderer1988
The rebellious girl by wanderer1988
Lakeshore by wanderer1988
Raptor feet
Jungle boy in trouble by wanderer1988
A Bad Raptor's punishment by wanderer1988
Have a nice Ticklish day by wanderer1988
Legion - Commission by Ulario

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In the group favorites you'll find some featured artwork as well as every artwork where the artists did not want to add it to our gallery. (So we only fave it without any backlink)





Feel free to affilate with us if your group has similar contents! :D
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After 10 months we didn't had any pictures made for our group. The contest is cancelled :-(

It seems like nobody was interested, neither in the contest, nor in the prices.

You can still submit pictures in the folder "Raptor feet" which will exist permanently.
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The foot I'm looking to reference is basicslly a raptor foot with its inside claw down, and getting that claw right is what's kicking my booty. :icondragoncollapse:
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