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Welcome to Anthro-Creation!


This group is dedicated to those who create anthro characters and animal characters. Here are the rules below!

:bulletgreen: To join, simply hit the join button at the top of the group.

:bulletgreen: If you are going to join, please submit. Otherwise, please watch us! =D

:bulletblue: :star: :star: :star: To submit, please go to the gallery and choose the APPROPRIATE FOLDER for your submission. There are several to choose from.

:bulletblue: Please note that this group is for ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY. No fan characters of any sort will be accepted. This means no video game fan characters, book fan characters, or movie fan characters. We also do not accept anthro versions of human fan characters. This is for original characters only.

Note though, that if you draw your anthro characters cosplaying as a character from a game, movie, or TV show, that's acceptable. =)

:bulletblue: Please do not submit work that is sexual, provocative, or offensive. We do not accept art with swearing in it. We also do not accept nudity of any kind, aside from feral creatures. Even if you choose not to show the "naughty bits" nudity is not accepted here. Finally, we do not show excessive violence or pictures depicting kidnapping or bondage.

:bulletblue: Profanity is not acceptable.

:bulletblue: Excessive violence or blood is not acceptable.

:bulletred: Fantasy Feral Characters: This folder is for fantasy feral characters. These are characters that do not exist in the real world. That goes for anything, even creatures that are not colored the way they normally would be (for example, a pink cat). This folder is also for characters that are in their "normal" state. They are not humanized. Examples are here:
Selena Reborn by RA-Meenan

:bulletred: Authentic Feral Characters: This folder is for authentic feral characters. This means your animal exists in the real world. This also means that your character is not humanized in any way, but is as an animal should be. Examples are here:
Dr. Gatavo by RA-Meenan

NOTE: Please note that your characters should go in these folders if they fit the current requirements REGARDLESS if they wear clothes or not. As long as a cat walks on all fours, it doesn't matter if she wears a complicated black dress. XD

:bulletred: Fantasy Anthro Characters: This is for fantasy anthro characters. That means that your character is both an animal that does not actually exist in the real world and is humanized. If your character is NOT humanized, then please submit it to the fantasy animal characters. Examples are here:
New DA ID by RA-Meenan

Please remember that fantasy also refers to characters that are not colored as they would be in nature. Because Matt is a blue-tipped spiky thing, he would go in fantasy. XD

:bulletred: Authentic Anthro Characters: This is for real anthro characters. That means that your character not only exists in the real world, but is also humanized. If your character walks on all fours, chances are, they belong in the feral category rather than anthro category. Examples are here:
Leah Nealia by RA-Meenan

:bulletred: Original Literature: This folder is for ORIGINAL LITERATURE ONLY. If you're writing a story or drawing a comic based on original characters you created, please feel free to submit here!

:bulletred: Fan Fiction: Introducing the Fan Fiction section! Have a piece of literature or a comic based on someone else's characters or world? Great! Submit it here! Please be advised that this is NOT a place to post fan fiction on NON ANTHRO stories. That means your fan fiction must be on an Anthro Story only. You can't just make non anthro characters into anthro characters and say that's your fan fiction.

:bulletred: Commission Advertisements: That's right, now you can submit advertisements for your anthro related commissions! You may submit journals or anthro commissions sheets here.

Example: Commission Prices by RA-Meenan

Artwork Quality:
:bulletyellow: While most art will be accepted, regardless of quality, we will have some quality controls here. We like to see pieces that show effort and progress in the artists skills. Don't feel afraid to submit though, because your chances of being rejected due to poor quality is very very low. XD

:bulletyellow: If you are worried about being rejected, please feel free to note me and I'll let you know what I think.

Please keep tabs on the rules, as they will most likely change as the group grows. This is a new group after all!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to note me or leave a comment on the front page.



This is for anthro characters only. We do not accept humans with animal characteristics, such as nekos. A basic rule of thumb: Anthros are animals with human characteristics (typically physically, but mentally and emotionally count as well), not humans with animal characteristics. An anthro would have things like muzzles (even if they are short), fur, scales, wings, horns, long ears, paws, claws, hooves, or any other animal characteristic, but not human faces, skin, fingernails, or human noses or ears.

:bulletgreen: Catgirls are not anthro
:bulletgreen: Werewolves are not anthro.
:bulletgreen: Shapeshifters are not anthro (unless their original form is an anthro, not a human.)

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A group for artists who create anthropomorphic characters and animal characters! Share you characters, see other artist's characters and learn how to better create your characters.
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A REMINDER EVERYONE. WE DO NOT TAKE NUDE ART unless your characters walks on all fours!

From the rules section:

"We also do not accept nudity of any kind, aside from feral creatures. Even if you choose not to show the "naughty bits" nudity is not accepted here. "

If your anthropomorphic character is NOT WEARING CLOTHING and DOES NOT WALK ON ALL FOURS (feral) then WE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT.

I apologize for having to be so harsh, but I have had too much debate over what's "nude" or not, so I've had to blanket ban all nudity.

As a generally reminder, it is ALWAYS wise to read the rules of ANY group before you post ANYTHING.

Thank you.
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Hey guys! We affiliate with nearly everything that has to do with anthro art, so give it a shot!


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Athletic Cheetah by DrAltruist  
theNekk Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Are anthro adoptions allowed to be submitted?
RA-Meenan Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you are the original artist or if you did your own original art from an adoption you purchase, we will take it. 
theNekk Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Not sure how that answers my question. Is that a No?
RA-Meenan Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you did the art yourself, then yes. If you did your own art of an adoption you purchased, then yes. If it's someone else's art, then no.
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Fragraham Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Is anyone checking the submissions?  Mine keep expiring.
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Sorry, I've been away! I usually get off the internet for Lent. I'm back now, so go ahead and resubmit. =3
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Are...We allowed to post Anthro pics that have non-anthro in them? Like main focus being a wolf anthro and back mostly hidden behind him is an avian girl (human with raven wings). Just trying to figure out what's all allowed and not ^_^
RA-Meenan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's totally fine. =D As long as one of the characters in your piece is anthro, it works. 
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