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Bucky O Hare War for the Aniverse Ch 1Broken IdlenessIt had been over a month since the victory against the Toads. The Menacing swamp dwellers that idolized and followed their A.I overlord KOMPLEX had suffered their first true defeat that had set them back on their plans for the conquering of the Aniverse.The Planet Warren that was once conquered by them by use of their ultimate weapons a Climate Converter which terraformed the entire planet into a Swamp. With the sudden change of the Climate. The Loss of resources and the with the converter itself causing severe damage to the infrastructure in every city across the world it was conquered in far less time than a full-scale invasion would.However due to the efforts of S.P.A.C.E who orchestrated a plan to take back the world that belong to the Hare’s managed to place their own Climate Converter that they stole from the Toads and helped destroy the one that currently was on planet they used it to reconfigure the planet back to its normal state.The World was still in partial ruin, but it was habitable again and all Hare’s return to the planet. The Names of the one the Hare’s cheered for when they finally were able to settle back onto their home world was, Bucky O Hare and his valiant crew members of the Righteous Indignation.Bucky O Hare the greatest warrior to ever come from Warren who had become a symbol of hope to all mammal kind was praised highly for his efforts. The Captain of the S.P.A.C.E Frigate the Righteous Indignation was the one who thought of the plan and put it in action. Though not everything went according to the plan it all worked out in the end due to not only his efforts but to every member of his crew and the others that helped him reclaim his beloved home world.Since the retaking of Warren everything was quiet in the Aniverse. The Toads barely attacked or were found on patrol. Some were thinking that the Toads were finished. Having been able to strike such a blow to their cause some believed they were never going to try again but those like, Bucky O Hare he knew the war was far from over. They won a battle, but the war was still on.Meanwhile in another dimension where the Universe reigned over and on the Planet Earth in city that resided off the west coast of the United States of America San Francisco a young boy walked home from school.This Boy by the name of Willy DuWitt had a grin on his face as walked up the sidewalk on his way back from another good day in school. It was Friday and that meant the weekend was on. Two whole days to himself.School was never much of a challenge for him he had an extensive knowledge of all subjects that were studied in school. Science was his life and it revolved around nearly everything. If he wasn’t studying the latest scientific find he would be tinkering in his bedroom back home on his latest project.But out of all of his projects that he has ever worked on there was only experiment of his that not only was it successful, but it had allowed him to discover an entire universe across a dimension that bared a different name and introduced him something far beyond what he could have comprehended.The Photon Accelerator which was supposed to act as an energy collective. But it absorbed the energy around and changed phase on its own when across dimensions another Photon Accelerator went out of phase due to battle damage that homed in on, Willy’s the second he turned it on.While he investigated the marvel that was caused by his creation when he opened his bedroom door he met a group of creatures that would soon he would come to know as allies and friends. It was in that moment, Willy became part something grand that in his days of youth he never would have believed it if someone told him that his science experiment would cause him to open a doorway to another universe and become part of an intergalactic war between Mammals and Toads.Using his mechanic skills and knowledge of engineering he proved to be a valued member of the Righteous Indignation. With the disappearance of the former engineer on the frigate, Willy soon became the official engineer upon it only having to go home whenever he was no longer needed, or he had to get back before his parents would notice he was gone.Willy headed home eager to get back to his room. Now that school was done for the weekend he would have plenty of time to spend with his friends across his own dimension. He walked up the steps to his Italianate house and headed inside opening the door with his house key.“Mom, Dad! I’m home!” He called and found his parents sitting mats in the living room. They were both meditating as this was their meditative hour but when they heard their son enter the house they opened their eyes and ceased their meditative humming.“Hi, son!” His Father, Dr. David DuWitt greeted who was once a prodigy in the scientific field had given up his standing to become a pacifist and believe in the way’s peace, love and community. One would question his motives to the sudden change he had done long before his son was born but he was persistent in standing up for peace in ways that didn’t involve violence and the use of technology.“How was school today?” Willy’s Mother, Susan DuWitt greeted next as she too shared her husband’s peace-loving ideology. Together they always shared a true passion in being a peace-loving folk that banded with others like them to protect the environment and share about the ways of peaceful living.“It was alright, Mom. Well I am heading upstairs.” Willy replied as he quickened his pace to get to the stairs.“But aren’t you hungry? I can brew up some tofu burgers.” David offered but, Willy turned his head away and scrunched his face in disgust.“Uh…no thanks. I had a big lunch. I got a lot of homework to do and then I have to continue my project after.” Willy declined with a lie as he had to keep what he was about to do a big secret. Ever since he started to go back and forth between the dimensions of the Universe and the Aniverse he had to keep quiet about what he was doing as his parent could never find out otherwise there was no telling what they would do.“Alright, honey just don’t work too hard. Its not good for your Mantra, you know.” Susan warned kindly.Willy sighed as his parents usually were quite unnerving with their own ways that were far different than his own. “I know, Mom. Ill be fine.” Willy headed upstairs quickly shutting the door to his bedroom behind him.“We really need to do an outing, dear.” Susan told her husband.“Yes. Our son works far too much. He doesn’t mellow out often. We should plan something for the future.” David suggested.“That sounds like a wonderful idea!” Susan smiled wrapping her arms over her the one she adored the most only equal to that of her son. The two shared a hug as, Willy upstairs put his backpack down and adjusted his glasses.Willy sighed as he sat on his bed and looked at his cabinets and shelves on the right side on his bed. Some of the shelves were filled with figurines and toys while some had tools laying on them in an orderly fashion while the cabinets held many of his past projects and experiments. One shelf had a tiny round mirror where, Willy saw himself in it. He saw his yellow hair was a mess.Quickly he gathered a comb he had on his nightstand near his bed and combed it down to get rid of the messy look. He never was too keen on his appearance but if something needed adjusted or reconfiguring he would take care of it. He put the comb down then gathered a round stone that was on his desk that he left on it when he went to school.It was not a simple stone as it was imbued with mysterious magic. It was crafted and designed by the First Mate of the Righteous Indignation, Jenny. Her Aldebaran heritage was riddled with magic that was heavily secretive. Many knew her species the cats were users of mysterious power but beyond that the knowledge of how powerful her and her people’s abilities and magic use was guarded secret.The Stone Willy held was an Aldebaran memory stone. It was gifted to him by Jenny during his second venture in the Aniverse which she could use to telepathically call to, Willy whenever the crew needed his assistance in any matter. Only on rare occasions would she call Willy to invite him to an outing or something would be a great joy for him to be a part of.Willy smiled as he held the stone in his hand. The Stone itself a piece of the Aniverse he had brought back with him. He never would part with it unless he was at school. So many memories of the Aniverse surged through his young mind. So much had happened in the past few months that he wouldn’t change for the world.Despite being in constant danger anytime he was in the Aniverse he always stayed courageous for those around them and used technical brilliance to help the crew of the Righteous Indignation get out of a tight spot or help save mammals from Toad attack or occupation.Willy could never have imagined his life would take such a turn. He was always the kid who stood out and was always picked on by the school bullies. He began to think that despite his remarkable brilliance he had nothing to truly show for it and when he became part of the Righteous Indignations crew it seemed he had gained a true purpose.But as he stared at the stone he realized that it was a long time since, Jenny had called for him. It was almost a whole week since he was in the Aniverse. He would only ever go if there was an emergency or he discovered something that needed to be immediately discussed with the ships Captain. As much as he would want to spend as much time in the Aniverse as possible he didn’t wish to always be there as if he were gone for far too long then his parents would grow suspicious.The Memory stone began to glow in his hand. “Willy DuWitt! This is Jenny do you read me?” The Voice of the first mate called from the stone as an image of the pink haired white furred cat appeared on the memory stone.“Jenny!” Willy beamed! “Its been a week since I heard from you! Are you okay?”Jenny nodded. “Yes. But we came under attack by a Toad Patrol. We managed to destroy most the Double Bubbles and sent the rest fleeing, but we took damage and require your assistance. Please come quickly!”“You bet!” Willy nodded standing up and went to the cabinet and grabbed a tool kit from one of them. “I’m on my way!”Willy quickly grabbed many tools he would need placing them in his tool kit then went to his Photon Accelerator that stood in same spot where he built it. He quickly looked over the massive device that took up the entire table. Nearly two years of work. Building it from a schematic he discovered in the attic of his home within a box filled with trinkets and pictures from his parent’s younger years.Building it was complicated as the schematic was tricky to follow but not impossible. Gathering the materials, he needed was just as much of a challenge. From diving into garbage cans and dumpsters to find scrap he could use to performing small jobs to earn money to buy a piece of machinery or material required for the project.Willy never got tired of looking at his greatest creation as it helped him discover something extraordinary. All his work had helped discover another universe and make a group of friends that he never believed he would have.He pulled the lever on the Accelerator and which caused a short rumble and the light in his room flickered for a moment as that was the effects of the sudden absorption of the energy before heading to his door. Opening up the bedroom door he found himself looking into a familiar engineering room.Willy coughed as smoke came from one of the engine compartments waving his hand around trying to clear the air. He was greeted by a tiny one-eyed android that ran up to him when he entered.“Friend Willy! This Humble Robot is happy to see you!” Android First Class Blinky beamed in his robotic voice that gleeful sound to it.“Good to see you too, Blinky!” Willy smiled giving the tiny Android a pat on his head before kneeling down next to the smoking compartment to see what the issue was. Once he opened the panel more smoke came out which stayed out of the way from.Once the smoke cleared up to where he could see within he saw some wires were fried possibly due to plasma fire from the toad ships that attack, and some components needed to be readjusted as they were knocked out of place or were loose.Willy heard the sound of someone coming down the ladder from above the hatch that led to the engine room. He looked up to see it was the green furred long eared hare, Bucky wearing his usual red S.P.A.C.E Captains uniform with yellow trim coattails and epaulettes with a small cape behind it with goggles on his head.“Hey Willy!” Bucky greeted as he hopped off the last two steps on the ladder onto the floor as he walked over to his good friend and faithful engineer.“Hello Bucky. Seem you finally some action after a while.” Willy stated as he took a wrench into the engine compartment and tried to adjust some of the components.“Yes.” Bucky confirmed. “The First batch of toads we have seen in some time. However, I don’t like it.” The Hare put his hands behind his back and began to pace.“What’s wrong, Bucky?” Willy asked.“This was only a small force of Toads. Just a few Double Bubbles out in this sector. This is the first true sign of the Toads since we retook my home world. But the Toads always have a cruiser to have their fighters dock onto but there wasn’t one.” Bucky explained before stopping and stood next to wall and leaned on it thoughtfully.Willy nodded. “That is rather suspicious but then again, Bucky we took back Warren. Perhaps this whole time they been trying think to come with something, and they have gotten rather sloppy sending out small forces without adequate support.” He theorized.“That could be it, Willy but I am not so sure. Something is coming. Ever since Warren there has been nothing short of an occasional on a supply ship. With all of our frigates out on patrol we manage to stop them, but the Toads haven’t tried to initiate a retaliation of any sort. I just have this gut feeling.” Bucky explained while watching, Willy continue to work on the engine.Willy continued to work as wiped some sweat from his face as the smoke in the engine eventually dissipated. “You could be right, Bucky. Its not like the Toads to take the defeat laying down.”“Agreed. Which is why we will need you here I don’t the action we saw just now is the end of it.” Bucky asked though his tone made it seem more of an order.Willy smiled at the Captain as he finished fixing up the compartment taking a quick look over to see everything now was running at steady levels again before shutting the compartment hatch.“Of course, Bucky! School is over for the weekend I got plenty of time.” Willy smiled earning a thankful smile from, Bucky.“Thank you. Be ready as we will soon warp out of the sector.” Bucky told the young engineer as he headed back up the ladder.“Where are we going, Captain?” Willy asked.“Warren’s new orbital station. Just received orders from the council that the station may need more materials to upkeep its production and we are to retrieve the list of what will be required for it by the supervisor.” Bucky answered as he climbed up to the gunner section before climbing back up to the bridge of the frigate.“Roger, Bucky.” Willy nodded as he climbed up the ladder to the gunner’s deck leaving, Blinky in the engine to oversee it.When the human got up to the gunner deck he was met by a four-armed duck who was busy cleaning one of his blasters. “Deadeye!” Willy called over to the duck who was concentrating on cleaning the last bit of dust off his blaster when he noticed the human enter.“Aye Matey! Nice to see ya, Willy me lad!” Deadeye smiled as he adjusted his ball cap and the headphones upon his head as laid back putting his blaster back in one of his holsters.“Heard you nailed the toads pretty good!” Willy said taking a seat next to the Gunner of the Righteous Indignation.“Aye, me boy! Ol Deadeye blasted them right out stars! I was starting to get rusty but them ol Toadies certainly cheered me up with them’s appearing like they did!” Deadeye snickered.Willy chuckled as well as, Deadeye was always very enthusiastic when it came to taking the fight to the Toads from the cockpit of the Righteous Indignation. He was the greatest shot around as nothing could outshoot him. If anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths and come in ranger of his double masers mounted on the front the ship they were as good destroyed for sure with, Deadeye at the guns.“Attention all hands! Prepare for Hyperspace jump!” The Captain of the Righteous Indignation paged across the ship. Deadeye and Willy nodded at each other before standing up as Deadeye hopped in the gunner’s seat and, Willy headed back down to Engine room to ready the Photon Accelerator that powered the entire ship.He readied the device on the wall as his door disappeared after he adjusted the device. As long as his photon accelerator was on back in his room across the dimension he never had to worry as all it took was to readjust to the right frequency to make his door reappear again.“Willy! Full power!” Bucky paged to the engine room.“You got it, Bucky!” Willy paged before adjusted the mark four photon accelerator to operate at maximum capacity. Feeling the ship hum from all the extra power, Willy braced himself along with, Blinky who held onto a handle on the wall along with, Willy as the Righteous Indignation zoomed into hyperspace.“The Idleness has been broken. Let’s see what happens now.” Willy stated quietly as he held onto the bar on the wall and smiled widely happy to once again be in the Aniverse and to be with the best friends he has ever come to know.
Fursuits, costumes, accessories
Brothers ! by ElectricVentures
I don't know where to put this
Beach by z-leo


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