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UPDATE: Wow... 55,000 views. Thank you all for your interest in this skin. If you wan, check me out on YouTube:

This is my first RainMeter skin. I didn't make any of what you see, I only combined previous skins to make this one.

You need WinRar to extract the files. If you don't have WinRar just Google it, it is a free downloadable, user friendly program.

The little curved bar things on the alienware head can open up to display your compture information and Ip information. You just need to click the bars, there is an "X" somewhere once it is opened up and you click the "X" to close it back down again.

The circle thing on the alienware eye is an animation and is just for the looks.

The other moving circular object is a clock, but the time text is in black so unless you want to use the clock, put it in the darkest area of your wallpaper.

The high tech thing right below the circle clock can display your computer information. It's just a prototype so opening everything up and then closing it all down can be difficult and may be proven frusterating.

The thing above the clock is the Recycle Bin, and above that just shows your internet upload and download speed. They are both animated lines.

Above it all there is some numbers which does tells the date. Below to the left is your WAN and LAN information. To the right is just how much space you computer has left.

Everything you see here is what the download comes with, including the wallpaper if you want it.
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how can i download it?