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About five months ago, I designed and purchased the components for a new workstation. I wanted to make sure that this machine could do several things exceptionally well, first being any Photoshop load I could possibly imagine giving it, the second was any video project I tasked it with and last on the list was being a competent gaming machine. I now have a wonderful content creation machine with plenty of assets and I also just recently purchased myself an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription as well, so there will be new work being submitted after my very long break which was caused by a personal lose I had suffered.

The second thing is several of my new friends have shown interest in seeing me work, I have attempted to use live stream as it seems reasonably popular on deviant art here. but when I run the broadcasting software bridge gets very slugish which makes it annoying to use, and I am frequently view my stock image archives as I make a product. So what I am going to attempt to do next is recording my desktop with CamStudio and the post editing in premiere and after effects and most likely upload them to a youtube channel ( I will have to create a youtube channel for my act ) and if this is successful just post a link in my journal and those who want to subscribe will be more than welcome to.

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thanks for the feature! i really appreciate it :D