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is it a photograph or caricature? it is beautiful!

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Congratulations! Your photo has been chosen for the April Features for :iconcaptureamomentphotos:

Keep up the good work!

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I like the setting
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Great scenery, great atmosphere, great shot  :)
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Hello! Your lovely work has been featured here: The ABCs of Photography: B...
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Idk why but if I do get the chance to visit Japan, I feel like I should go to one of these places :D
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You should! It really is a magical place.
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Looks incredible! :clap:
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Wow, that is nice.
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Thank you very much ^^
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How do you- How??? I can only draw line art... There's no way you drew this, it's so good.. Is it a photo? Am i just thinking it's a drawing when it's a photo? Enter Question??
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Haha its completely a photo. :)
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It's a photo :) Two comments down or so he describes what he did. Though admittedly it had me very confused the first time I saw one of his works as well :D
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Dreamlike and brilliant under a dark sky for the show.
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I absolutely love this! No chance of sharing your filter settings is there? :D
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Thank you Im glad you like it! :). With this photo, there isn't any filters. I actually work with the colors and lighting in Raw developer :)
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No wonder it looks so good. :)
I don't even remember if i went down here.
Can I use your work to my smartphoto home picture?
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