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Awesome photo! I just ordered a Surface Pro and want to try my hand at this sort of artwork. What would you recommend I use to create something like this? Photoshop? Or maybe you know of something else that would be a good option? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Like the photo
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Anthony, When I saw this in the group thumbnails, I knew it was your work!  Art is like a signature. After a while, sometimes short and sometimes longer a viewer can tell.  At least I can most of the time. 
This is wonderful art!
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so beautiful!!
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The colours are so relaxing
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your photography is incredible, the atmosphere captured here is just so warm and inviting!! I would love to go and have food there ^^ Fantastic work!
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Such a beautiful piece! I love the colors and the ambiance it captures. I look forwards to seeing more!~
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Awesome photograph
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It's awesome dude, thank
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 EEEEH Onegai O-Ski des'
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WOW!!! Cool shot!!!!!! 
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I wonder what it sels
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Judging by the menus, it's probably a small café/bar.
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wow there's more paper than wall 
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 Yeah it's Wall Paper.
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