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I was in Tokyo a few months ago and I gotta say this photo depicts the city so well! It is as beautiful as Time Square NYC however just much much cleaner lol

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Magnificent angle!
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Oh, wow, all of your Tokyo shots are so stunning. You've managed to get every single photo done right, so beautiful.
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Awesome!  Beautiful portrayal of the streets of Tokyo.  How did you get the final product?
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This is one of the best photos I've ever seen, I honestly aspire to take such fantastic snap shots. I'd move to Japan just to have a playground of neon beauty.
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Tokyo has always been the city of the future. Not because of the technology, which they manufactured for the last 120 years, but it's also because of its architecture that I always valued.
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It brings me right back to Tokyo. Lovely, strong and confortable! The ammount of red is just right. It is a color that reminds me of Japan instantly, maybe due to their flag... but this feels so right.
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Looks so futuristic!  I wish I were back in Tokyo.
Beautiful place as usual
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I like the glare of the cars, and the lighting of a city is always lovely!
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WOW!!!! Stunning shot & Composition!!!!
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How can your pictures look so anime-ish?!

The first time I looked at your pictures, i though it was illustrated.

Please post moar (≧◇≦)

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Parece ilustración gran trabajo muy bien
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Looks so noisy but peaceful at the same time 
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I love the sort of misty look to this.
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