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Anthony...stunning!! 😊📷👍💯

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I walk along this neon path

Awash in an electric bath

And though the streets are full

My heart is now void and null

It's an electrifying sight

The people happy, signs are bright

But I am just one in a sea

Lost without you beside me

Walking along to the sound

Of the musicians and their rounds

Can't abide the happy feel

My soul is closed, made of steal

Neon path led me astray

Neon path where am I today

Neon path blind my eyes

Neon path say your goodbyes

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It looks amazing! I love these colors so much.
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I really do love these night shots

The coloring on this is just phenomenal. Good lord, This is amazing. I find myself getting lost in all the details. just wonderful.

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Love your work
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Thank you, that means a lot to me :)

Stunningly gorgeous

Your welcome 🙏
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looks like a whole lot of money will be spent here:heart: :love:

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So beautiful! 😍

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You are welcome, Anthony. :)

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