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Stunning composition. You managed to capture a ton of detail and focus in this shot here. The colors work beautifully and create a really entrancing image. I think its really cool that you managed to get this picture before the foreground got any of the people in foreground. Thats just pretty insane luck if you ask me. The color filters applied make each distinct color pop in a way thats pleasing on the eyes. Theres a vibrant and lived in feeling to this street. You should be proud of your work, and I'm glad you find such amazing places to travel.
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Beautiful picture I love your style!! I am new to Deviant check my page out if you'd like!! <3

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Woah that's cool
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Great work! 
You are a talented photographer. I love the color contrasts in your photos. Which editing programs are you using? It would help me a lot
Thank youu
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"Robot Restaurant". 

Been there.

Very interesting show.
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Man, this is giving me some Blade Runner vibes. 
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Oof this is beautifull
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This is awesome. The signs and the people just going about their day. It feels peaceful.
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I just love all the colors! :D
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Brilliant. Sucks me in.
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kinda cyberpunk in real life
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WOW!! stunning shot!!!!
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