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That is awesome, love the lights!

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I like how the emphasize is on red and blue with a hint of pink/purple. Ordinarily that would be kind of a dull shot - just some street. But the mixed colors from the light work well together and that shows on the walls and ground. It draws attention and helps create this surreal synth atmosphere. Judging by your tags, that was intentional. The scene is gloomy and yet so alluring and not just for the hanging lights. Surely this photo must have been taken this or last year but it manages to take you back to a time and space you can only experience in 80s VHS videos and ads. That's at least how I perceive the 80s synth magic. I might be wrong here as it's more or less subjective, I suppose.
Now, I'd guess this photo has undergone post-processing and that's ok. That's the way it should be. Because more often than not - taking a photo is just half the job. Refining/altering the photo to bring out the desired appearance and provoking the desired emotions is the other half. That other half is probably the reason you took the photo in the first place. And I think that's the true art. To seize that ephemeral vision and feeling only you've experienced at the time and convey it to the viewers.
Did I just have an epiphany about photography? I sure hope so.

On a side note, this photo reminds me a bit of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out of the Shadows. And I don't mean the Michael Bay movie but the seriously underrated game. The city there also has this surreal look.
Also, the tall building in the background with blue lights on top reminds me of a movie I saw some years ago - Pray for Death (1985). I don't know why.
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Really nice atmosphere and light!
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Stunning! Great work! 
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Wow :-O
Looks realy awsome
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this is just fantastic :)

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Stunning photo :D
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This is just beautiful! The lights put a glow into the air that makes the scene look magical, urban as it is.  :love:
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I just want to live here. I'm not asking for a full tutorial or whatever but in like one sentence or two, how do you start drawing these awesome neon cyberpunk settings? What do you do to start?
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I start by getting my camera. All my work are photos ;) 
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Oh, it's really cool!

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Another fantastic piece. I love the way you get the different shades of color to play off of each other.

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this is in memphis?
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