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Old School Supes

Got inspired checking out some Darwyn Cooke, Dave Bullock, Fleischer Bros artwork. Thought I would mess around with it.
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He's the very best of 'em.
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I liked JL Frontier... I liked this Superman of the old school.. This Superman is a dynamic character..

I see this picture and ... Superman seems cool..
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I really love this piece. gREAT JOB. :)
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It's a great job. Keep it up.
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dude, I'm surprised you didn't go with the yellow badge shield.
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it definitely crossed my mind. :)
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You know I'm a huge Fan of Superman this brings to mind New Frontier and the old Fleischer stuff I'm very impressed its definately something I'd love to see more of excellent work
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Fleischer stuff is still some of the best!
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i grow up on the animated show, most of them are still good
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