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Power Suit

It's Friday! Carpe Diem and all that stuff.

Be your best you today!!
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I'm a self-taught animator, and a beginner. Unfortunately, where I live is not big on art, so I'm on my own. Are there any tips you're willing to share with me on how to get better with animation to make animations as good and fluid as you have displayed above? :D I know practice and patience are key.
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Tiger print. Nice touch.
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i just wanna walk like that forever
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strutting to work i see. Great job.
CalmPooter's avatar
Very cute, and I like to imagine the cat being pretty buff/ripped.
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HAHA! I will have that image in my mind now.
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Wow, I really like your job!!
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Walking like a boss.
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The only way to amble.
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Love it !!! this is awesome La la la la
schoolbell's avatar
I love how the legs move
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...nazi cat in hiding after the war wonders how people figured him out...
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THIS IS SO COOOOOooooool....
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Or so silly, at any rate. Thanks!
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Any reason as to call it "Powersuit" though?
Is it because his suit shows a energetic approach to working?
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Exactly. Just trying to get pumped up!
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