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find the cracker !
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ahaha u are a genius !!!!
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10/10 Perfect Match

:iconclappingplz: :iconclapplz: :iconbravoplz:
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oh and in the ID he looks normal
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find the cracker....... hahahhahahahha jeeeez
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Hooch is crazy !
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oh fuck found it -.- d*ck face >:(

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A hell of a caraciture!
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Find the saltine!!!
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hjajhajhajhajh, so awesome!
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Oh, Janice, you look wooonderful. xD
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oh my god XDD
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oh my jesus
this is both frightening and amazing
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great and very funny!


check out my newest caricature [link]
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It's fantastic!!!!! XD
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OMFG i love this so so much xD you are epic
oh look, he still plays hide the saltine!
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JD!! I miss seeing him, very good!
Cracker in the hair..
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I miss JD!! Hihihi very funny, good!!
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