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"Tonight's the night"
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You have a talent!
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Merveilleux. Votre capacité à exprimer le sens du caractère dans la caricature est le génie. Vous êtes vraiment bénie. Thank you for sharing your fine work. Merci/Cheers.
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Is this Donkey Kong in human form?
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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!1
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I like the way you gave him that primative look like it feeds his compulsion to kill... NICE!!!
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Bloody awesome.The eyes are hair are spot-on.
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Amazing, no other words, just amazing
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on face look like..king kong? or giant chimpanzees.. lol .. :meow:
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phenomenal job his expression is captured so well, like the other pieces in your gallery
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Very nice) That's COOL!!))
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i love your characatures! :D
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Very cool, you're caricatures are beyond amazing!
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I thought it was Ron Perlman, haha. Very cool though.
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I can't beleive I only just stumbled across you! Your work is BRILLIANT!!!

I love how much you exhaggerate facial expressions but somehow still keep it looking like them!
Your actually a real inspiration for my art :D
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Spoiler: Dexter is the murderer
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LOL! This is FREAKING amazing!
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Awesome. At first, I wasn't sure who it was, but then I realised it's Michael C Hall!! Amazing!! You're work is inspirational!!
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It is unbelieveable how we totally have the same taste in TV/movie characters!

Dexter... just... kills :D
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Gah! I've been trying caricature Dexter for months. Just can't seem to get it.
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