Finals Time at School- Keeping Things Short

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There's a new Legend of the Five Rings piece up in the gallery! It has been given the name "Shiba Ryuba" by the good people at Alderac, and it's going to be a part of the upcoming "Before the Dawn" set. It was my first L5R card, and If the pictures on shop websites are to be believed, it's also the box art. Which is exciting!…

( I want to send that member by the name of Shiba Rikuo on page 2 a cookie. )…

and a big thanks to KeeperOfRock and his blog for the really nice comments.

Also, Fantasy Flight's Lord of the Rings LCG is about to takeoff, and you can get all of the latest info on it here:

Then there's the work I can't talk about, which I think you'll all be very excited over when it's revealed (but even I don't know when that will be). Believe me, it hurts us both.
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I always dig your work, Toni. Looking forward to future happenings. (thanks again for the "Loose Cannon" piece, [link])