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TitansGrave: Runcible

I got a chance to watch episode 7 of TitansGrave this morning, and look who showed up. It didn't occur to me until now really that I've only worked on robots, but, well... they're all robots so far. Originally Runcible here had a lot more exposed metal (partially because Keg-E went through two rounds of "let's do more damage" before I turned it in), but in the end we focused more on the bear aspect than the all the bells and whistles inside.

You can catch up on episodes here:…
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That's awesome! Really cute/creepy! :D
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I'm enjoyed this show a lot and in great part because of the awesome art that shows up :)
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I think that's one of Freddy Fazbear's distant relatives, or so I thought... :lol:
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Remind me of Shardik from "Dark Tower".
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I have not reached this episode yet. TO TEH YOUTUBES!
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Creepy... Reminds me of the talking teddy bear from "AI". :o
Crossed with Freddy Fazbear.
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