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Star Wars: TCG - Soresu Training

From the new "A Dark Time" Force Pack for the Star Wars card game.
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Alec Guinness has made many good films - but Star wars made him immortal... and Peter Cushing's Tarkin a super "bad villain" ... but I like both of them so much... Thanks for painting Alec Guinness.

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Sadly, Guinness hated this role, probably because it overshadowed his other dramatic accomplishments. He foisted as many of his Episode V & VI lines onto Yoda as he could. And despite being quite the gentleman, he usually refused to respond to Star Wars fan mail.

Conversely, Peter Cushing was Mister Sunshine in real life.:D

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Grand Master of Soresu
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This is an awesome picture. Action art of Old Obi-wan is hard to come by. 
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Jeremy Corbyn?  :D
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Fantastic job
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cool Alec Guinness looks sharp
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from a certain point of view
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Hey Tony, I used your image here: Ben Kenobi
I linked your profile and your submission on the description. Hope you approve it.
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The fact of Planet-X, the planet of chastisement from the decisive Book as a reminder to the possessors of understanding-minds🔥🔴👇…

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This is great.
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Reminds me of the "Ben Kenobi fights alone!" cover from Marvel's Star Wars #24.

Alec Guinness would be proud.
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This turned out really well.
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