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Star Wars: TCG - Mara Jade, The Emperor's Hand

By AnthonyFoti
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And here is my second Mara Jade piece, painted much more recently. You can find both of them in the Balance of the Force expansion set ( ), which will also add a new 2v2 multiplayer feature.
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Funfact: The reason why Palpatine and the Sith hate and want to destroy the Jedi is because the Jedi orchestrated the "Sith Holocaust" Where the Jedi attempted to exterminate the entire Sith race! Hence the title "Revenge of the Sith" because Palpatine wants to avenge the billions upon billions of unarmed innocent Sith that were slaughtered and butchered by the hypocritical Jedi Scum! The Sith Holocaust was the event that fueled Palpatine's hatred and vengeance towards the Jedi!!! Palpatine would request the creation of the Clone armies and the protocol Clone Order 66 to avenge the once proud race who became victims of genocide by the Jedi and the Republic!!! The Sith Holocaust resulted in billions upon billions of innocent unarmed Sith being slaughtered and exterminated to the brink of extinction! While the Jedi Purge or Clone order 66 resulted in only thousands dead!!! Tell me everyone who is more evil!? Palpatine and the Sith who were persecuted and forced by the Jedi and fought a war driven by hatred and revenge for the Holocaust or the Jedi who continue to ravage the lives of countless species across the Galaxy!?

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Darth Sidious - Smiling You have done well, my dear.

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Excellent! She is my favorite character so I am usually very critical but you did a beautiful job.
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In later years, Mara wondered why she never let herself remember the chokes and the electrocutions when she failed.
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One of great characters of the SW Universe.
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Give me Mara over Rey any day of the week.
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Forget it, Rey isn't worth Mara.
Maybe if you added Finn, Snoke, Kylo Ren, Poe, Rose, her useless dead sister, the Luke That Mark Hamill Couldn't Stand, and Stormtroopers by Apple.

Wait, no, we're still several entire digits too low.
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why does she like, halfway look like anna devanne from general hospital?
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She's like Anakin, but cool art.
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Is this chick even considered real (canonical) anymore, or is she relegated to Legends with Anakin Solo?
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I think one of my favorite things about this picture is Mara's face. A lot of the pictures I've seen of her only seem concerned about making her look hot (which is fine). But you've given her a face with personality, a face that I would actually be able to recognize if I saw it somewhere else, which I think is super cool. 
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Agreed, this is a really neat interpretation of the character. She isn't over sexualized and this artist treats her like a real person with normal female facial features. This really is a great work of art. Its like im looking at a movie frame that was paused and this artist really has quite the imagination to translate that onto his artwork. Normally I don't purchase trading cards but since it includes multiple pieces by this artist I think I would reconsider.
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Excellent picture
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This is really great work.
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