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Star Wars: TCG - Mara Jade

Painted over a year and a half ago, this was my first Mara Jade piece for FFG's Star Wars games. It actually appeared in the Beta book for those few who were able to grab one, but now with the Balance of the Force expansion she's finally in the LCG. I still remember reading the Thrawn trilogy when they came out, and she's been one of my favorite characters ever since.
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Can I possibly use this image or other images for commercial(emails) purposes without violating copyright?

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This is Kick A**!!!! Great Job!
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This is funny about these ppl who spam saying they earn a lot without any devaintations who should be reported immediately.

If only there was a way to go full on Darth Vader and Force Choke them through their screens :devilish: Oh, well, one can dream

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This is awesome! I love the expression on her face and the detail is exquisite. You should be very proud of this piece :D
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Please Disney. Make her Canon again. 
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I really do like this! Such a style interests me really^^ You know, I'd love to see more dynamic/action-like poses from you since your style is already amazing but it's up to you really^^ Just keep doing what your doing if you want~
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Cool Mara art!
my favourite star wars character. well done!
I still hope Disney brings her back into the story.  A slim chance at this point but one that is worth hoping for considering how good of a character Mara is.  I really like how you have ready to move like this; she could be ready to attack, move to another ledge, or do something else and any of them would be believable.
That's the strong female character i hoped to see in the new Star Wars movies but instead we get Rey Mary Sue and Rose
I really like your work and I invite you to look and I like what I do, it's a way of getting to know each other and giving us the artists, greetings from Uruguay
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where is jade from? like book wise? i love badass female characters lol
From Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy of novels.
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Stunning work with Mara! I love the lighting, and the cityscrape background :D
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Ohhh...just discovered this one in another user's favorites and HAD to come in and gush (and :+fav:!!): fabulous depiction of our Mara as the Emperor's Hand!  This is just how I picture her, in covert operations--hovering above the intended victim, waiting for just the right moment and then dropping feather light to her feet and striking...  GREAT background--love the rain, the way the wind is pulling at her robe and the glow of the surrounding lights and her weapon...just WOW!!  Love-love-love it!

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