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Star Wars: TCG - Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn has finally wormed his way into the LCG, and I was actually working on this illustration when the whole "Legends" thing happened to the Star Wars universe. At first I thought maybe it would just get cut from the game or something, but apparently we were right on the cusp and he got in. I definitely feel lucky for being able to slide head first under that door right before it closed, the Thrawn books we some of my favorites as a kid,
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Well done! THIS is the appropriate Thrawn pose! Elbows on the arms on his chair, fingers laced together, gazing intently at displays of art or tactical readouts...studying them, calculating, theorizing, his mind constantly at work. Ensign Vanto asked him incredulously in the novel "Thrawn" when he had time to do all this. Thrawn inclined his head toward Vanto and replied, "You sleep more than I do."

Gentle beings, I give you the Star Wars equivalent of Batman, every bit as badass but lacking those anger management/child abandonment issues. I love Batman, too, but I'm just saying...if I was the target of an "Alien abduction" and given the choice to swear allegiance to Thrawn's empire or be dropped back on Earth, I'd be in a uniform in a hot minute. Ensign Skye reporting for duty, Admiral. :love::love: :love: :love: :love:

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This is one of the best images of Thrawn that I have seen.  It shows him almost exactly like I imagined him while reading the books.  Well done! Love 
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Very powerful image of my favorite SW character ever.
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Now THIS is Grand Admiral Thrawn!!!!!
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Where'd you get that Aurebesh from? I wanted to ask before trying to interpret them in case they turned out to be gibberish.
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Now that he's canon... IM PUMPED.
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Very Nice job, Thrawn is a great Imperial character
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"One of my favorite EU characters" -kiprotich :nod:  
This is really cool. :)
One of my favorite EU characters. Sad that he had to die. But he /had/ to die.
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:iconthrawnplz::iconsaysplz:" artistically done."
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Picture perfect :)
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I absolutely LOVE the Grand Admiral! Thank you! :jedi:
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My absolute favorite Star Wars Villian of all time! :D
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Impressive, Most Impressive! Great Artwork!! Really captures the essence of Grand Admiral Thrawn!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap 
I want this on a playmat. Badly.
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One of the best, if not THE BEST, villains of Star Wars. Awesome pic, man!
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Thrawn is one of my favorite villains of all time, and I am glad you were able to keep this! It makes me sad that he is not considered part of the canon anymore.
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