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Star Wars: TCG - Endor Luke

By AnthonyFoti
A new Luke for the Star Wars card game. this time from the "Between the Shadows" expansion (… ).  I was actually just reading over the release schedule a couple of days ago, wondering how many months it would be until it popped up somewhere. Then went to look at the FFG site and... BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE. I've painted him a few times now for Fantasy Flight, and I think this one is my favorite so far.
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Endor after desposing of the imperial scout
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LOVE the natural green in this piece! Great work!:)
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Great piece of art.
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Hello! May the 4th be with you! This artwork of yours is really beautiful, and I added it to my Star Wars Day journal in which I mentioned some of my favourite Star Wars deviations created by several deviants like yourself. Would it be alright with you? If not, there is absolutely no issue; just tell me, and I will immediately delete it from my journal. Once again, beautiful artwork! 
magnificent piece of art. may the Force be with you. +9000 !!!!!!
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Wow! Very, very good!
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Wow, gorgeous! It's so realistic and I love the color palette!
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Lightsabers yeah!
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This is amazing.
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This looks awesome!! Luke is my favorite character and this is just plan awesome!! Any chance of seeing this as a wallpaper?
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AMAZING Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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This is lovely. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and Luke Skywalker is my favourite character. The soft glow of the lightsaber gives a nice touch. The painting of the forest is brilliant. Keep up the good work!
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Very Nice :) you should try doing some rebel characters also keep up the great work.
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Wow! I really love how this one came out. Very epic image of my favorite Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker! ^^

The lush green background of the wild wilderness and the illuminating glow of the lightsaber, ignited in anticipation as he swirls around to an enemy he sense on the approach. But of coarse I remember the scene in the movie where he had to face off a Scout on a hover bike. Awesome scene. ^^

I enjoy the intense focus of his expression, a mixter of maturity and youth that you expressed here, shares to me the sentiment of a captured and timeless moment of adventure. For me it is a nostalgic experience, which I enjoy reliving time and time again. Overall an epic work of art well done. :)
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Your very welcome. ^^
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Very nicely done!
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