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Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Early Recruitment

By AnthonyFoti
The "Desperate Allies" sourcebook arrived at my house this week, which means I can post this guy. I don't know what it is, but lately they've been printing those books so well that I like the printed version of my illustrations more than the monitor image. You can read more about the book here:…
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Is that you, Cassian?

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"The anger I feel is second only to the raging fires of a thousand collapsing stars."

-Random Boy

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 I think  Icannot add ore than what most people have already told you, except that you made a superb work with the painting and showing the expressions of all characters involved.

 Keep it up!
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Poor kids there childhood taken way to soon
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Cool work!;) (Wink) That has got to be ACKBAR probably before he was an Admiral in the Rebel Alliance!:D (Big Grin)   
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This is an excellent work I must say.
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The look on that boy's face "I'll get those bastards"
Give a vengeful boy like that a gun and a knife, and he'll burn his way through a legion.
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Looks very similar to another painting but with a Mon Cala instead of the Stormtrooper...
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I own the RPG book that this painting is in and when I first saw it, it reminded me of a scene I wrote in a Star Wars fan fiction story.  The "kids" in that scene were older teenagers.  One of them ended up dead and the other was adopted by my main male character.  As a former soldier myself, I can appreciate the rawness of this scene in a way few others can.  Great work. 
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This is so striking and emotional. Really great job, it's an awesome piece.
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As others have stated, what I like most about this image is the boy's face.

The little girl, his sister presumably, is reacting as expected. She's distraughtly crying.

The Mon Calamari is approaching the two with gentle care, the way an adult figure normally treats a child in this kind of situation.

But then there's the boy. It always fascinates me the capability of children; people underestimate them. What situations like this can do to a kid.

The hardened expression his face is the most profound aspect of this piece. The tragic loss of innocence. There's just something that hits you hard when a child is transformed like this.

I can imagine the Mon Calamari really looking at the boy for the first time and be taken aback by him. Like, as he leans in with the blanket, he talks in that "here, sweetie, everything's going to be alright" kind of way. Then when he really gets a good look at the boy, the seriousness in the face, the grave look that he's probably used to seeing in grown men. He is rendered speechless, and solemnly attends to the children.

Anyways, I really love this piece. In all honesty, it makes me interested in what these two children's stories could be.
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Very moving. Well done.
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Wundervolle Arbeit
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This is powerful, Tony.
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This is so moving. You've done it again!
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The expression on the boy's face is amazing and heartbreaking - as if he is thinking "I can't cry, I've got to be strong" while he is choking on his tears. Awesome. 
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Powerful image.
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Now I'm imagining the ad for a Mon Calamari greek fast food restaurant
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very well done where did you learn to draw this good?

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Hahahah :) "Try our fried Ithorian rings!"
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