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Call of Cthulhu: For the Greater Good

After years of Star Wars assignments, I got the chance to revisit the Call of Cthulhu card game again! This is the cover of the "For the Greater Good" expansion (…) , and I am posting it about two months after it was announced. It's coming out Q1 2015, though, and since we are knee deep in it right now this post is basically more relevant than ever.
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Nice art, the guy with the shotgun looks exactly like good ol John Constantine from DC/Vertigo comics except he doesn't look like he just stepped out of a bar after dealing with a heavily alcohol-induced coma.

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A thrilling scene,with wonderful artwork and stunning coloring!Congratulations! :winner:
Now,I'd like that you tell me:
 - The crimson thing on the wall,left side is a monster?If the answer is "yes",what is it?
 - The wall on the right side,bellow have a very weird look.It is some alien gadget,or other exotic monster? :hmm:
 - What's the green monster on the building's top.
 Thanks by any help. :thanks:
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And then they died (best case scenario) or go mad
Scramblus's avatar
A few brave men, standing against the dark. Awesome.
Generalobiwankenobi7's avatar
It turned out fantastic!
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Awesomely done Wink/Razz 
dizzydave13's avatar
Love the rooftop monster.
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Amazing artwork! :love:
It's really dynamic!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Damn, that's awesome! :D
Alexgv-art's avatar
very cool job!!!!
JackieBaski's avatar
looks like Constantine - Hellblazer
nam77's avatar
Awesome Work!!
JustEisen's avatar
Oh my gosh this looks ver cool ! Dynamical, realistic andbadass . H.P Lovecraft's stories are so exciting !
MethusulaComics's avatar
these are some brave badasses.
Manchines's avatar
xXWeaponPrimeXx's avatar
That's awesome. The shotgun cop looks like Constantine to me.
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Fellow lovecraftian! <3
tndrhrtd37's avatar
Fantastic piece...
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amazingggggg work man!!
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