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An Eighty Percent Solution

Long time no update!

While the vast majority of what I've been working on over the past few months won't be online for yet another few months, here's a cover I painted for TANSTAAFL press' upcoming book, An Eighty Percent Solution.

My Website: [link]

You can find out more about the book at: [link]

New Tony Foti Illustration Facebook page : [link]
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Great art! And the cats helps even more...gonna find the book
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Somehow reminds of Fight Club's last scene.
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I had so much fun just exploring the scene. Great work!
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Gorgeous. I love that her cat is more interested in the explosion than she is.
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Those runic tattoos are pretty rad. But excellent work on everything, really.
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It's very beautifuuul!!!!
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Just a reminder to everyone out there, An Eighty Percent Solution, the book that has this art as its cover, is available today from Amazon and at We have electronic versions and trade paperbacks. Love to see more people enjoying it!

Thomas Gondolfi - Author
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Wonderful piece :)
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Featured your beautiful work here: [link] :D
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Hellll yeeaahhh! I love this picture -- not only is it beautiful, it tells a story. Or many stories, all dependent on the interpreter. Amazing stuff :)
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wow wow wow wow!
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Good work, and the book seems interesting
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so, when's the book coming???
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Very noir and I love the cats! :D
Tgondolfi's avatar
Wow, I hope the book itself will get as much positive feedback! for updates on publication (Spring of '13).
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Those marks are tatoos?
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[link] Your wonderful art work has been featured in my June 2012 journal.
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Does 80% refer to the bomb or the coffee? :smile:
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Neither, actually. I can't tell you specifically what it refers to without giving away the plot, so I'd say you can read a snippet of the book at You can also see another piece of art that Tony did that doesn't appear here for the upcoming book "Toy Wars".
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I absolutely love her hair and the detailing on her legs. Great work.
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