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Fairly odd zootopia



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"Timmy Turner has a problem he most the coolste rabbit for easter bunny race
but unfortunately he can't find it Just than he saw Judy Hopps on his Timmy internet and so Timmy Turner and his Fairy going to the magical mirror to find Judy hopps in Zootopia. Meanwhile in Zootopia is Judy Hopps birthday and Nick Wilde the fox going to the shop to Judy hopps birthday suprise. But Just moment ther comes Timmy Turner and he want meeting to Judy Hopps. But Judy Hopps dont know him but it was Well friendly and Timmy turner bring Judy Hopps to Dimmstale town to Easter bunny race. But Nick Wilde, Finnick, Gideon Grey, Flash the sloth and Benjamin Clawhauser they fellowed him. But Just moment the two villains  Duke weaselton and Mr. Big they are going after to and than she working with mr. Crocker and the Anti Fairies and the pixies Fairies to conquer the city and the fairy world. Do you think that Timmy Turner, The Fairies, Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Gideon Grey, Benjamin Clawhauser and Finnick to work together to save the world?." ;) (Wink) 

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esta muy buena la portada. la trama se escucha interesante. seguiré este comics con mucho intyeres jeje.