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STAR WARS Zeb Orrelios

Zeb Orrelios. Painted this dude a few years ago for SW: Imperial Assault Sabine Wren & Zeb Orrelios Ally Pack. Characters are always a treat to paint and this guy was a lot of fun to work on.

EDIT:  You'll find some wip shots on my Instagram or ArtStation…
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Just now watching Star Wars: Rebels for the first time and am loving his character!

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He's a pretty big guy, isn't he?

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Looks big enough to take care of himself!

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this is a stormtroopers worst nightmare. a symbol of the pain that is going to ensue.

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He didn't use his bo-rifle AS a "bo" enough in my opinion. If I had a weapon that could shoot and smash, you bet I'd be switching back and forth.

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Where are the dead or knocked-out stormtroopers behind him? XD

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They were originally in one of the sketches I sent, but the sketch was rejected or rather, I was asked to remove the "knocked-out stormtroopers" and continue with Zeb as shown. Just one of these things I guess.

ps Sketch wip you'll find on my ArtStation. Link in description.

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KK. Still, good artwork of this punch-happy Lasat.

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