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Should i start drawing again? 

In the meantime I am setting up a new Instagram, go follow! :D @anthonywoodsart
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The Kev and Will Olympics

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 8:42 AM
Ok people, as you may have seen from the recent deviation, I have something a little random, me and a friend are organising The Kev and Will Olympics at some point next summer, its going to be huge, but right now we desperately need your votes on who you think will win!!!

Kev or Will??

There will be various games and events taking place, but all we want for now is a pure gut reaction from the people to decide the favourite, so if you can spare a couple of mins then go to the deviation page and cast your vote by stating either 'Kev' or 'Will' in the comments!

So! Who do you think will become the hero of the gods? There can be only one!

So comment either kev or will to place your vote!
The choice is yours...

Thank you!


The Kev and Will Olympics
There can be only one.
One nation to win, to fight until the bitter end,
until one may fall and the other rise up amongst the gods!
To prove themselves as the greatest!
The Kev and Will Olympics!

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Premiumy Goodness

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 3:54 AM

Wowwws, some super amazing and awesome random deviant has supplied with me the super gift of premium membership! :D :D Yayayay! I know who you are, and thank you so so much! Its brilliant of you, im very flattered :D

So people for the next couple of month I shall be enjoying the benefits of premiumishness :aww: This shall be much fun! :boogie:

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Hey hey, I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you awesome people who have faved and commented on all my work of late, I appreciate every fav and am flattered by all the awesome comments I have got :aww:

Also a big thanks to those of you who have liked my facebook page :D I think I am up to 99 likes at this moment, so its exciting times to get to that 100!! :P :D… Go like it people!
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Hi people I have just set up a new facebook page for my artwork, so it would be awesome if you could give it a 'like' when you are passing by :D thank you!!

Have to see how things go with it, but i may do some cool stuff with it, including competitions to win some prints etc, so if that doesnt get you excited and drooling then nothing will.... :hmm:…

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Wowwws I won a competion!! :D My Angelina Jolie pic was the winner of The group Portrait-Love's 'All about hair contest'
I am soooooo flattered that I won :D So many amazing and awesome entries, Im really happy and amazed that I won.
I had an interview with the founder of the group and if any of you are interested, it is on this link… orrrrr if you cant be arsed to look there it is as follows:

Interview with Anthony-Woods
Sat Aug 27, 2011, 12:00 PM by *FeenArt
We are proud to present our "All about Hair"- Winner:

Portrait-Love: Please introduce yourself.

Anthony-Woods: I am Anthony Woods, I am 25, live in the UK in a lovely village called North Fambridge and I love pencil drawings!…

Portrait-Love: By having a look into your gallery we can see, that you are an awesome drawer.
So please tell us how you come into this. And is it just a hobby, an addiction or your profession?

Anthony-Woods: I decided to draw pencil portraits when I was about 19, and a friend asked me if I wanted to do a hand made present for Christmas instead of buying something, so the only thing I knew I was any good at was drawing, so I drew her the Audrey Hepburn picture. This was the first proper portrait I had ever done, at school I was totally put off art, as they just made me do things I didnt want to do, I didnt draw a single portrait at school! But after doing this piece I loved it so much that it became more of a hobby and I just kept drawing more and more! Now after a few years in graphic design, I have just (in March this year) taken the plunge to take up my art as a full time profession.…

Portrait-Love: When do you started drawing? What are your favorite characters to draw? Why?

Anthony-Woods: I have been drawing all my life really, but only the portrait side of things since 19. I think my favourite characters to draw are the darker pieces with lots of character to them such as my recent drawing of Batman, I love these as they are great fun to draw and to capture the mood and intensity of the character in the work, you can really get into these type of pictures.…

Portrait-Love: How long do you need for a drawing?

Anthony-Woods: I usually spend between 50 to 80 hours on my drawing, they usually take me a week or just over a week to complete.…

Portrait-Love: Which character will be your next drawing? Why?

Anthony-Woods: My next character I am working on is Iron Man. I am drawing this for an exhibition I am going to be doing at a comics and collectables store called Red Sun, hopefully the people in there will like it!…

Portrait-Love: Is it possible to buy your work?

Anthony-Woods: And yes, all my work is for sale, as are prints of various sizes and finishes…

Anthony-Woods: Just want to say I am super flattered to have won the competition and very flattered as there were so many amazing entries, thank you!!
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Hey hey, just thought that I'd announce that I am now offering prints of ALLLLL my work, in various sizes and finished, from lil cute A4's to super awesome A2ish velvet fine art papery goodness, they are super sexy and amazing, so if you would like one, then please do send me a note and I will let you know whats available and pricing of each option! :D

Also if anyone would like to commission me, then give me note and I shall quote :D

Ooo and finally if you want to follow my facebook page that would be marvelous :D…

*Alllsooo, just have to say thanks sooooo much for everyone who has faved my work, realllly appreciate it :D
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Hey hey.. sooo just thought I would like to announce that I will be unveiling a brand new piece of work at my upcoming exhibition... next saturday 12th! :D Wooo! I have been working away in a rush to get it all finished in time, and thankfully all is complete and it is at the framers getting all framed up and ready for the show! Wooooooo! :) Its getting super close to the show, fingers crossed all goes well :D

Aaaaand I will be putting up the new piece on here after the exhibition, so all can see next week :)

Anthony Woods: The Exhibition: 12/03/2011: 10.30am till 4.00pm: The Old School House, Ferry Road, North Fambridge, Essex CM3 6LS
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Why hello there, I have some super awesome and amazing news for you all and it is that I have my very own art exhibition coming up!! :D Yaaaaaay! :dance:

All of my artwork will be on display and available to buy, as well as having the added option of being able to purchase prints of them too! :)

This rather awesome and amazing event will take place in North Fambridge, my cool lil village in Essex in the UK, on the 12th March 2011. (full address see end of the journal!)

There shall of course be drinks and nibbles to munch on during the show which will take place between 10.30am till 4.00pm. And also I have acquired the services of a super cool jazz pianist who will be playing from 1.30pm - 3.30pm so that too will be damn good.

And the best of it is that everyone is invited!! :D yaaaaaay! :dance: So if you fancy a trip to my humble abode then do make a date in your diary and come down and see it, I sure would love to see some of you guys who have supported me and given me such great encouragement and inspiration to keep pushing with my art, and helped me to develop and improve.

Aaaaaand i must add that it is soooo soooooo worth coming around the world to see it too if you live abroad! haha! :D

I hope to see some of all you fellow deviants there :) It will be super amazing... I promise! :D

Anthony Woods: The Exhibition: 12/03/2011: 10.30am till 4.00pm: The Old School House, Ferry Road, North Fambridge, Essex CM3 6LS
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Just to make you all aware that I am selling a one off print of my Heath Ledger (Joker) drawing on ebay!

It is an A3 satin print and will be available for 10 days, so if you want it go to this link...…

Currently just shipping to UK, but if you are not the UK and you want it, then just note me on here and I can change where to ship to :D

This is the only one for now, but if anyone is interested in prints of my work note me and more may become available!
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Hi, just to let all you people know that a selection of my work is now for sale. It is all framed and pretty too, so if you are interested then you can go to and search for my my name! :D
Please spread the word :D

Oooh and also another piece is under way so keep watching :D
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Hiiii, If you are in the UK, just say hey!

...this seems a little pointless, but I assure you its not! ...... :P
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Just an announcement that I now have a super cool website for my artwork! woo! :D
come check it out.... :D :D


On another note I had made the amazing number of over 10,000 page views!! :O wows!!

Just want to say a massively super huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to look at my artwork, and also tp all my watchers, and everyone who has faved and commented on my work! All the support iv had is hugely appreciated....

annnnd lastly to everyone who faved my latest kiera knightly pic..... thank you!!! i havent had the chance to thank everyone who has faved it! :)
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Well, I havent been on DA for quite some time, lacking the time at the moment to come on here as much as I would like to, all my spare time (and there isnt much of it!) is taken up with fitting in as much drawing as poss! but I am still here and working away on more drawings! I have just cleared out all my comments and favs and just want to say thanks to everyone who has faved my work and watched me & also given me those Llama badges! :P now just have to work my way through 5,000+ deviations! :O

I should have a new piece up here in the coming weeks and ill be putting up some WIP's soon so keep watching! :D

Really do appreciate all the support I have had from all you guys on here! :D
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I got tagged by the marvelous Jennifer! :iconxjennifercullenx:

Sooooo i shall now list some super amazing people! I totally recommend that you check out their work, cause its brilliant! :D
Ooo and check out Jennifers too! :D

:iconelfythegreat: :iconlloveandsqualor: :iconshin-ai: :icongabriellebrickey:
:iconcaptainhairlovett: :iconshyannashley: :iconoxpinkpixyxo: :iconcrazyamazinglisa:
:icondoctor-pencil: :iconisaiahs: :iconjamesmarsano: :iconsarah-vafidis:
:iconjon-snow: :iconmissunfortunate: :iconevakedves: :iconsuperrskins:
:iconartmapassion: :iconileanahunter: :iconm--art: :iconvogue-angel:

So once you have looked at all those marvelous peoples work...

I have been very busy of late working away, for god knows how many hours, so be warned that I have a new drawing coming verrrrrry soon! oooo! exciting I know :D I'll be uploading the WIPs soooon!

soo... keep watching!
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.... Somthing new is looming.... :D
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Well! Just to let you all know that........ I have finished my next drawing!!!! wooo! Its only taken me a month or so!
... I just need to get it scanned and then it shall be with you all soon! :-D

EDIT: Wooo finished and uploded for all to see!
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To all you honorable people, just to inform you that I shall be away for the next week, I will be off galavanting on holiday! Yaaaaay!
So There will be no crazy comments from me this week... I hear a giant yaay! from you all! lol!!

I will however return next week. I cant let you have too much of a celebration now can I?! :-P

I shall miss all you lovely DA peeps! Have a great week! And keep posting awesome artness for me to see upon my return :-D
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Ok so this is my first journal entry and I feel I must write one to say:

OMG!!! WOOOOWWWWSSSS!!! I won Ameryn's actress contest… my Scarlett Johansson… :-D yaaaaaaaaay!! I can't believe it! There were soooo soooo many awesome and amazing pieces and I just cant believe mine won! Everyones entry was brilliant, im quite shocked that I made it through to the final voting round let alone win it! :-D Im sooooo happy!! :-D

Just want to say thank you so so so much to everyone who voted for it, everyone who has faved it, and everyone who has left me all those awesome comments! Also to all the features from the prize givers, its amazing to have my work featured on your pages. I am so unbelievably flattered by each and every one of them! :-D So thank you sooooo much!! I will send a huge hug to everyone who has done!! :-D Also thanks to Gabby! as her work inspired me greatly with my Scarlett piece, her work is just brilliant...check it out if you havent seen it!

Ameryn has now started an actors contest! :-D aand my next piece I'm working on is about half way through and is an actor! So I will most probably be entering if its good enough! You shall have to wait and see who it I dont tell anyone who im drawing next...weird thing I have! lol! so only one person knows who it is....and she is quite awesome and special! :-D you know who you are! :-D

Once again, thank you sooooo much for all the brilliant support of my work!