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Variations,  Art-trade, Requests and Commissions

Bringing 2D to 3D

I gave my self the challenge to let my inpired by some nice art on the communities
like Furaffinity and Deviantart and to find a way to interprete 2D drawings in my 3D digital dollhouse.
I think it's a nice way to speak to each other by the pictures we create.

Rules for my Variations
1. The artwork have to be a drawed scene (not just a portrait)
     should bee not just Fan-Art
     should have a unique idea
2. No shota, people must be over 18

3. It must be possible to make in 3D and the pict have to inspired me

Usualy I chose the motiv by myself and ask the author. But a

Request for Variations
• can be from the artist herself
• from any user: I will need the confirmation from the author that she agree.
  So ask her before and document her answer

Example for Variations

for :iconshaoranlee: :thumb74061452: :thumb47664272:
DA Variation «Olvido sleeping»

for :iconshaoranlee: :thumb74061876: :thumb51754535:
DA Variation «Boy inocencia»

for :iconmarimarichan: :thumb99974139: :thumb99342659:
DA Variation «Comfort»

for :iconpojuwolfe:  :thumb100063747:
DA Variation: «Jerri and Xander»

for :iconkattymouse: :thumb101361168: :thumb100852419:
DA Variation «Ready to go Chase»

for :iconvampiretrouble: :thumb102089202: Gaara + Keiko Street Wise by VampireTrouble
«DA Variation Gaara + Keiko»

for :icondeliriousfoxglove: :thumb102737331: Chocobo Feathers by DeliriousFoxglove
DA Variation Chocobo Feathers

for :iconjeffreyd: :thumb104936372: naked boy by JeffreyD
DA «Variation naked boy»

for :iconmythlorn: :thumb107070843: :thumb85473276:
DA Variation «Bathing The Master˚

for :iconapatheticbunny: :thumb107541805: Uniform Upgrade by ApAtHeTIcBuNnY
DA Variation «Uniform Upgrade»

for :iconsadreth: :thumb108817537: sade and cat by sadreth
DA Variation «sade and cat»

for :iconglas-onion: :thumb110220079: :thumb103859032:

for :iconsilmuen: :thumb110323987: :thumb86496418:
DA Variation Mr. Silvine, Mr. Trickster

for :iconjadenandfriendsclub: :thumb110430025: Gree on a leash by jadenandfriendsclub
DA Variation Gree on a leash

for :icontikeyx: :thumb112854135: :thumb110702193:
DA Variation Neko Boy  

for :icondee-shun: :thumb116630039: Dee- Pumkin by Dee-Shun
DA Variation Dee-Pumkin  

for :iconjoshinu-panther: :thumb117782344:
DA Variation Mandu Merboy

for :iconkiamae: :thumb117880697: :thumb113136296:
DA Variation Radiant Love

for :iconpojuwolfe:  :thumb118981906: Prince Evra Singh enters by PojuWolfe

DA Variation: « Prince Evra Singh enters »

for :iconcinnamama: :thumb119671943: :thumb117055960:
DA Variation «Nicki»

for :icontranquilitybass:  :thumb120425390: :thumb113005213:
DA Variation «The Prince of Flame»

for :iconkizzychan:  :thumb121178458: Barefeet Daniel by kizzychan
DA Variation «Barefeet Daniel»

for :iconkaidoukoh:  :thumb121299361: [original on y!g]
DA Variation «Kaidouko OC's»

for :icongalax:  :thumb122795957:

Mature Content

On th Rock by Galax

DA Variation - On the Rock

for :iconapeliotus:  :thumb123019630: Benny Lava: Jin and Yusuke by Apeliotus
DA Variation «Benny Lava: Jin and Yusuke»

for :icontokinogami: :thumb123324681: Vigorous Bunneh by Tokinogami
DA Variation «Vigorous Bunneh»

for :icontokinogami:  :thumb124328037::thumb124445322:
DA Variation - ff7 bl anime 1

for :iconpojuwolfe:  :thumb124212862:
DA Variation - Xandyr and Jeri

for :iconmirri:  :thumb126704134:
DA Variation - Alone with you

for :iconbullittjaleo:  :thumb128022979:
DA Variation - Hug the Nature

for :iconmonicalynnevallejo:  :thumb129342118:

Mature Content

SAFETY by monicalynnevallejo

DA Variation - SAFETY

for :iconvenuscho: :thumb129475720::thumb128966556:
DA Variation - Passion

for :iconhungryinu: :thumb129599009: Greetings Inspector by hungryinu
DA Variation «Greetings Inspector»

is a nice way to speak together. Same rules than up.
Example for Art-trade

with :iconmer-boy: :thumb98939244: :thumb99012916:
with :iconmonkeynohito: :thumb118959313:
(I offer a 3D Version of one of her art-works)
with :iconcinnamama:  :thumb119671943: :thumb120616057:
with :iconapatheticbunny: :thumb107541805: Art Trade for Anthony-Art by ApAtHeTIcBuNnY
with :iconkizzychan: :thumb121178458: Tenderness by kizzychan
with :iconapeliotus::thumb123019630:
with  :icontokinogami:  :thumb123324681:
with :icondee-shun: Peter and Adam by Dee-Shun:thumb116630039:
with :iconvenuscho: :thumb129608692::thumb129475720:

More examples for Art-trade on my Hompepage:
Peter Pan and Adam by other artists

Sometime I'm aks to make a pictures following an idea...
Officially I do not make request. I make «Variations».
But if is an unique idea and I can make somebody happy, I will maybe do. logo
I can't promising anything...

Example for Requests

for :icontinybr: :thumb89763409:
«L and tinybr»

for :icontaiuri: :thumb96593773:
«Big and Small»

for :iconkattymouse: :thumb99329024:
«Hunter Grey and the Demon Graugris»

for :iconkirin-rosenbaum:  :thumb98764196:
Legolas and Aragon Relax Time

for :iconjeff1981:  :thumb114413069:
Faces Of H4: Julian

If I had to ask money for my 3D-work and count the hour-salary of my web-company,
I think, it would be to expensive...
But of course you can ask... If is serious it will be managed by my company.

Commissions and request at sl
Sometimes I make portraits of sl avatars. I make them in DAZ|Studio 3,
technically there is no link between the two 3D worlds.
Commissions and request have to handle in world. I not make this mainly for money, I make this for fun.
I have to know the avatar to make a good work.... and I have to be inspired...  I am a busy little elf, I can not promise anything...
Prizes are form a kiss until around L$ for a series of portraits.

I will only accept request or demand for a Variations
from people they support me:
they  watch :+devwatch: me here or y!G
and sometimes favorites :+favlove: and command my work.

if  you wish a Variation or have Request or Commission,
please send me  a note here or on my FA-Account


© 2009 - 2021 anthony-art
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XuanKino's avatar
whats this game thingy called? or is it not a game :o
anthony-art's avatar
I not really understand what do you mean :D
you are in a class by itself. Bravo.
anthony-art's avatar
Anthan's avatar

^Can you 3D that? Is this how request works?
anthony-art's avatar
sorry, I'm not so interested
Anyway, I accept only request from people
they :+devwatch: me and :+favlove: my work here or on y!g or FA.
Anthan's avatar
I'm Nathan_Nateo on FA...

If I start to [link] and [link] you here, would you reconsider?
anthony-art's avatar
I dont't know you artwork. I will watch you here and on FA
and then we can speak later.. I am am not so sure, I can do that....
bughadedo's avatar
So, let's see, I just provide you a pic and then you can turn it into 2d or 3d?
For requests i mean:)
anthony-art's avatar
what pict do you have in mean?
bughadedo's avatar

maybe this?

or if not, maybe this


this is a request right?
not a commish? just assuriing
anthony-art's avatar
this are not pict from you...
bughadedo's avatar
well, actually i requested those pics and if i need to ask my friend about you using the pics then i will..if it's needed:)
anthony-art's avatar
mm, I don't know what do say.
My concept is to make Variations from an 2D artist work.
So If I would make that, is would be for this artist...
bughadedo's avatar
well, i could ask him to:)
if your okay with it^^
anthony-art's avatar
I :+devwatch: him and he not watch back
I don't think I wanna do a variation of his work :jedi:
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shinkamalei's avatar
hrm... i wanna give you a choice..
cause i love my seiryuu so..


or.. one of these interactions

anthony-art's avatar
I wanna make «byakkoseiryuufrmcupcake»
but you should post here and on y!g
and write who is who
Is seiryuu this one with the long hair?
And whats the other guy name?
shinkamalei's avatar
seiryuu is the one on the right, and byakko is the one on the left.
and i will get cupcake to give her permission in a sec.
i know she is out of state at the moment so it might take a bit.
and i shall go to y!gall soon and post in a journal or in a note or.. what?
anthony-art's avatar
oh, this drawing «byakkoseiryuufrmcupcake» is not from you?
shinkamalei's avatar
lol no.
the chibis were from me ^^'
im not THAT good xDDD
but im commenting on cupcake's prof and wanna ask her if she will let me use it.
im sure she will but u require proof from the author <333
but they are my characters for sure ^^
anthony-art's avatar
we should use a drawing form you, you have post on DA and/or y!g
I still can keep in mind what I saw on «byakkoseiryuufrmcupcake»
I like seiryuu and wanna make him
shinkamalei's avatar
i give u permission to use seiryuu as much as you want.
he's hott xDD
and he's one of my favorites.
and yeah.. ^^
he's my awesome sexy man.
but yeah he is here too > [link]
and a drawing form?
where do i get one?
anthony-art's avatar
sorry, I wanted to write «we should use a drawing from you»
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