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ecqlipse 2 BW for IconPackager

This IconPackager file is based on "ecqlipse 2" PNG by chrfb: [link]

Many thanks to chrfb for permission to port these icons.

IconTweaker version can be found here: [link]

The download is a zip which contains a folder with:
1. ecqlipse 2 - black.ip
2. ecqlipse 2 - white.ip
3. ecqlipse 2 Black & White for IconPackager Preview.png

Extra Info
As mentioned above, the file includes two IconPackager files, one for the black version and one for the white version. Do not worry if the white version appears to be blank. They are there but most likely you can't see them because you have a white background.

To use the white version I highly recommend you use a visual style that has a dark background for Windows Explorer such as Lakrits Visual Style by lassekongo83: [link]
Give it a try!

If you experience any problems, have any suggestions, or any questions in general feel free to let me know.
© 2008 - 2021 anthonium
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Hi, anthonium. Can I include your Icon Pack in my program? I will give you all the credits.
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Great icons love them from the start. :judge:
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ZangetsuKuro's avatar
finally, i found a good icons for my B&W desktop :happy:
4our-Foxtrot's avatar
SUPER, thanks for your work! :)
lioragyev's avatar
thank ! thank ! thank ! thank ! you king ♥♥
Princezed's avatar
need help...
i`ve applied this icon but music, video, picture, and document doesn`t change...

Kazron's avatar
Was there ever an ecqlipse 1?
mistx-photografie's avatar
thank you, even though its for windows etc. i used it here : [link]
xxxCUBERTxxx's avatar
Awesome :)
but what about application icons ;)
i want that too
Nice pack.Thx.
4DY's avatar
Is it alright for me to use your icons for a website im working on?

The site will be sumbited here and of course ill credit you and provide a link back to your DA :)
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You'd have to ask the original author of the icons. I provided the link in the description. :)
4DY's avatar
No worries I have done now i got the thumbs up :)
vStyler's avatar
Love em ... for xp. :P
xechorizo's avatar
PERFECT - BUT no live folders! Can't use this without them in Vista :\
Cr7NeTwOrK's avatar
best icon pack ever!!
Nice and clean. great work!
A classic all-time icons.
Turecc's avatar
Love the look of this pack, kudos to you and original author.

I have one little problem though, it skins every standard Windows (Vista) icon, but not applications like Firefox, iTunes, uTorrent etc. Is it becuase it was based on XP or because I did something wrong? :D
anthonium's avatar
It's because icons for those programs were not made by the author so I couldn't skin them.
Turecc's avatar
Well, refering to ([link]) you can clearly see the MSN icon, Firefox, VLC, WinAmp etc.
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