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T Rex Feeding Scene


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Sharing is caring? Some more paleo art - here I've tried to depict a Tyrannosaur feeding scene! A large female feasting upon the carcass of a dead Hadrosaur, the smell all too enticing to other Tyrannosaurs in the vicinity who have come to try their luck - perhaps sharing was an unlikely occurrence! I've gone for a scaly rex in the end as some latest theories suggest it may not have possessed feathers after all. That, along with some extra soft tissue around the teeth and bony scutes of keratin above the eyes. I've taken inspiration from Komodo Dragons and Alligators, along with Shoebill Stalks and carrion birds. I've also included some small mammals in the closer foreground based off of Didelphodon - a bit of artistic licence here as I'm not sure of their exact diet. Apparently it was most likely shellfish and other small invertebrates - plus they probably weren't that bold and brave in reality. The birds are more or less made up but based off of Confuciusornis, which in reality lived much earlier I believe - around 120 million years ago.
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I love this artwork! One of my all time favourites! :D

Neranella's avatar

Really gorgeous. :clap:

william023's avatar

I love the thiccness of your rexiepoo.

anthon500's avatar

Thanks a lot. Chunky dinos are my favourite to draw!

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Happy Feeding Frenzy T-Rexen Good Art by the way.

This deviation pairs very nicely w/arvalis' "-T. rex vs Triceratops-". They're almost like before & after shots of the same scene:

-T. rex vs Triceratops-
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Just came across your page and woaaah! I freakking love your artworks, awesome drawings! :D *.* Light, coloring and especially the scenes are so damn good!

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You've made my favourite dinosaur look so imposing and "sexy." I really like it!

I appreciate that you've made it Chunkosaurus rex. They WERE massively robust, after all.

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just saying, the birds might have been brave enough because they were to small for the t-rex to care. so this is plausible.

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Dinosaur ribs, wondered what they would have tasted like? The snack humanity will never have, 😢
NiceGuyNicholas's avatar
when you eating a snack in class and other kids ask if they can have some 
Crynosur's avatar

Man, makes me hunger for ribs am I right:3

gangiedie's avatar
can you make him use his arms cus i never saw them use it 
CodyScriblyn's avatar
But they never used their arms back then.
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Thanks Anastasiy! Glad you like it! 
DragonLord-Inferno's avatar
Those are some fine ribs, just saying.
anthon500's avatar
Thanks, I wanted them to look delicious haha!
DragonLord-Inferno's avatar
You nailed that.
Hell, i'd like to eat them myself, but i don't think i'd be welcome here.
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Didelphodon scavenging really isn't that much an artistic license as tazmanian-devil like scavenger/small-game-hunting, and perhaps durophagy due to it's insanely powerful bite (largest relative-to-body-size of any mammal), has been suggested as an alternative to otter-like-molluscivory (in fact scavenger is actually what Saurian went with).

Although I personally don't think the two niches are mutually-exclusive, many living animals can easily flip-flop between two niches (e.g leopard seals switch between filter-feeder and active predator of larger vertebrates, giant petrels and skuas switch between fish eater and active predators/carrion eaters and etc., even living otters will hunt surprisingly large prey as well as eating fish).
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Thanks for the insight. Yes it could certainly have been a possibility of Didelphodon, now that you mention examples of a diverse diet among modern day animals.
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*Puts on her smarty pants glasses*

According to scientists, The T-rex love ribs. They were known to build giant BBQ pits so they could soften the meat. They guarded their prize with extreme vigilance.  Velociraptors would often try to steal them ribs, so fossils were found around camping sites.

These are all known facts in the scientific community. If you disagree, you're objectively wrong! And I should get a medal.  UwU
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