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#150(Echo): Mewfii:
The Female Water Pokemon
Psychic/Water (Mega Z/Mewfii only) (Sub-Legendary) (Multi-Breeder)

5 ft, 7.3 in (Mewfii base)
5.5 ft, 7.6 in (Mewfii Channeling armor, not control armor from team rocket)
6 ft, 8 in (Mega Z)

Weight: 207 lbs (Mewfii base)
310 lbs (Mewfii Channeling armor, not control armor from team rocket)
77.73 lbs (Mega Z)

HP: 106 (Depends on love energy)
Attack: 110 (Boosted in armor)
Defense: 90 (Boosted in armor)
Sp. Attack: 154 (Boosted in Mega Z)
Sp. Defense: 90 (Boosted in Mega Z)
Speed: 130 (The smaller she is the more Boosted the stat)
Total: 680
Hey I was wondering if I could get a free request done? Something that has something from both the new "Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION" movie and the fact that "Kingdom Hearts 3" is coming out as well, plus something else from "Super Smash Brothers Ultimate"...
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So July 7th is my birthday, if you want to do free requests for me thats fine...mostly with Mewfii involved maybe...

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A huge fat assed Lucario was awoken from a sudden sleep and found himself on a bouncy chair with his paws tied up behind his head. Hes body was layed out so his chest was vertical and his lower half was horazontial. He had all his clothes on, that was good, he was hidding something. Two machine rings cam to his feet and started to grab them with gravity, pulled them forward, apart, wide and up a bit. His sheath and asshole could be seen throught his pants. When the machines were moving him, there was a crinkly sound. Four machine end then went and placed themselves, two at his chest side to side, and two where his peen and ass were, up and down. A liquid started to come out each end, the chest ones sucktioned onto where each peck would be if he was nude there and started to massage and suck, also making a crinkle sound. The same was happening down at the sheath and ass but the ass liquid was pushing and trying to suck through the pants and go deep, that was causing the pants to cave into his ass and again more criknle sounds. They stopped and then sucked on the chest and ripped off the vest to reveal a bra-diaper, it was making soft sucking noices itself, the tentacles then wrapped around the bra to find it was breasts and started to masterbate and squeeze milk into it making it messy with milk. The bottom tentacle began to suck off the pants and reveal an over sized sheath that was underneath a diaper, but with out the pants it was bigger under the pants, same goes for the ass, the buns were huge compared to just a few moments ago. The tentacles were trying to suck off the Diaper but it was locked tight to the fur, no locking part either. I tried to stick a tentacle needle into the diaper to fatten it but the end kept the only other way was to force the diaper off by making the Lucario crunch some dirty numbers. One new tentacle went in frount of the Lucarios maw, a few others went to the sides of the maw and forced it open, the one tentacle then launched into the open maw and began force feeding him. The tentacle at the breast tore off the bra and saw that he had milk glands, but not exactlly as females do, but they were leaking a bit. They turned into large suckers and latched on, draining his milk and storing it in containers around him. They also had other tentacle needle his glands so they would grow and lactate more, which made the suckers bigger. Milk was overflowing the system, so the system started to force feed his own milk back through his maw. This was going on for awhile now and the diaper was dirty with piss but no scat, probaly constipated. The color of the diaper was a bright yellow. The lucario started to squirm around, this made the diaper make sloshy noices. Eventually a little rip was heard from the diaper and a little bit a piss was coming out, it started to get all over his diaper. Then finally the diaper ripped all the way and sprayed everything with piss, everything was drenched. The tentacle in his maw came out and leaked on him a little. The diaper was open in the front with a beating dick that was still peeing. The diaper was pulled away. His milk glands were breasts now and were getting milked to the max. His dick and ass was super dirty with piss, so the tentacle then turned into wet wipes and baby powder apps. They began to clean and wipe down his whole body and enter his ass to clean int out, something was wrong with the hole to the small intestine that was why he was not scatting, odd... Then after he was clean enough, something more hardcore was happening with the tentacle coming out of the machine ends. The ass end then sucked onto his ass rim and the tentacle flowed into his ass up to the SI hole, began to hit and suck and lick at it. There was the other dick machine that went over the dick and lock into place. The tentacle then gelled over his ballz and began to squeeze each of them in rythym and giving them a aura boosting rub. The ass tentacle started to shoot powder and warm gel up his ass causing the insides to puff up, and gave one last try at the hole, it opened and began making the insides wet and solid up, the tentacle began sucking it up. The dick tentacle machine started to twister the inside with powder and warm gel as it forced fucked it up and down without unlatching. Another tentacle moved to his maw and made some mewtwo lips and started to kiss him on the lips and lock his maw. Eveything that was happening was getting progresivly faster and faster. The lips were locking tounges with him and sucking on him hard. Then everything went into tight lcokdown mode so nothing was getting out or off and began to vibe rapidly. All this was making him close to climax and was really tireing him out but also he was lost in pleausre. Then he started to really thrust and thrust into the machine as his dick climaxed and was harvested and his ass was being relived and his breasts were climaxing as well as they bounced around. He gave out a huge howl as the lips on his maw let him go letting him howl in pleasure. Then all the machines retreated, some popping out and making "off" sounds. He was panting for awhile until he saw something else. The chair was pulled away and now he was hanging there, he was pulled up and over to a white tank and he was slowly put down to it enough that there was a crinkly sound as tentacle started to grab at him from the white abyss. His legs were strattled again and tentacle started to crawl up his legs, the tentacle then began to burn him with some cemaicals as one of them got to his ass and opening it and thrusted in so fast that his belly exspanded. It began to ass fuck him with a burning sensation and felt his ass began to grow, then the tentacle began to leak out his ass and cover it with itself into a half diaper. Another grabed his dick and totally swollow it and cover his front side too, his dick disapearing into the goo. The chest was grabbed too with white hands and they massaged themselves into the breasts to become a bra. All of these felt like a diaper swim suit, with burning wet wipes in their base. He finally whited out from too much pleasure. Later When he did wake up he got up and looked around, he could see two other subjects in the same project he was in, two foxes, one was blue and the other kept looking like she was glitching out like a computer. With his new armor the Lucario went out a door that said "X IT" It looked like it was to say that, nothing looked missing, he made his way out. He soon hit a lobby that was like outside but with more subjects like himself, he then saw a familer face, a lone female Mewtwo near some water...Maybe thats Mewfii? Who knows?


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  • Listening to: VGM
  • Reading: Marvel and/vs DC
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Eating: Healthy Junk
  • Drinking: Water and Lemon juice mix
So July 7th is my birthday, if you want to do free requests for me thats fine...mostly with Mewfii involved maybe...

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