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:iconantervantei:Antervantei posted a status
Still relevant.
I can do this!

I am getting better mental health-wise!

Plus there have been so many things in my past that I NOW realize how wrong I was to act in that way.

I should have been more considerate.

But given the immense amount of stress that school placed upon me, 

I also realized, that I as an empath -
I absorb people's vibes and I basically their energy/emotional state. 

And being introverted as well, I tend to distance myself from everyone because certain stressors in life are draining despite me being able to deal with it.

So when I exist as an introverted empath, I sense peoples discomfort from:

me pushing people away,

me giving back the negative energy that people give me when they are bothered by my silence, though this is more for people who have known me.

And just because this is how I behave often, that does not mean that one gets to use the excuse of:
"oh thats just who I am"

I will try to overcome the challenges of my own personality for a greater good of getting along with everyone. And that goes for  everyone else who reads this. 

Do not perceive the above statement as letting people step all over you, but think of that above
statement as,
letting people walk alongside you.

I will have times where I need to recharge and I simply wont talk to anyone or make art.
And I may be irritable too. But I will let those close to me know that I need to distance myself.

And this is what 2016 has taught me so far :)

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