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Well this is the "response" journal to it.

Chances are, you have seen my post on the art exchange Meme.

This is merely the a reference sheet for you, oh esteemed artist.

I actually did make a proper ref sheet, but the person who has it probably lost it.


This is my OC Katerina Ekartina:

Katerina is an extremely moody and neutral person. she does what she feels she has to do in order to reach her goals, whatever they may be.

Katerina is also quite rebellious and hates authority. she hates being told what to do and how to act. she will act in accordance to the situation. she really likes to have her own say in a matter or argument.

Katerina hates backing down from any fight, even if she cannot win.

Katerina loves it when things in her life go according to plan.
she doesn't like randomosity, and is obsessed with preparation.
Katerina is very aware of her surroundings and and her self.
she is actually a very self-conscious Person.

In my story, Katerina is a being from another universe, whom was born in this universe. since she was born in a human universe, her Vorkaven body was melded into mimicking human DNA, thus while Katerina looks relatively human, she really is not.

Now if you are drawing Katerina, there are some rules i have for your benefit.

1. Katerina has a hood. i suggest you draw her with the hood over her head so you will not have to draw her halo.
(most people find it difficult to draw the halo)

2. If you choose to draw the Halo, please do not draw it when Katerina is already wearing her hood. The picture wont make much sense to me if you do.

3. Katerina's facial markings: just be sure to add her freckles, and the purple shading above her eyes, and on the tip of her nose.

4. she sometimes has fingerless gloves.

5. the marking on the shoulder of Katerina's Outfit can be slightly modified to your advantage, but please keep it in the area it is present in.

Hauberker final. by Antervantei .:Amongst furia 2012:. by Antervantei Amongst Furiea by Antervantei katerina - shadow haori by Antervantei Katerina ekartina - Golden skies 2 9h x 7h by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina - Golden Skies by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina - collab a. Krizhit by Antervantei One of those days. by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : Animeish by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : Pen attempt by Antervantei Katerina Crayon attempt by Antervantei Katerina ekartina : inkfull by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : color design by Antervantei Katerina ekartina - Amongst furia by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : redlined by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : bosslike. by Antervantei Katerina ekartina- hauberker crumpled by Antervantei Katerina Scars 1 by Antervantei Katerina Scars 2 by Antervantei Katerina Scars 3 by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina: Free by Antervantei Katerina chibi by Antervantei Katerina Hauberker Free by Antervantei katerina chibi icon by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : free by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : Release by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : mid by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : binded by Antervantei Katerina Ekartina : summon by Antervantei Katerina Rising by Antervantei Amongst furia 2012 by Antervantei


Katerina Ekartina by KidOblivion

Katerina drawn by KidOblivion !<3


This is all my Oc Katerina Ekartina.
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WeaponisedPenguin Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You. Have. Drawn. SO MUCH OF YOUR OC OMG O_O
Antervantei Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah, I like spamming her. :D
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December 20, 2012