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collab with Howdykoon fin
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes 
This is a collab with my sibling
:iconhowdykoon: <-----------
She made the linework and I colored this fine line work 

This is one of my characters: Jirazind
Kikonata does not play around, she is short tempered and very impatient. She has a tendancy to act as though things are okay on her end, but will explode in rage or have a huge overreaction to something small.
Her strength allows her to tear through metal like it were soft plastic.
She is not an evil person, but hanging around her is bad for your health, (unless you are someone like Nira evos or miter Omek) she is volitile and headstrong, dont cross her, and dont play around.
She was purposed to war against other worldly entities that spare no life, so her minset is militant and rigid,
She hasnt had a day off in a long time :(
his name is graham, but he refers to himself as garam.

He can cause toxic/acidic mist to arise

He like, myarie, has little to no control over his power, so he gave up his freedom to be detained and as a result of that, he has a lot of freedom within the bastille, but nevertheless is still held. garam left behind his son and wife, but did it because he nearly killed them. He hates himself but is really caring and a huge soft person who really cares about other people. He one day hopes to find a cure for his power and see his family again.
His powers are directly connected to his emotions so he is carefull to keep himself in check.
Even though he has little to no control over his powers, he can control how where the mist goes, but it is still toxic/acidic.

Miter Omek thinks garam is alright

Yes garam is also in the bastille
Myarie is a "mind suggestion wildcard". She can hijack peoples subconsious and cause them to disassociate and suggest things for them to do.
 she cant control everyone, but if a soceity of people are very passive and weak willed, then they are easy targets for myarie.
However, Myarie does not know how her power works,

so it goes on and off, so she has litterally no control over her her ability. 

So she was sent to bastille 1.

Miter Omek is also her warden. (he secretly cant stand her, but respects her anyways)

Myarie is very very fragile and insecure, she is clingy, possesive and jealous.
Yet at the same time she will give you a big cut if you scare her or belittle her. 
We all know a myarie in our lives


Ellis Roberts illustration
Artist | Student | Varied
Through God, His Son Jesus, and by His grace , we are empowered to do what is right not just what is good.
I am not yet perfect, I have fallen-but I make it a point to be sincere when He helps me get up and to keep pursuing Him ( with my wife ;) ;))

I am a wretch sometimes, I have my heart issues yes, but I really want to keep pursuing Jesus and His righteousness. And man cant stop me.
I wont let man stop me either.

I am wary when these words are expressed, He sees this as I type it and He knows what I will say before I say it, and I just want to make sure God is glorified. Even on this website! Sigh

my worst flaws:

I have been told that I am a "not-good person" ONLY when I do not get my way, And that I often act in my own self interest. (Wow that sounds pretty bad when you actually admit it...ouch)
Allegedly, this is truth. But in my defense, I am not even aware of these things , but I want to be more selfless and not selfish.

And I can be A BIT mean sometimes, but that is due to some issues with patience and communication. But I feel bad right away and apologize!

I am saying all this because I want to be authentic.
Not fake internet sappiness. No thanks.

Plus when I am sappy on here, you all know that I mean it!

And even then my flaws are still overlooked, so hey, I appriciate that.

I want to be better! More Nicer, more kinder, more loving, more thankful, more honest, more authentic...


If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
Romans 12:18 KJV

^that verse has me pursuing peace and honesty while remaining focused

I like digital drawing, by trade- I am a tree surgeon/landscaper/illustrator.

I can fill you in about those jobs too!
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  • Drinking: Water
Hey people

Im am STIIIIIL on my way to uploading artstuff here online on DA.

Ive been ok
Things have been way crazy in my life
Things are nuts


My three younger siblings are fantastic artists

The two older ones are traditional/digital sketch/painters
While the youngest one is a sculptor!

The middle sibling of those three is :iconhowdykoon: !!!!!!!!!!


drew Avahla

  Digital art trade w my brother pt1 by howdykoon

AND Syrrinda

  Digital art trade w my brother pt2 by howdykoon

Anyhow: these two above characters are from one of my stories called

I havent been as active on the story creation flex
But i know the plans that I can act on.



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