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broken promise
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"I'll cry about this,
And hide my cuckold eyes,
As you come off all concerned,
And I'll find no solace,
In your poor apology,
In your regret that sounds absurd,
And keep singing"
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I used this image today on a poem called 'Promise': [link] and linked back to this page. I hope it's okay.
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Chocolatecookiecrumb|Hobbyist Photographer
Cool idea <3
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Beautiful. I like how the flowers are the only thing in focus. It adds to this, I think. :)
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Featured here [link]
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Saturns-Child|Hobbyist Photographer
Featured here [link] .
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awesome! i love it
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MishimaHaiku|Student General Artist
So beautiful...and sad :rose:
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ScreeeamMore|Hobbyist General Artist
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excellent shallow DOF...love this
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mum|Student Writer
Featured. :heart: [link]
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TeapotMysteries|Professional General Artist
Hello!! myself and theshelfs run the group :iconphotographychallenge: and we've been trying to get amazing photographers such as yourself to write up a few tricks of the trade or tutorials on their styles to help budding photographers, and other professionals alike.
i wonder if you'd be interested in helping out?

please join the group and take part in the challenges they are a lot of fun.!!!
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Mommy-Silver|Hobbyist Writer
tremendously beautiful, and oh so frigging true.
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Wow so much emotion... For what i live right now... I love the focus, the dead flower and the man... Dude you are a Genius !!!!

I’m Romston, I have blog where I post most of the time music with art together.

I posted your picture on my blog and also in a video for my next music post post. I think the music and this picture fit perfectly :D

I also posted your name, the name of the picture with a link on this page and your deviant page so that people can know your arts more.

If there's anything don't hesitate to tell me

Here's the link of the post: [link]


Romston :flagcanada:
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This picture is worth far more than 1000 words....absolutely captivating!!
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DreamerInHeaven's avatar
Thats sooo sad :(
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Wholeearth|Professional Artist
Wow. This is a very moving shot and I can feel it. Sorrowful and lovely at the same time and the words mirror the sentiments... This is what art is about.
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xXXxkillerbunnyxXXx's avatar
sooooo beautiful, it hurts D:
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LemonzLol|Hobbyist Photographer
i couldn't think of anything to write.
but holy gosh i'm in love with this photo.
you absolutely put the lyrics into the exact image i was looking for.
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Oh man! "Sadness"
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nice shot, it really captures the emotions :heart:
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