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Forged in the storm

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Commission drawn for me by :iconjollyjack:

This is a first in two ways.
1. She is the first non-Callie centric pic form jollyjack
2. Its in color!
3. ???
4. Profit!

This is my take on a Stormcast eternal warrior, this is Lady (Lord)-Commander Aztael of the Thunder lionesses.
Let me begin by saying I don't play any board games, like Shadowrun/Warhammer40K/Age of Sigmar etc. But I do have a lot of army
Codexi (Plural I assume.) and rule books for the simple purpose of enjoying the story, the art and having them as reference material.

Oh, and consequently my version of the Stormcasts are going to come off as much more powerful than what's depicted in the actual canon, this is necessary
because it makes no sense to me for them to be fighting what they do and somehow still be killed by cultists.
They are not like that here.
They live up to the demi-god army expectations I have for them.

When it comes to the Stormcast eternals I found that they are a very customizable, each stormhost is unique from each other.
The Hammers of Sigmar are the epitome of what it means to be a Stormcast. Perfectly balanced in their gifts and temperament. As they are filled with people who are most like Sigmar himself.
The Celestial vindicators are brutal berserkers. Double sword fisting dervish warriors driven by rage. Full of people who are more fit for Sigmars berserk fury.
The Knights excelsior are relentless destroyers. Absolutist in the extreme, you are either good (They wont kill you. Maybe.), bad (They will kill you. Definitely.). So don't J-walk around them. People who share Sigmars no compromise attitude to good and evil.
The Hallowed knights are the hard core faithful, completely dedicated to Sigmar's cause. They apparently pray so hard that Sigmar tells them to chill out.
And the Thunder lionesses are women scorned. Mothers and lovers with their other half taken away. Women who can handle Sigmars drive to ensure that there is a future at all for the children.

Thunder lionesses
The loving ones, Women scorned, Storm mothers.
And Aztael is the lead of this stormhost that consists entirely of women.
Mothers and wives and lovers who are driven by revenge against those who took their husbands and children or
boyfriends from them.
This Stormhost is loaded with MILF's, Super models and beach babes. They are super hot but they are still demi-god warriors.
And yes, despite the armor style I'm assured by the six smiths and Grungi that they still have full protection. Somehow. Because divine science!
And of course I wanted to take advantage of the fantasy armor trope that is reserved for women characters. X3

Aztael ProudHeart, Thunder lioness Stormhost commander
Race: Human/White/Demigod-Stormcast eternal
Sex: Woman (So. Much. Woman.)
Age: 780,967 (But what does time matter to an immortal?)
Height: 8'2"
Weight: Too much for you.
Measurements: 50J-42-50 (I'm a big woman.) (Antcow note: I'm just guessing here, she's over 8 feet tall.)
Eye color: Gold (Its the Ur-Gold.)
Weapon: Holy weapons of the stormhost.

Likes: Loyalty/Duty/Honor/Vengeance (As is needed and expected.), Sigmar (My god and liege, whom I will serve forever.), Victory (For Sigmar and Azyr!),

Dislikes: Chaos (Vengeance never ending.), All evil of any kind (It all must be crushed!), Death (Dying hurts.),

Reforge count: 56. (It got worse and worse until the flaw was corrected and the stormcast design was perfected.)

Profile: Sigmars personal demi-god legions are vast and varied. Each with their own cultures and battle styles.
And all of them composed of people who impressed Sigmar with an otherwise final act of defiance before imminent death just to be wisked away by Sigmar, now a hopeful recruit in his
lightning filled eyes.
Despite being reforged to be warriors born and driven by revenge and filled with divine power, not all of the stormforged were warriors prior to their new immortal lives.
Some were craftsman, millers, doctors, beggars and so on.
The woman who would become Aztael was a high-priced prostitute and mother of five.
She hailed from a world dedicated to the pleasures of life and paid company was simply a normal fact of life, and almost always necessary.
Aztael did what was necessary, she was valued for her beauty and skill in the bed chambers, but didn't want that kind of life to hand off to her unexpected but very much loved children
begotten out of wedlock.
She intended to send them off world to live their lives in any other way than the one she had but the sudden invasion of Slaaneshi worshipping forces changed all that.
The conquest was quick, given that Chaos is so damn great at being insidious, a lot of the local power elite and military were already pledged to the dark demon god Slaanesh.

Backed into an alleyway, Aztael was ready to die to protect her children armed with a flimsy steak knife and a trash can lid. She was so focused on the towering champion of slaanesh in front of her that she was rightly shocked when five knives stabbed into her back.
He own children had been recruited right under he nose.
The despair and outrage and disgust served as a catalyst to ignite a drive for revenge that she could never have imagined before this moment.
Sigmar took notice and in defiance of her fate, claimed her with a flash of cosmic lightning, transporting her to his realm of Azyr.

The reforging process always carries with it risk, failure at any point results in death for the recruit, but Aztael endured. And reborn as one of Sigmars demi-god elite.
Oh she sought out revenge, she started out as a lowly but needed Liberator in the newly formed Thunder lionesses, and across the vast multi-verse and realms beyond she and her stormhost battled.
Sometimes the whole of the Stormhost was assembled for battle that could thunder across whole galaxies, clashing with legions of demons, the champions of the hellish realms and fallen god's. And other times she was sent alone to seek out the corrupt mortal's who worship such wicked beings and smash them asunder with hammer in hand.
Upon dispatching the five headed abomination that was her children she earned her promotion to Liberator-prime after her subsequent reforging.
Killing three demon-princes seen her further altered with her next reforging into a Retributor.
It would be another four thousand years before she was next reforged into a new form of a stormcast, she only managed to drive off U'zul the skulltaker, Khorne's champion bloodletter. But her injuries still claimed her.
She was reforged as a Knight-Azyros, flying through the cosmos, lantern in one hand and rune blade in the other.
It wasn't until the unsuccessful siege of Khornes brass fortress that she would not see her final promotion to that of Lord-Celestant.
Three hundred stormhosts in their full force was dedicated to the attack, with the legendary Hammers of Sigmar leading the charge into Khornes realm. Every step was a battle, aside from the relentless legions of Khorne, the very realm was fighting against the advancement of Sigmars stormhost's.
The ground stabbed up like swords as the sky lashed down with blood rain that boiled as hot as magma.
The walls of the Brass fortress was not just vast, but were more than fit to repel all the mortal armies of the universe, but this day Khornes forces met with battle agaisnt the demi-god legions of Sigmar.
Lightning scorched and blasted apart the battlements, Bloodthirster companies fell under relentless hammers, but it wasn't to last.
This was Khornes realm, and the gleaming hosts of Azyr was surrounded in the most bloody realm possible.
The Calvary of Khorne, bloodletters riding iron skin juggernauts, by the hundreds of thousands crashed into the flanks of the Stormcast.
And when the wall being assaulted by the Stormhosts finally fell there stood Khorne himself, enshrouded by rage corona radiating as the heat of billions of stars, his very sight murdering the future of anyone he focused on, Stormcasts simply vanished under his gaze.
Far above the realms and galaxies that had been absorbed into Khornes realm wept blood to make a storm to compete with Sigmars own, Khone strode into battle with the skull of the first leering overhead.
Every sweep of his blade, War-bringer, obliterated whole chambers of Stormcast eternals, even those who were not directly targeted were eviscerated by the razored air. The already tortured hell scape ruptured and bled with oceans of magma loaded with the screaming souls of damned cowards.

It was a loosing battle, but the first Lordess-celestant of the Thunder Lionesses was among those cut down by one of Khornes titanic sword swipes and did not rise again to arch back toward Azyr as etheric lightning, it wasn't impossible to kill immortals, and this was one way to do so.
Aztael rallied the crumbling siege around the last standing Chamber sacrosanct of fifteen stormhosts gathered their magics and directed a beam of lightning forged with a core of justice and holy fury was its sharpened tip. The bolt struck a chink in the blood gods armor, it speared through and out his backside to smash through Khornes citadel and blast apart the left armrest of the brass throne.
Khornes roar was as much the shock of pain but also rage, such was his bellowing it shook the whole of the realm of chaos and echoed along the superstructure of the cosmos.
Khorne was distracted by the sight of his own blood drawn in battle, it had not happened for so many billions of years, he was unaware as he towered above the last of the stromcast as they were overwhelmed by the resurgent numbers of his legions. Aztael was among the last five hundred of Sigmar's warriors to be cut down, and when Khorne looked up he merely watched as the azure bolts of should fly away in a receding divine storm front.
He stood there for over a decade, in deeper thought than usual. Nurgle was injured in ages past by a rag tag group of Sigmars chosen, and it wasn't even a deliberate attack. This time it was, fewer than 10 armies have ever came this close to his walls and this is the first time he's been attacked and harmed by lowly demi-gods no less.
Despite himself, he felt a new begrudging respect for the God-king of Azyr.

Victory wasn't an expected objective, but the overall message was made clear. The shining hosts of Azyr was a danger, and the most terrible of the chaos gods now understood that.

As for Aztael herself, it took a century to be reforged and when she did, she was honored for her actions and promoted to lead the newly reforged and reinforced Thunder lionesses.

Further adventures:
Successful rescue of Isha from Nurgle in joint operation with the Hallowed knights.
Victory over Heliopolitan pantheon rebels.
Took part in the victory over the Saiyan gods and eventual overthrow of the
Omni-king pantheon.

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pretty and badass

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your welcome

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i see the Extra layer of armor.
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Oh, where?
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ouh very cool
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Thank you, might make another
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Oh that could be great! I always wished to commission him but I never dared commission him
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Why not?
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never knew his prices for sure
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I think its like $40 for a line art
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If this' canon, I can definitely see feminists getting pissed and pointing out how she unlike the male ones isn't wearing full body armor

Specifically, exactly the same full body armor the males have, because its "androgynous"
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I intended on pissing off feminists, screw them!
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But not actually “screw” them given that they’re not hot
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I was speaking metaphorically of course 
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I love the lore around her !
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Thank you :)
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Godzilla20145Hobbyist Writer
is there going to be more like this?
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I hope so
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So what is next after this?
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Probably this woman again, but nude right after getting reforged
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