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Plus Ultraaa!

Because the hype is real.
And I thought that series would be a waste of time. How little did I know...

And of course I'm wokring on the next The Untold! It's... so late... again... isn't it....

All Might/ Boku no hero academia © Kohei Horikoshi
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Epickość aż emanuje z ekranu!
Co ty mi robisz, sprawiasz, że chce mi się to oglądać, a ja mam takie zaległosie, że nie mam jak oglądać takiej długiej serii, no co ty mi robisz no! XD
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Albowiem All Might! : U

I bardzo słusznie! Oglądaj epickości a nie tylko się fanficujesz! O-glum-daj! O-glum-daj! :dummy:
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XD HAH I have to say that XD
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We all feel the need to that from time to time~ ;]

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Looks amazing, truly fitting the number one hero ^^

Also, depends on which one you're referring to. Compared to the original manga, the anime is indeed a waste of time.
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Thanks! ;]

The anime. I've read just few first chapters, but to be honest for now I like the anime better. The music really makes wonders. And animation is really well done, as well as the characters. If I didn't watch the anime first I'd probably drop the manga after the first chapter, to be honest. For me, it just didn't work. Midoriya's dream of becoming a hero was so... meh and flat. In anime you can really feel his desperation.  All Might's sudden motivation to risk his own life as well. Many manga can show emotions even better than anime, that's true, but this time I think it was completely opposite. Anime has the feels that manga lacks.
At least at first. I don't know what it's like further on, maybe I'm wrong but for now I love the anime : P
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Well, consider this:
1. Yes, "at first" is a very good description. Keep in mind no mangaka ever yas nailed the series from the very first chapter. If taked some time to properly develop the feel.
2. Since you're so little into tje manga, you don't see the differences just yet. To keep it short, tje anime introduces certain things and characters earlier and in a much more awkward way, because they wanted to add as much exposition when barely covering the story. In the manga, the more important charscters get their share of exposition gradyally, which makes them stand out that much better and mskes their role in the current story arc that much more effective.
3. OOC and 3xaggeration, a LOT of it... best example, "All Might's sudden motivation to risk his own life" is bullshit, the real All Might is ALWAYS willing to risk his life, it's one of his badic traits, it's what got him so many devoted followers (doubtful the anime will get to that part anytime soon, but Midoriya isn't his only diehard fan, nor tje biggest for that matter). Plus, there's a big difference between better showing dmotions, and flat out overexaggerating them. Not saying the anime does it all the time, yes, there are times when the anime does it better, but also far too many when it does it worse.
4. The pace, if the anime keeps it's current pace, it will catch up to current manga chapters in 2021 at best, it is far too sluggish.
5. The animation part is debatable so I saved it for last, you say you like it, I find it good during certain fight scenes, but casual scenes are done far too awkwardly, with some comically overexaggerated gestures. Plus, all of it is very sluggish, it's hard to describe it thoroughly, but badically most gestures take far too many frames than necessary, my guess is that they realized they chose too little naterial fir a whole season and were filling up the time. Whatever the caseSo I can't call it it "good", they really should work on it... so I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on that part.
6. Music isn't really a problem. One can read the manga when listening to the anime OST, just like tje Fairy Tail fandom does XD
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1. Actually, there were quite many of them (d.gray-man for example). It's not a business as forgiving as to give everyone a second chance. And I just think that anime did the first part far more better than the manga, that's all.
2. Anime doesn't have to be an exact adaptation of the manga. Those are two completely different environments. An anime  takes much much much more money, sources and work to cover the same part of manga. It's only natural they often have to do things differently and cut things or show them differently. Comics are not animations, and vice versa. They work on different rules.
3. Well, that was exactly the first chapter that I think anime showed much better than manga. In manga it wasn't so obvious, to me at least. Anime made his character justice, it really showed what he is deep to the core. And from the very first seconds of the show they made it clear that everyone loves All Might. In manga, once again, I couldn't see it at all. So I wouldn't call it "exaggeration", the animation staff made that love just natural. I'm not saying the manga is bad. It only lacks the feels I was able to see see in the anime.
4. Uhm, they should take all the time they need instead of mindlessly charging just to get to the end? How long One Piece, Bleach ect, have been airing....
5. At least it doesn't feel rushed as so many of the shows nowadays.  I'm a great fan of animation, but I don't get impressed that easily. So I simply can't agree with you here, at least we agree on that ;]
6. If that works for you, I have nothing to say : P

So yeah, our opinions are just a bit different again, haha. Maybe because you know the manga and already had some expectations towards the anime while for me it was a completely new thing.
That's why I think I'll wait 'till the show ends before reading the rest of the manga.
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Before the sctual reply, does "czytanie ze zrozumieniem" sound really so hard? Half the time you're completely missing my point or twisting my words, which is very rude and demeaning.

1. One thing to keep in mind, if you're gonna throw examples, make sure they work. I actuallt found D.Grey Man to be a generic shonen, just edgy/goth to appeal to edgy/goth kids.
And not sure where you got your info, but every mangaka has all the chamces they want as long as thet're detetmined to try again. If it were as harsh as you claim, then Hoshino Katsura, the creator of D.Grey Man would never make that series, because her early works flopped ;3
And I have agreed the very first part was dobe better in the anime, it just doesn't make it better overall.
2. I think you're a bit confused here. If the anime us based on the manga, it is by definition an "adaptation" (I know English isn't your native language, but come on). Never said the adaptation needs to follow the manga step by step, but there's a fine line between taking liberties and just plain making it your private fanfic.
Again, NEVER said it has to be the EXACT SAME, but putting needless exposition where it doesn't bdlong is a change for the worse, not better.
3. To you maybe, to me his determination was all too obvious. All Might was hesitant to endanger anyone else, he was never reluctant to endanger himself for the sake of others.
But, that's just one example, how about any others? Todoroki's backstory was painfully overdone in the anime, Iida's angst against Stain was painfully overexaggerated as well, same goes for many other examples.
This might be a good time to remind you, until you read the manga and see how certain characters gave developed, you will not be able to see how those changes actually damage the characters.
So until you do, I advise you should withold your praise for the anime.
5. Again NEVER SAID THAT, so stop putting words in my mouth, it's fucking rude. There's a big difference between a sluggish pace and "mindlessly charging", and I thought you'd have the common sense to understand that.
So for one, no, they can't taje all the time they want because shonen anime is coming out every season, and when done at current pace, will be overshadowed and cancelled in favor of a current fad.
And two, Bleach is a very bad anime adaptation, and One Piece is a terrible anime adaptation, so again, very poor examples. They are popular, but "popular" does not automatically equal "good"
5. Yes, it's not as bad as some others, but it doesn't automatically make it "good", no matter how much you may like it or be impressed. I simply don't care how many are done worse because I don't waste my time on series below that "at least not as rushed" standard, I was expecting this particular one to be great, and was simply dissapointed.
6. Well, I'm not the one who brings up music as an argument when it's pretty obvious the manga does not have music at all. It's kinda like saying that the game is better than both manga and anime because you can control the character XD

And that might be the main problem here. You say I have expectations because I read the manga BUT you forget that also means I know how the story progresses, I know how the characters develop, and I know what kind of negative changes have been done already.
And you might wanna keep in mind I'm not the only one to be dissatisfied with the changes, people who know the original and ignore the sub-par anime are the reason it only gets one season each year (as opposed to Bleach or One Piece, which despite the poor quality get 4 seasons a year), and if that keeps up, they're just gonna abandon it and end it prematurely like Soul Eater, where the anime covered only around 1/4 of the manga.
Plus, you might wanna note that since you openly admit you don't know the manga aside from the early chapters, it's not as much a difference in opinion and more a difference in knowledge. So catch up first, and then we'll get back to this conversation.
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Ok, my courtesy of playing your game ends here. Since you seem to fail to understand even one word I've said I'll turn into a language that maybe you can understand a little bit better.

Posłuchaj mnie uważnie, bo to ostatni raz kiedy marnuję swój czas na próżną dyskusję z Twoją osobą: cały ten czas wyrażałam swoją i tylko swoją opinię na temat tego anime. Ani razu nie stwierdziłam, że anime jest lepsze od mangi, tylko że według mnie anime pokazało kilka kwestii lepiej i że ja osobiście wolę anime. Nie wciskałam żadnych słów w Twoje usta, bo i po co miałabym to robić? Mówiłam co ja myślę na dany temat. Jeśli masz problemy ze słuchaniem i rozumieniem to naprawdę powinieneś się trochę hamować.
Ja nie potrafię czytać ze zrozumieniem, powiadasz?
Spójrz jeszcze raz i racz przeczytać, co piszesz nim to wyślesz w świat. Z całą pewnością brak Ci wiedzy ( i nie mówię tu o znajomości mangi), obycia i kultury osobistej, by prowadzić z kimkolwiek dyskusje na otwartym forum.
Odnośnie przykładów serii, które podawałam - po raz kolejny dotyczyły one moich prywatnych odczuć. Nie podobały Ci się? Trudno. Biorąc pod uwagę naszą obecną i poprzednią "dyskusję", w której tak jak i teraz wykazywałeś się agresją nieproporcjonalną do omawianego tematu, a gdzie również mieliśmy zupełnie różne opinie, wygląda na to, że zwyczajnie mamy całkowicie inny gust. Wiem, że charakterystyczne dla polaków jest wybitna kłótliwość i owa agresja, kiedy ktoś śmie mieć inne zdanie, ale apeluję - człowieku, opanuj się.
A jeśli mowa o byciu nieuprzejmym...
Szczytem nieuprzejmości i braku szacunku do drugiej osoby jest wysłanie wiadomości z taką ilością błędów jak Twój poprzedni komentarz. Szczytem nieuprzejmości jest zwracanie się do obcej osoby w sposób, w jaki Ty to robisz. Szczytem nieuprzejmości jest atakowanie ludzi za odmienne zdanie. Dużo tych szczytów, nie uważasz?
Mam prawo lubić anime nie znając mangi. Mam prawo doceniać ciężką pracę ludzi, za to co stworzyli, a nie czego nie stworzyli.
Tak samo jak Ty masz prawo do swojego zdania. Nie ma sensu kopać się z koniem, jak mawiają mądrzy ludzie.

Do rozmowy nie wrócimy, bo z Tobą nie ma rozmowy, dopóki nie podziela się Twojego zdania.

Orędzie na sam koniec - jeśli jakaś seria tak bardzo Ci się nie podoba, to do jasnej anielki, nie oglądaj jej i przestań zawracać ludziom gitarę swoim angstem. Ponoć masz ponad 30-stkę na karku. Może czas zacząć się zachowywać jak na faceta w tym wieku przystało?
I bardzo bym prosiła o nie atakowanie moich komentujących, jak ProfShiro, która rozmawiała ze mną - każdy ma prawo lubić to co lubi.
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Przeczytałem wszystkie moje komentarze, i nie widzę w nich nic co by zasługiwało na taki potok czystej agresji z twojej strony. Dużo piszesz o tym jaki jestem zuy, nikczemny i niekulturalny, niemniej to ty z góry traktuhesz moje argumenty jako angst, to ty przekręcasz moje słowa, ty wmawiasz mi rzeczy, których nie powiedziałem ani nie zrobiłem, i co najważniejsze, to TY przeszłaś do osobistego ataku gdy skończyły ci się argumenty.

Do ProfShiro zagadałem, bo tak działa otwarte forum, i bądź tak miła by zwrócić uwagę, że tamta rozmowa wyglądała zupełnie inaczej. Choćby dlatego, że rozmówca nie potraktował mnie z góry hak angsty fanboya i nie doszukuje się agresji lub ataku. Mogłabyś się od ProfShiro wiele nauczyć

No cóż, wybacz więc, że wziąłem cię jako osobę sensowną i ogarniętą. Na przyszłość będę pamiętał, że "charakterystyczna dka Polaków kłótliwość i agresja" są esencją twego charakteru.
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Hey villian, have you heard these words?
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Which one~? ;3
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What about it that made you think that it would be a waste of time?
Just curious always thought of the premise interesting especially now with all these marvel movies out.

Love the mist around All Might.

Last thing GO TO FUCKING SLEEP TOU'LL NEED IT. Have a nice day.
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The cliche  "from zero to hero" theme for the first thing. The main character design and the outfits for the second. The All Might for... the whole concept, to be honest... The art style.

Thanks ;]

B-But, sleeping is a waste of time... QAQ
Then burn the dead corpses they've been sleeping since put into the ground.
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lol XD Hero Academia is awesome, and you only know so little of it jet XD its going to be super epic (has read the manga too) XD
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After first episodes I knew it's gonna be epic, there's just no other way for this show! xD
 One day I'll read the manga. But probably after the show is over ;]
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ah i know right, i was sold after the first episode as well and i rarely read manga's but this anime had me sold i just had to read it :D
and damn so glad i did :D really cant wait for the upcoming episodes/seasons :D
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It's just addicting.
I can't wait too ;D
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