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Sooo, I've been tagged to do this, like back in the last year ( sorry, :iconraycchan:, you know I'm slow at those, haha...) and I thought that maybe it's finally a good time to do this.

1. Pick a character, and stay in character.
2. Make your character answer the questions.
3. Tag at least up to 5 people or more.

Taking an example from Raycchan I decided to go with something a bit more than a simple  question-> answer.
Let's gooo~

1. Interviewer: Have any siblings? (half siblings and stepsiblings count)

Khail: Is there any point in wasting time talking about dead people?

Interviewer: Well... And your men from Raging Crows? You're all kind of "brothers in arms", aren't you?

Asahi: Yeah, we're all a big family, right, Kal?

Khail: *gves me a blank expression* ...

Khail: Next question.

Asahi: QAQ

2. Interviewer: How many members do you know are in your family tree?

Khail: Wow,  It's just a second question and you're already getting on my nerves. Congrats, you can be proud of yourself.

Interviewer: *cough* Could you please answer the question?

Khail: *roles his eyes* None.

3. Interviewer: What is your favorite game?

Khail: Fights. Back in the Crows we used to spar everyday, in all kind of combat styles. My fav one is one vs many.

Interviewer: Could that... really be considered a game?

Khail: I guess so? It's entertaining.

4. Interviewer: How is your love life?

Khail: *chuckle*I have no complaints, I assure ya'.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate, please? Is there a special woman in your life?

Khail: Nope.  I love all women~

Interviewer: You do realize it's highly unapropriate and most of the decent women shouldn't have any warm feeling towards you, except for the burning hatred?

Khai: Hey, I'm not cheating on them, if that's what you mean. None of us seek any long-term relationships.

5. Interviewer: Do you have any royal blood?

Khail: Sure. Everybody knows that if one lives in the forest with a bunch of thugs as companions must be a prince or princess in hiding. Where's my crown, dammit?

Interviewer: I'll take that as a no, then....

6. Interviewer: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet?

Khail: Why wasting time on dead people again? As for the living...  That bastard Red Dog/Bronius or whatever he's called now, to slice his throat open. *grins*

Interviewer: NEXT!

7. Interviewer: What is your favorite movie?

Khail: "A movie"? You mean a move? Like  in martial arts, or Pokemon moves?

Interviewer: No, no. More like a play. You know, a theatre.

Khail: Silly mistake you did there, you're supposed to be good with words.

Intervew: Just answer, please...

Khail: I don't think I have one? Didn't see too many of them anyway, I'm not really interested in that kind of entertainments.

8. Interviewer: Have any secrets?

Khail: ....

Interviewer: ... Don't stare at me like that! It was in the script!

9. Interviewer: Creepiest experience?

Khail: Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Azil's face staring at me with that creepy devotion in his eyes...

Azil: *murmurs* I apologize, I've been just waiting for your orders in case you needed anything...

10. Interviewer: Who is the most annoying person you have ever met?

Khail: *looks at Asahi*

Asahi: ....

Asahi: AHAHAHA, Kal, my friend, my buddy, come on!

Khail: ........

Asahi: ....

Asahi: My heart is broken. Excuse me. *sobs and leaves the room*

Intreviewer: That was a bit cruel, don't you think?

Khail: *shrugs* He's annoying as hell, but also the most reliable one. But he doesn't need to know that.

11. Interviewer: Do you go on social media?

Khail: On social-what?

Interviewer: Meaning, are you famous in any way?

Khail: Oh. Then yeah, though it's more like "infamous".

12. Interviewer: If you're in a relationship who kissed who first :3? (If you haven't kissed that's ok)

Khail: *chukles* In most cases that would be me.

13. Interviewer: Anyone you have or had a crush on?

Khail: I'd rather say that it's ladies that tend to have a crush on me.

Interviewer: Come on, there must have been some girls that weren't interested in you!

Khail: Of course. But I'm not the type to impose on a girl in those kind of situations. Who do you take me for?

14. Interviewer: What's the most embarrassing thing you've done?

Khail: *grins*  If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Interviewer: Uhm, t-then I think I'll pass.

15. Interviewer: Are you married?

Khail: No, not my thing.

16. Interveiwer: What's your favorite place to be with your partner/friend?

Khail: Training grounds.

17. Interviewer: Who's the person you hate the most?

Khail: Hard to tell, really. Way too many to choose from. But if I had to I'd say the bloody Red Dog aka Bronius and spoiler spoiler

18. Interviewer: What's your favorite food?

Khail: I'm not too picky when it comes to food, I can eat almost anything. But I like spicy things.

19. Interviewer: What's your favorite weapon?

Khail: The most useful in a close combat ones. Daggers, mostly. I'm especially fond of karambits.

20. Interviewer: What's your favorite prank to pull?

Khail: The one in which your blade goes through your opponent's throat.

Interviewer: That's not a prank, you know, it's called a murder...

21. Interviewer: Who's your favorite amoung your team?

Khail: Akashe, I'd like to say, but then Sheyri won't stop wailing...

Akashe: Is that your reasoning to choose?! Asshole!

Sheyri : I love Master~

Khail: See, Aka? Learn from the kitty!

22. Interviewer: Is anyone like a rival to you?

Khail: When you reach a certain level it's hard to find a worthy opponent, yet alone a rival. But there are some people that wants to prove that they're stronger than me, like that wimpy Cheren for example. But I wouldn't really call that wuss a rival of mine.

23. Interviewer: Favorite celebrity?

Khail: "Celebrity"? Like one of those prissy-pants, shoving their ass in everyone's face?

Interviewer: I get it that none of them got your appoval, did they...?

Khail: *crosses his arms* Nope.

24. Interviewer: Got in any fights?

Khail: *bursts into laughter*

Intervewer: ... Moving on...

25. Interviewer: Anything to say to anyone reading this?

Khail: Why do you think anyone's gonna read this?


As for the tags - I'm not gonna tag anyone since it took me forever to do this myself.
But if you feel like it, then tag yourself! : D
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