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The Family Tree

After several weeks living with the Changá Hrairoo’s wounds began to heal, leaving scars that not even Chano, the village’s doctor, was able to treat. But that didn’t matter much to Hrairoo. He was alive and getting better by the day. He was grateful, he knew that if it wasn’t for the pod people he would be dead or worse. The podlings were good to him. Chimi, the grumpy polding who had found him almost dead in the forest was very attentive. Not only did Chimi care for his health but fed him the best food he had ever tasted. Whatever weight Hrairoo had lost after the attack in the forest he put back quickly with Chimi’s stews and sweets. Cucho -Chimi’s bespectacled partner- mostly kept to themselves but was always sure to know everything that was happening around the village. Bam -Cucho and Chimi’s child- was curious, but kept a prudent distance. Bam seemed happy to have Hrairoo around. “Xadi!” asked Bam “Why does Hrairoo have wings? I’ve never seen a gelfling with wings!” “That’s

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