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Succubus flesh is affected by syphilis.

Based on the sick photo however I can't guarantee that is real photo, not fake.

fuckin' update with CorelPainter and Ps
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Then I use it to put in the cover of our album for my music group please thank you

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I love this - the loss of convention beauty and it’s replacement with something more pure 😈
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I see the pain & suffering, the victimhood in the character's face in the middle.

Very intense & very sad.  Excellent artwork!

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I feel this piece of artwork in the depths of my heart and soul.
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Now this is truly terrifying if you ask me. I must say, great work.
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I recognised that photo immediately: a lady with syphillis... the most disturbing photo I´ve ever found on the Net . But your painting is awesome, good job.
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Someone is using your art work .…
And here is someone comparing the two pictures…
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Just another asshole. Thank you!
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Creepy... I shouldn't had searched the reference.
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That face is the face of a woman in a morgue. Essentially you shopped the face of someone dead. Essentially the parents can now end up accidentally see the face of there dead daughter. 
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oh myyy.. this makes me wanna fap
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how the fuck is this a succubus???
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It's stunning. Great work!
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I think this may be how it really looks like, but she turns into sexy chick when she goes on hunt.
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Can I have this as a tattoo! It's amazing
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Суккубы - они такие, да :P 
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at least its not some sexy stripper-woman like all the other ones.
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Thanks for the share, posted on The Anti-Hype.…
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This is a picture of my ex-wife!!!!!!!!!
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Not good. I used to know the RL corpse on which this art is based. I keep seeing references to that same corpse every few months, and it is driving  me nuts. If she'd known how her dessicated remains would be used she wouldn't have killed herself.
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