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Mobile Repair Platform v2.7

A repair platform for damaged ships. Equipped with 12 tractor beams to pull in even disabled ships and secure them on the upper deck for repairs. The platform is maneuverable, but accelerates only slowly. The hangars/loading bays of the segments are filled with materials, spare parts, robots and drones to do the actual repairs.

The floodlight drones are landed on the upper deck when not needed, or while the platform is accelerating. They can only be used in free fall situations.

The damaged ship shown in the image is classified as light cruiser, about 200 meters in diamater. This is also the biggest ship type the platform can serve. The cruiser is seriously damaged but actually still operatable. The command bridge of this ship type is near the center and was unharmed, and 10 of the 12 drives still work as well. 5 of the 12 power plants had to be shut down for safety reasons, 3 are probably completely destroyed and need to be replaced. The spherical design and the placement of the machinery around the ship makes it very hard to completely disable these ships with only a few hits. They also have an inner structure of nested cylinders and decks which work as air-tight bulkheads.
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First off, a mobile repair platform would definitely be needed in space, so great idea in concept. One of my favorite parts here are the floating drones with the floodlights. I've never seen anything like that before, and imagine how helpful those would be for the people/robots/drones working on the repairs! Plus, putting them in a close "orbit" like that around the repair has a stellar (pun intended) sci-fi feel. 

I think you were really successful, though, by allowing the viewer to see into the docking bays/decks around the base (under the tractor beams). This helps significantly with sense of scale—a challenge all futuristic/space art fights with. Great job!
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Thanks! It's really hard these days to get feedback, so I'm glad that you took the time to write down your ideas and thoughts. For the scale, there are actually two groups of astronauts in the landing deck, but they are just like some bright dots. The drones and bots are fairly big, to be able to actually do some work on the also rather big ships.

I must admit though that the idea of having a mobile repair platform isn't genuinely mine, I got that from some old sci-fi novels.

Thanks for the feedback!
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I wanna repair on it xD
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Welcome tp RPST-07! We are happy to have you here with us. You'll start as junior engineer, and there are a number of career paths from that. Are you good with bubble gum? Duct tape? Just in case there are no spare parts anymore and we need you to fix something.

Please sign here, here and here. Thank you.

You'll get your pressure suit, working clothes and personal toolbox on deck 17, area 51. No wait, that was for the alien artifacts. Clothes and equipment is area 2 on deck 17. I keep mixing those two up.
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