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Marsfield Starport v1.6

A starport near the dome-city Marsfield.

The small pipe structures are working like subway tunnels, small coaches are commuting in there, to collect passengers from the landing field and to connect the city and the starport. There is a nuclear power plant left of the city and solar power farm between the city and the starport to supply them with energy.

Basically a new and improved version of this:…

Update 2018/03/10: v1.4

Changed to a different illumination model in the rendering software to get a more natural look of the scene. Maybe it's a bit too dark and red now, though.

Update 2018/03/11: v1.5

Much more vibrant colors again. Modified the two tetra fighters in the front of the starport slightly. Added a thin layer of fog/haze to the scene, to give it more impression of depth.

Update 2018/03/11: v1.6

Added one more tetra fighter. Tried to re-balance color and light further after the previous changes.
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Cool, just needs some bump maps. :)
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Thanks, but the the comment on the bump maps confuses me a bit. Even that I didn't use bump maps, the tool that I use offers "normal pattern", that is much the same as a bump map, just generated with a sort of generator instead of an bitmap. The surfaces there are not flat as in all without any modifications to their normals.

E.g. those wrinkled parts of the landscape are a very visible result of the normal pattern.

Most objects in the scene have such, but given that the buildings and the spaceships are rather big, scratches and smaller dents just don't show much. In case of the landscape I chose the scale for the normal pattern so that the effects are very prominent, because I didn't want that detail in the landscape heightmap.

Maybe there is a misunderstanding here. Can you elaborate a bit where and how bump maps would help?
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What I meant was bump maps would bring a little bit more liveliness to the landscape. Sorry for the confusion.
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I see. Yes, the landscape is really lacking. I had some talk about it with a friend, but so far I'm a bit clueless how to solve it and still keep the rendering times somewhat reasonable. At the moment the scene needs about 2 hours in the published quality and resolution.

Thanks for the feedback :)
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The ideas and models are good for the most part, but you need to add bumpmaps (awesome type of texturing that makes your textures "pop"). You should also work on the lighting.

Work on those, and your art will look awesome!
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The lighting is what bothers me most. I'm currently testing a different illumination model that my software also offers, but that needs quite a lot of time to render the scenes. And in case of the starport it will require to change quite a lot of the materials to look good again.

I could say the ships are all new, no scratches and dents yet, bout you are right, bump maps will help. It's a bit tricky though, the starport is supposed to be something like 4x4 miles square, so only real big details will show.

Thanks for the feedback!
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