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Crystal Bearers, Full Scene

A small scene made from dried plant parts, and a few swarovski  crystals.
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Is this based off your love of space?
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I'm sure that played a big role. But I like crystals, more generally all things that shine, which have light effects. So I'm sure I'd include crystals in my works even if I never had read about space.

I want better crystals though. These Svarovsky crystals are nice, but nature has much better ones. Just much less affordable, too.

Thanks for browsing my gallery :)
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You're welcome. I always like it when I come across something unique on DA (which is getting a lot more rare these days). Thank you for capturing my attention.
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Thanks! And yes, I'm often tired to sift through dozens of "more of the same" artworks while I browse DA, but they are there, the gems and gold nuggets.

We'll have to become art diggers.