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Evil League of Evil

:skull::skull:THE HIGH COUNCIL (Top 20):skull::skull:

:bulletred:Darth Vader/Anakin - :iconwil-woods: :bulletred:
:icondarthhell: :icontyrinecarver: :iconnosvertu: :iconwhiteraja: :icontheshane27: :iconazuh-ra-el: :iconamazonne: :iconkaibusu: :iconsmalltownactor: :iconryuiki: :iconshorelle: :icondemondragonsaer: :iconsolidchief: :icondarrtaa: :iconcyberii: :iconlincean: :iconnaust187: :iconmovie-man: :iconpennywereskunk: :iconnagi9669:

:bulletred:Alucard (Hellsing)- :icontyrinecarver: :bulletred:
:iconpaxipeanut::iconkliwe: :iconfavoritekindofdrug: :iconnosvertu: :iconamazonne: :icondemondragonsaer: :iconsolidchief: :iconkarnivalofkawaii: :iconnaust187: :icontalkingtomysoul: :iconnagi9669:

:bulletred:Cobra Commander - :iconthecobracommander: :bulletred:
:iconwil-woods: :icontyrinecarver: :iconpb-zeppelinfan: :iconpokemon-eversole: :iconjezabelpheonix: :iconoptimus2345::iconthegreatburg: :iconnaust187:

:bulletred:Sephiroth - :icondreamwatcher7: :bulletred:
:iconadvent-axl::icontyrinecarver: :iconfavoritekindofdrug: :iconazuh-ra-el: :iconpaxipeanut: :iconamazonne: :iconkaibusu: :iconsolidchief: :iconlincean: :iconnaust187: :iconnagi9669:

:bulletred:Dr. Horrible - :iconsavari07: :bulletred:
:iconkliwe: :icontyrinecarver: :iconpb-zeppelinfan: :icongweakles: :iconhakyness3876: :iconakanaakazen::iconrenaroo:

:bulletred:Freddy Krueger - :iconlizdraws: :bulletred:
:iconpaxipeanut: :icontyrinecarver: :iconfavoritekindofdrug: :iconamazonne: :iconarrhythmianyx: :iconwinterfox666: :iconmattoid-26: :iconblackened-dove: :iconjamjam22::iconfallen-rain16: :iconwellnesswater: :iconbloodredvampress: :iconziltra: :iconmovie-man: :iconpennywereskunk: :iconnaust187:

:bulletred:The Joker- :iconjarhead689: :bulletred:
:iconladyesca1812: :iconbeaniemann: :icontitianna: :iconkliwe: :iconwhiteraja: :iconkuro-kuma: :iconmattoid-26: :iconfallen-rain16::iconrenaroo: :iconwellnesswater: :iconfuckpsychosketch: :iconnaust187: :iconmovie-man: :iconpennywereskunk: :icontalkingtomysoul: :iconnagi9669:

:bulletred:Jason Voorhees - :iconpaxipeanut: :bulletred:
:iconxevilxpenguinxninjax: :iconfavoritekindofdrug: :iconpb-zeppelinfan: :iconamazonne: :iconphantomfaustfan: :iconcyberii: :iconmovie-man: :iconpennywereskunk: :iconnaust187:

:bulletred:Kira/ Light Yagami - :bulletred:
:iconbeaniemann: :icontyrinecarver: :iconwhiteraja: :iconkarnivalofkawaii: :iconnagi9669:

:bulletred:Scarecrow -
:iconlancedarkness: :iconwhiteraja: :iconfavoritekindofdrug: :iconpb-zeppelinfan:

:bulletred:Deadpool- :icondevicon: :bulletred:
:icontyrinecarver: :iconpb-zeppelinfan: :icongweakles: :iconmattoid-26::iconrenaroo: :iconoptimus2345: :iconqueenjulien: :iconnaust187:

:bulletred:Starscream - :bulletred:
:iconsouthernstingray: :icontyrinecarver: :iconwhiteraja: :iconthecobracommander: :iconnaust187:

:bulletred:Harley Quinn - :iconladyesca1812: :bulletred:
:iconjarhead689: :iconkliwe: :iconarrhythmianyx: :iconnaust187: :icontalkingtomysoul:

:bulletred:Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez- :iconhellkatsharingan: :bulletred:
:iconmightynugget: :iconwhiteraja: :iconpaxipeanut: :iconblazeedge: :iconnagi9669:

:bulletred:Megatron - :iconsouthernstingray:
:iconnosvertu: :iconthecobracommander: :iconpokemon-eversole: :iconkilljoy1230::iconmawnbak: :iconoptimus2345::iconthegreatburg: :iconnaust187:

:bulletred: Hannibal Lecter -
:icondarthhell: :iconfavoritekindofdrug: :iconpb-zeppelinfan: :iconwellnesswater: :iconpennywereskunk:

:bulletred:Wesker - :iconlancedarkness:
:iconnosvertu: :iconamazonne: :iconsolidchief:

:bulletred:Venom - :iconkuro-kuma:
:iconwhiteraja: :iconnosvertu: :icondemondragonsaer: :iconmattoid-26: :iconlincean: :iconnaust187: :iconmovie-man: :iconpennywereskunk:

(If your favorite Villain isn't here, we'll add them =])

:skull::skull:THE COMPLETE LIST:skull::skull:

Group Info

Welcome to Antagonists United. This is a group devoted to those of a less conventional morality. We accept art of all kinds displaying and promoting your favorite villains, vigilantes and anti-heroes (we’ll go as far as undecided chaotic neutrals and people who call themselves good guys but everyone knows are on the border….but none of those goodie too-shoes in disguise). Now join us in our expansion into the realms of good art and bad people.
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May 10, 2010


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Fan Club

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Hey guys, as you may or may not have noticed, this club is becoming pretty inactive as the founders have sort of aged out of the DA society. (Don't get me wrong; we still love our Antagonists, but now we only have time to love them in between our jobs :/ ) We still come back here every few weeks or so but updates are nowhere near as quick or efficient as they should be. If anyone would like to take over some admin duties or help maintain the club or would like to take over as fearless leader, please let me know! Otherwise, we will trudge along slowly but surely...
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MaryLazz Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2023  Student Digital Artist
Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz

   Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz by MaryLazz  
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Could this be accepted?
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Maybe a little undead ^^' Sorry, I travel a lot for my work so I don't always have internet access. Which means I can only take care of the group like every 3 weeks when I'm home. Would love some help running things if you know anyone who's interested : O But I'm sure you guys are busy too ^^'
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i hope not! 
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