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Bomy Adventure



Arrow keys move character around
A - attack/kick
S - shield/duck into shell
S + hold D - dash charge
S + release D after holding it - dash
X - fruit bomb

In case you end up seeing stars, quickly press LEFT+DOWN+RIGHT+UP over and over until you've awoken yourself from the daze.

Be careful when swimming, lots of momentum; Watch out for the spikey villains!

Oh! One more thing! Those little fruit bombs pack quite a mighty punch! They'll flip you over and flop your shell right on its back without any qualms of tipping you back over. Move side to side repeatedly to gain build momentum in flipping back over—but not too quickly! If you're moving side to side without following the rhythm, your efforts will be in vain.
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um im looking for someone to design a game, im 14 years old. and um.. i don't really understand much about game designing.... the most i can help out with is the BGM's. (in game music.) so a basic description of the game is :
-I want it to be MMORPG
-it will be large exploration. not side scrolling, and it will be 2d.
if you can pull that off please contact me at my email which is

oh and i have a Mac® computer from apple...

AWESOME job on the game btw....