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Night at the Mausoleum (I)
     If anyone had asked, Ruo Lin could have told them that the Terracotta Warriors, part of the complex of the Qin Emperor’s Mausoleum, were dressed according to rank, arranged in fully operational battle formation, and had been sculpted to be the likenesses of some six-thousand soldiers outfitted for battle in the afterlife. But time goes on in the Mausoleum, as it had for nearly three thousand years until the discovery of the Warriors in 1974, and nobody asked these questions. The visitors to the park had pamphlets and placards to be read, sets of headphones with audio explanation to buy, tour guides to hire. They never needed the professionals who worked behind the scenes, but Ruo Lin liked to placate herself by telling anyone who would listen that these historians and archaeologists worked more for the dead than for the living.
     She’d come to the Mausoleum several months ago as an assistant archaeologist, before the summer had swept in
Night at the Mausoleum (II)
     Ruo Lin awoke in the middle of the night to the darkness of Pit 3, pitch black minus the emergency exit lights that were faintly visible on the far side of the building. It was just like her to get locked in the Mausoleum overnight – although this was luckily the first time she’d ever had the misfortune of fainting on the job right in the middle of the evening shift – and she’d have to find a way to hide from the morning staff to avoid being punished.
     Still a bit groggy, she sat up against the side of a display case and slowly became aware of the faint murmuring of voices. Confused at first, she gradually recalled the events of only a few hours prior and sat motionless against the glass, trying not to panic. They were alive! The Terracotta Warriors in all of the display cases in Pit 3 were moving, and talking, and ---
     She sat up hastily, rubbing her head, and turned around to see whose display ca
Night at the Mausoleum (III)
     Ruo Lin slept against the glass of Jie Fu’s display case until morning fell over the Mausoleum, sunlight filtering through the small skylights on the high walls to illuminate Pit 3 and its adjacent exhibit. She caught herself waking up just as the jingle of keys from the main door began to echo through the building and knew that if she were caught at this hour there was no way of defending herself. Panicked, she flailed around for the stray cleaning supplies and booked it for the supply closet.
     After a somewhat embarrassing walk of shame out of the park through the visitor’s exit in order to avoid having to clock out from the night before, Ruo Lin made it back to her suburb apartment via shuttle bus later in the morning. The first thing she did was assemble ingredients for a sandwich – food was really all she could process at the moment. Wolfing it down as she stood in the kitchen, she contemplated the current state of affairs b
Night at the Mausoleum (IV)
     The next night, Ruo Lin finished her duties and waited patiently for the other soldiers to decide they had had enough arguing over what had really happened during a particular siege. She sat near Liu Han and exchanged knowing glances with him as Ma Jie asserted himself to Jie Fu, who was of the opinion that a general on his high horse should come down from the high horse and try experiencing battle like a common man for a change.
     When the debate had ended with sore feelings and grumbling, the two quiet spectators laughed at the conversation they’d just witnessed while the general, the standing archer, and the others settled back into their semi-permanent positions for the rest of the night. He gazed at her smile and didn’t say anything when the laughter subsided, but she caught the hints of nostalgia in his face and arched an eyebrow quizzically.
     “What’s up?”
     “Nothing, I
Night at the Mausoleum (V)
     Ruo Lin carried Liu Han’s frustrations home with her that night and to work again the next afternoon, and the afternoons that followed. She was consumed with the little information she knew about the so-called prophecy, or whatever it was, that had allowed Liu Han and the others to reanimate in her presence. It had supposedly been because of the love she possessed inside of her, the only remaining trace of Liu Han’s wife Lin Hui, but according to the broken-hearted crossbowman, this love leftover from another time shouldn’t have awakened all five of the soldiers that now conversed with her every night.
     She thought about the implications of this and brought them to work with her every day, but she just didn’t know enough about the exact circumstances of the magic at work within the Warriors to make any concrete judgments. The last week had been spent skirting around the uncomfortable conversation, instead only discussing me
Night at the Mausoleum (VI)
     As the days went on, a noticeable unrest took over Huang Yu the attendant, who fretted and fussed to himself more than usual. It was impossible for any of the Warriors in their isolated glass cases to keep secrets from one another unless they remained silent altogether, which was what Huang Yu had recently made a habit of doing. Untrue to his usually chatty, if negative character, he suddenly preferred to brood in silence, often rocking back and forth at the floor of his case.
     Ruo Lin discussed this with Liu Han one night at the Mausoleum when her cleaning duties were over, unsure what to do about the rift that had formed among the group of friends seemingly overnight. It was as if out of the blue Huang Yu had decided to withdraw from conversation, not even so much as volunteering some random tidbit or interrupting with pessimism. The others were visibly distraught over this, and she assumed they knew what was happening. A week went had gone by a
Night at the Mausoleum (VII)
     At night, Ruo Lin was tormented by visions of Huang Yu’s face, particularly the vacant look in his eyes that had taken over his entire personality for the days leading up to his final release into the next life. She heard his tormented muttering when she slept and envisioned the mist from within the clay statue swirling out to envelop her. Huang Yu had thanked her when he left, but her dreams were not as forgiving. Frequently, the Huang Yu of her dreams was joined by a panicked Qing Zhui, the horse’s eyes rolling backward in fear as they had when she freed the magnificent steed at Fang Li’s insistence. While the mist had billowed upward from the horse’s belly, the cavalryman’s sobs echoed hollowly in her mind and she repeatedly saw him clinging to the fine animal’s neck as it slipped back into motionlessness. She saw him as he had been that night, too distraught without his lifelong friend to accept staying on in this lifetime wit
Night at the Mausoleum (VIII)
    Jie Fu’s silence was only temporary. The next evening, when Ruo Lin had toted her wash bucket into the Pit to begin her nightly chores, she’d heard his frantic muttering before he’d even turned to show his face. He was unbearably distraught, unable to continue without the squadron that had accompanied him in life as Huang Yu had been unable to live on without his noble steed, as Fang Li had been unable to part with his dignity. He called to the group that had already slipped away, voice gathering intensity as time ticked slowly on. Eventually, he began to hit at his confines until Ruo Lin was sure he’d shatter the display case, and she shushed him though there was no recognition in his eyes.
    “Archers, places!” he called. “The Emperor will be displeased. Displeased. Yes. The Emperor.”
    More painful than listening to his lamentations was the idea that Jie Fu cried out as if Liu Han had already gone,
Night at the Mausoleum (IX)
    In the weeks since her anguished utterance had freed Liu Han from his prison, Ruo Lin had cut back her hours at the Mausoleum. Now her ritualistic washing of the glass display cases felt like mourning the dead, an activity that she did with her head down as she tried to drown out the voices she imagined still talking to her behind the glass. She trusted that Liu Han and the others were alive somewhere, reunited with the fragments of their spirits that had passed into this life where the fundamental essence of themselves had been trapped inside the sculpted effigies for nearly three thousand years, but she pined for him and sometimes faced the solid figure of his likeness, now just a static object. She lost count of the days she spent with her hand against the dirty glass staring up at his smiling face, hoping that the kneeling archer would suddenly come to sit cross-legged in front of her as he had often done, pressing his hand against the glass on the opposite side. Then

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Holy shit, it's been forever since I've updated here. Not since December. @@

Basically...I got into fanfiction again, so I've been over on Archive of Our Own (AO3) posting stuff. My big fic project has 34 chapters and counting. I'm not really sure if I want to saturate this account with BTS stuff or not, esp since it's supposed to be like...a place to dump original stories and not fanfiction, so...I don't think I'll post that here.

Anyway, I don't think you can expect me to finish Then the Sky Fell or Dollhouse or...whatever I was working on pre-fic, but I DID finish Night at the Mausoleum, which I absolutely did not want to let die, so go enjoy Chs 8 and 9! Links in my Featured box over to the left!

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